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How to increase mobile game downloads by 15x. Rush Royale Case about gameplay creativity

As part of Adsbalance mobile performance efforts, the team created an advert strategy to attract new users to Rush Royale and maximise the conversion rate. It included the KPI of ROI of more than 100% and a set of creative design standards, such as a catchy visual and clear message.

Review on Push House advertising network

Push.house is an advertising platform with push notifications and in-page messages that operates in 180 GEOs and has a great volume of traffic which is 525 mln of active subscribers. The minimum amount for replenishment is only $50. The network is compatible with all verticals that involve the CPC model, including 18+, casinos, finance etc.

[Affiliate Marketing Case Study] ROI 198% With Gambling Offer on Android Traffic

Getting people to visit a lander is pretty hard. And how about pre-warming users so that they register on a lander? Not that hard as you may picture. Many affiliates avoid this type of conversion, but today you will find a secret sauce to make good cash with registrations. No magic, only experience shared by one of Adsterra partner affiliates. Ok, how will you run a Gambling offer on Android traffic only to hit a $600 profit in 5 days?

1win Partners Review

iGaming Review 1win Partners Review

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As we all know, you can never have enough of gambling offers. It’s not only about having a choice, it’s about the variety and finding what works best for you. What can be better than finding the perfect partner program with the highest payout and many other perks? So this is why we present here a review of 1win Partners with their two in-house offers.

iProxy.online: complete guide how to set up mobile proxies with android device

Proxy servers are a thing a lot of people don’t know they need. And why would they, especially if very seldom one talks about how it benefits a regular internet user? Let us relinquish the myth that you can easily go through life and avoid using proxy servers completely. We will talk about everything they have to offer, how easy it is to use taking iproxy.online as an example.