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Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, as practically every industry, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Find out what pros and cons affiliate marketing has in order to make your own decisions. Read our guide on all the main positive and negative aspects of affiliate programs and learn what you should pay particular attention to.

How to run iGaming using your own Google Play apps

Affiliate Valley provides tips on how you can launch and run iGaming in this case study, kindly provided by a webmaster who ran an iGaming campaign with his own Google Play apps on the ClickDealer platform.

15 Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

Find out how promotion of luxury brands through participation in luxury affiliate programs can increase your income. Get access to the top list and learn how brands help with traffic monetization.

CPC vs PPC – Meaning, Differences, Applications, and Examples

CPC and PPC are two crucial digital marketing acronyms that have either been used interchangeably or confused some digital marketing newbies. We’ll explain their meanings, differences, applications, calculations, and examples. Let’s dive in!

Martin Calvert from ICS-digital – about affiliate marketing, SEO, tools and trends (Part 2)

Today we are publishing the second part of the interview with Martin Calvert – Marketing Director of ICS-digital — about SEO in affiliate marketing, analyzing competitors in iGaming and a lot of other insightful topics.

“Before and After”: How the KINZA Forum has Changed over the Past Year

On 9 September, KINZA 360 celebrated its rebirth and one-year anniversary of operating in an upgraded format. ”How upgraded has the forum become? And, what are the fundamental differences between the revamped KINZA 360 and previous conferences held?” - In this piece, we’ll answer these questions and more.

Martin Calvert from ICS-digital: Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Tools and Trends (Part 1)

Today, we present this profound interview with Martin Calvert – Marketing Director of ICS-digital and a top specialist in affiliate marketing. Our big friends and partners from Traffic Cake, an affiliate network with exclusive offers for Sports, Casino, and e-Sports, chatted with Martin about Affiliate Marketing and more. They shared the full text exclusively with Affiliate Valley.

Traffic Summit speakers will shed light on new internet marketing trends

130 new Internet users appear every second. Last year, global spendings on online shopping was $3.85 trillion. Speakers of the Traffic Summit conference (which will be held in Istanbul on September 28-29) shared their thoughts on what awaits the digital industry in the near future and what traffic sources will be the most promising for promoting goods and services.