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Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, as practically every industry, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Find out what pros and cons affiliate marketing has in order to make your own decisions. Read our guide on all the main positive and negative aspects of affiliate programs and learn what you should pay particular attention to.

Magic Click Partners — CPA network review and benefits

Magic Click has introduced itself as an international affiliate network. Now it has more than 50 GEO affiliate offers, most of them direct and exclusive. The company focuses on building trusting relationships with affiliates and mutually beneficial cooperation.

PST 2.0 Upgrade – What’s New?

Professional card issuer PST has released a new large-scale upgrade – “PST 2.0”. Thanks to it, your online financial experience can become even more convenient and simple than it has ever been. Read further to dive deeper into the topic and see what new features have been added and implemented.

Mostbet Partners – Review on a Leading Affiliate Program in iGaming, Betting and eSports

Mostbet Partners, one of the premier affiliate programs in iGaming, betting and esports, is the official affiliate program of Mostbet bookmaker and online casino. The program was launched in 2016 and specializes in online casinos and betting on sports and eSports using CPA and RevShare models. Offers are available for 50+ GEOs.

“Before and After”: How the KINZA Forum has Changed over the Past Year

On 9 September, KINZA 360 celebrated its rebirth and one-year anniversary of operating in an upgraded format. ”How upgraded has the forum become? And, what are the fundamental differences between the revamped KINZA 360 and previous conferences held?” - In this piece, we’ll answer these questions and more.

TraffCore – Review on Affiliate Network

SmartLink technology, which enables affiliate marketers to run campaigns seamlessly and helps in finding high converting traffic sources is in high demand, and marketers always search for platforms that offer the most effective smartlinks. This is what makes TraffCore stand out!

Review of Cloaking.House — cloaking and bot filtering service

One of the main affiliates’ headaches is cloaking, i. e. surpassing the moderation of Facebook, Google, TikTok, and other social networks. Cloaking.House, the new service, solves this problem. And the good news is that you don’t need technical skills to cloak successfully.

Traffic Summit speakers will shed light on new internet marketing trends

130 new Internet users appear every second. Last year, global spendings on online shopping was $3.85 trillion. Speakers of the Traffic Summit conference (which will be held in Istanbul on September 28-29) shared their thoughts on what awaits the digital industry in the near future and what traffic sources will be the most promising for promoting goods and services.