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What are CPM, CPC, and CPA in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is buzzing with terms: CPC, CPA, CPM, CPL, CR, CTR... and a thousand more. Today we'll be demystifying the acronyms that are commonly used by affiliates and media buyers all around the world.

The Great Trinity: CPA.House/Push.House/Spy.House ecosystem

An affiliate network CPA.House, push ad platform Push.House and a spy tool Spy.House together form an ecosystem of products where affiliates can work seamlessly and with extra benefits. Read on to know what those benefits are.

Bye Facebook, hello Ad Networks: How and why unhook from FB

As Facebook is getting more and more expensive each year, the usability of the platform makes many affiliates shed blood tears. Learn why switching to ad networks that have less traffic might not be such a bad idea.

Best Practices of an Affiliate Manager by Ms. Fiona from Dynu In Media

Affiliate management is one of the cornerstones for an affiliate network. Ms. Fiona from Dynu In Media shares her insights on training new managers and affiliate management best practices.