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Mythbusters: CPA Pricing Model

Let’s debunk 5 popular stereotypes about the CPA pricing model in traffic networks, using the example of an advertising network Galaksion! While a few companies provide their users with an actual CPA pricing model where you pay only for conversions, others offer similar models that may not truly adhere to the CPA. This lack of clarity has shrouded the CPA pricing model in mystery. Today we’ll shed light on this price type.

How AI Can Boost Your Dating Campaigns

Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought a significant shift to the digital landscape, notably impacting affiliate marketing. This change is pronounced in the dating niche, where AI acts as a catalyst to enhance the effectiveness and profitability of campaigns.

Dating in 2023: Discover the Best Offers

As the online dating industry expands every year, it's predicted to reach a staggering $10.49 billion by 2023, unveiling a vast landscape of prospects for affiliate marketers. To capitalize on this lucrative niche, it’s important not to stand still and follow the beaten path, but to constantly look for new profitable offers that you can make good money on. To facilitate your quest for these compelling offers, we've curated a succinct rundown of three renowned dating offers that may already be familiar to you. Read on!

Top 6 DSP Platforms in 2023: How to Find The Best One?

Are you looking to sell a lot of traffic and want to get good money for it? Look no further - see our list of trusted services or follow our checklist to find a reliable DSP partner.

Top traffic sources for dating

Dating is one of the most stable verticals in affiliate marketing and has great profit potential. AdsEmpire analyzed its own huge statistical data on the performance of the traffic sources and prepared a list of the most effective.

9 Ways to Increase Affiliate Sales During Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Find out what effective approaches you can use to increase affiliate sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023. Get access to the ultimate strategies that can turn your referral link into a money magnet.

How To Use Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest is an excellent platform for expanding its affiliate marketing campaign because the average Pinterest engagement rate continues to grow steadily and is currently 7 times higher than that of Facebook. Many already use Pinterest for marketing campaigns, whether for blogs or affiliate landing.

7 Best Hotel Affiliate Programs in 2022

Find out how to make passive income through hotel affiliate marketing. Learn tips and get access to the top hotel affiliate programs with the best terms for collaboration and the highest revenue for booking.

Affiliate Marketing Indicators and Tips on How to Improve Them

Read this article to learn what affiliate marketing indicators exist, which of them require your utmost attention and what you can do to improve them. Get access to the top 7 indicators that really matter in boosting sales.