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Case study: What to do to reduce the percentage of trash and increase the number of leads to earn $ 67,000+

This case study applies more to the refinement of partnership pre-landings and the development of our own technical solutions for working with traffic.

Affiliate Marketing Case Study: $462 Profit on Clickadu Push Traffic

How to run a Push Traffic Ad Campaign on Adult Offers? Check out this Clickadu Case Study and get all the convertible creatives, target settings and tips&tricks. Just repeat this and get your own 53% ROI!

Affiliate Marketing Case Study: How to Earn Almost $30k on Facebook Ads

Affiliate Marketing Case Study on how to earn almost $30000 with ROI 150% on tier-1 countries: Italy and Czech Republic. Do you want to run profitable Facebook Ads campaigns? Check out this case study!

Case study: How I made $190 on dating offer with Push traffic

Push notification traffic is one of the best up rising ad formats today. Many people have heard of it but have not yet seen it in action. Here is a real-life case study to show how to earn a profit of $190 with 58% ROI.