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Push.House Review: Maximize your ROI with Push Notification Advertising

Dive into our comprehensive Push.House review and discover how this powerful push notification advertising network can help you unleash the full potential of your advertising campaigns. Explore the features, targeting options, and advanced analytics provided by Push.House to effectively reach your target audience, drive engagement, and ultimately maximize your ROI.

Why affiliate networks win against direct advertisers?

In the last few weeks our colleagues from affiliate marketing mentioned that there were less and less reliable advertisers in the finance niche. We’ve found out about some of these cases and the present material is to explain why it is safer and more lucrative to work with affiliate networks than with direct advertisers.

How to increase mobile game downloads by 15x. Rush Royale Case about gameplay creativity

As part of Adsbalance mobile performance efforts, the team created an advert strategy to attract new users to Rush Royale and maximise the conversion rate. It included the KPI of ROI of more than 100% and a set of creative design standards, such as a catchy visual and clear message.

Review on Push House advertising network

Push.house is an advertising platform with push notifications and in-page messages that operates in 180 GEOs and has a great volume of traffic which is 525 mln of active subscribers. The minimum amount for replenishment is only $50. The network is compatible with all verticals that involve the CPC model, including 18+, casinos, finance etc.