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MyBid — review of the multi-format network

MyBid is a multi-format advertising network that has remained private for two years but now it became public. The current review will explain why you should launch your ad campaign on this platform as soon as possible.

Case Study: Direct Dating offer from AdsEmpire

I launched 2 EN/FR language-targeted Native Ads RON Prime campaigns for CA GEO. This option helped me boost the funnel and all metrics. There is often a trend of getting better performance in the FR funnel, and in this way I managed to maximize my EN campaign and get better results.

Affiliate Marketing with Lifestyle Bloggers - What Sells Best on Instagram

Affiliate marketing and Instagram are a perfect match, especially for influencers or bloggers in the lifestyle niche. The bite-sized, totally visual nature of Instagram makes it ideal for lifestyle bloggers to leverage their affiliate marketing networks to earn extra cash.

iGaming streamers: who they are and how much they earn

Anton Muravyev, Head of SEO&Streams Alfaleads, shares how much iGaming streamers earn and how to make even more. Also, he shares insights on turning a newbie streamer into a superstar.

How do you become an affiliate manager

Affiliate networks are nothing without a good team of managers that help their partners along the way: from practical tips to psychological support (yes, that too). So we decided to show you all a little sneak peak into the life of unsung heroes: affiliate managers. Here is an exclusive look at the behind the scenes with Helen from ADLEADPRO.

The largest city in Brazil hosted the affiliate marketing meet up from ADSbase

In May, São Paulo became a true centre of attraction for the affiliate community. Right after the Afiliados Brasil conference, the industry leaders met at the private meet up organised by the ADSbase integrated communications holding company prior to the first day of summer.

Traffic Summit – be one step ahead of the digital marketing industry

Traffic Summit is a two-day event that will bring together business owners, advertisers, influencers, media buyers, crypto specialists, and digital bloggers to catch up with the latest trends and innovations in the digital space.

ADSbase held the first international meet up for the top affiliate marketing names in Cyprus

On May 20, ADSbase, the integrated communications holding company, held a private meet up for the affiliate industry leaders in Cyprus. By the way, this was the first ever networking event for affiliate marketers that took place in Limassol.