Affiliate Marketing Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work With Clickbank and What You Should Do About It

Clickbank Has Been A Nightmare For Affiliates. Learn Why You Should Not Work With The Affiliate Network, Strategies Of Avoiding Losses And The Characteristics Of Affiliate Networks That Will Transform Your 2020.
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Return on Investment is an accurate indication whether an affiliate’s efforts have been a failure or success. If the marketing strategy produces undesired ROI, you must assess the target market, item quality, and item placement. Clickbank has had a history of having an undesired ROI.

Notably, Clickbank has a large number of low paying and low-quality programs that may frustrate your efforts with little or no commission. Its programs are online hyped, but in reality, affiliates may put in plenty of effort, however, results are unsatisfactory. 

Poor Quality Products

Most of its offers promote low-quality items. It is hard to find unique and premium items that potential customers are willing to purchase. Only promote items should be from reliable brands. The main reason that people purchase goods is satisfying a want or need. If the item you promote has low quality, it is highly likely that it will receive negative reviews, and it will be difficult to promote or market the item. In the end, promoting low-quality items wastes your effort and time because they will not sell. 


Refunds are a serious nightmare for all businesses. Most advertisements are exaggerated, and their prices do not match the item's quality. Poor quality items do not address clients’ needs. Most offers exaggerate the items' quality to appeal to potential customers using false or inaccurate information. Affiliates have ended up selling low-quality products to their clients and spoiled their reputation. Selling sub-standard goods is bad for any business, and it may bite you soon. Low-quality items often lead to losses through refunds. In addition, it wastes the energy and time you spent marketing yourself and the item. 

Limited Product Knowledge

Occasionally, affiliates have limited knowledge regarding items being promoted. A product description is crucial in the market. Its relevance cannot be underestimated. Unless you possess an accurate understanding of the items you are marketing, it may be difficult to convert leads to sales according to your targets. Inadequate knowledge makes you sound inefficient, incompetent and appears to lack confidence. Your confidence in the quality of a product always appears when interacting with potential clients. Clickbank always has positive reviews about every offer. However, most of its reviews are inaccurate and are often exaggerated to suit the needs of the manufacturer at the expense of your clients.

Low Commissions

Low commission attributed to low-priced items. It is one of the primary reasons why you ought to avoid working with Clickbank, especially if you desire to make a decent and steady income. Other than the high number of refunds, you may earn little revenue from Clickbank’s programs. It is a risky investment if you want a safe and steady income stream. The high refunds end up reducing your revenues, and it may frustrate your efforts to earn a high commission this year. In addition, there is stiff competition for items that have high returns. It becomes difficult to promote items that all affiliates in the network are marketing.

Clickbank Fines Dormant Accounts

The company deducts $1 per pay after three months of idleness, $5 per pay after six months, and $50 per pay after a year. They continue deducting your hard-earned income until your balance reaches zero. Affiliates have lost their hard-earned income from their accounts because most affiliates rarely scrutinize the terms and conditions. Imagine having spent hours marketing items on your blog and other forums and making a decent revenue only for you to view your dashboard a few months later to find that Clickbank deducted your income!

Strategies of Avoiding Losses in Clickbank

One of the strategies of weeding out the garbage is trying the item before selling it to your clients or audience. It is crucial to ask for a review sample product from the advertiser or promoter to scrutinize whether the product is authentic and fits the product description. If they decline to provide a review sample, ensure you purchase it. You should confirm its authenticity before selling it. In addition, it gives a first-hand user experience regarding the item.  

Identify and assess all available product reviews in the network and other credible sources. Ensure that you read clients’ feedback regarding the item you are promoting. It is crucial not to trust affiliates’ reviews because they could be prejudiced. Identify and evaluate genuine feedback and reviews from credible sites. A popular and high-quality item will definitely have a positive review. 

Notably, you should always be aware of con-vendors. There are many cheats who are eager to take advantage of your hard work. Reliable and legitimate vendors must have a traceable history. If they lack a traceable online history, reevaluate your choice about marketing their items. 

Notably, find out each item’s gravity score. The bigger its gravity score, the better its quality. Gravity refers to the number of affiliates who promoted and sold a certain product within the past 90 days or three months. Each point endorses the vendor’s goods. 

Evaluate whether the product’s uses have been exaggerated. When a program claims or promises to transform you into a millionaire overnight, you should be alert and cautious. The program is fake, and they are likely to be tricksters who want to cheat and take advantage of your efforts. Also, avoid offers with overblown claims. It is highly likely they are influenced by fraudsters.

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Characteristics of a Good Affiliate Network

Vendor Transparency

Vendors must be honest regarding a program's financial returns and uses. Vendors must be reliable and transparent when calculating financial returns. It is crucial to mention that reliability has a direct impact on conversion rates. You must not sign up for programs that appear half-baked. You should not fear to ask questions before committing to any program. A vendor is transparent if they have clear plans for their program, have accurate reports, and have up-to-date dashboards. Notably, transparency protects your personal reputation and future income.

High and Steady Financial Returns

The programs ought to provide lucrative financial returns to attract and retain affiliates. The program must allow affiliates to earn a steady and recurrent income that will help them become financially stable. Also, affiliates should be paid regularly so that they can have resources to continue marketing.  

Decent Cookie Lifespan

Cookies refer to some files stored on your mobile phone or computer. It keeps a record of all your referrals. Cookies have expiry dates. Cookie lifespan maybe thirty days. If the client buys goods within thirty days after visiting the website, you earn a financial reward. Decent programs must have cookies. If any of your visitors buy goods beyond the lifespan, you do not earn a financial reward. The longer the lifespan, the higher the financial returns to affiliates. Businesses prefer short cookie durations. 

Dedicated Affiliate Management Team 

Several businesses are developing in-house programs that come up with market-specific training. It helps affiliates to learn efficient marketing strategies. Also, ensure that it supplies training materials. The programs should be unique and they are supposed to award digital certification after completion. In addition, it ought to provide promotional materials, such as creative banners. Affiliate management teams must supervise and allow the registration process to fair. The affiliate team must be well trained to approach the market and convert leads into sales. Such features ensure that the programs not only improve value to you but also gain the advantages of assembling a highly-qualified affiliate team. 

Brand Recognition

You should promote items with great brand recognition. Ensure that you conduct a detailed research about an item’s uses and reputation before promoting it. If the item has high brand recognition, it is probable that it will have a higher conversion rate than items with low brand recognition. You should check its revenue scale and number of customers. Evaluate its social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Premium products often have higher customer engagement. Furthermore, go through customer testimonials from third-party sources and the company's website. 

Attractive Promotional Materials

The program’s website should have attractive visual platforms to attract leads. The vendor has the responsibility to develop and offer promotional materials. The vendor should have a basic framework to support the program. Promotional materials will assist affiliates to implement marketing campaigns successfully. Effective programs should have visual materials and guidelines on the best practices. Also, the vendor should offer regular newsletters. Affiliates should possess the correct product description when marketing products. There should be regular updates on promos and other exclusive discounts. The promotional materials must be professional looking, optimized for sites, and error-free. Promotional materials ensure that affiliates have accurate information.


You should not work with Clickbank. There are better affiliate networks that offer a better return on investment. The article has described the top 5 reasons why you should avoid working with Clickbank, strategies of avoiding losses and the characteristics of premium affiliate networks. You should avoid Clickbank because of poor quality items, refunds, poor product knowledge, low commissions, and charging dormant accounts. All in all, you must identify honest and reliable networks. 

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