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Review of Alanbase: the Best SaaS Platform for Affiliate Programs: Private Statistics, 3 Types of Accounts, and Much More


Mythbusters: CPA Pricing Model

Let’s debunk 5 popular stereotypes about the CPA pricing model in traffic networks, using the example of an advertising network Galaksion! While a few companies provide their users with an actual CPA pricing model where you pay only for conversions, others offer similar models that may not truly adhere to the CPA. This lack of clarity has shrouded the CPA pricing model in mystery. Today we’ll shed light on this price type.

Why affiliate networks win against direct advertisers?

In the last few weeks our colleagues from affiliate marketing mentioned that there were less and less reliable advertisers in the finance niche. We’ve found out about some of these cases and the present material is to explain why it is safer and more lucrative to work with affiliate networks than with direct advertisers.