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Review of Alanbase: the Best SaaS Platform for Affiliate Programs: Private Statistics, 3 Types of Accounts, and Much More


Review of Yellana: iGaming Affiliate Network with Internal Media-Buying and Broad Choice of Offers

Yellana is a worldwide CPA network launched in 2023 by a team of experts who know affiliate marketing firsthand. How come? The affiliate network's exceptional expertise was made possible by RichAds, an advertising tech holding that has already gained the trust of over 110,000 businesses globally and was recognized by SiGMA as the "Best iGaming Traffic Source of the Year." Thus, Yellana’s main vertical is iGaming, however it provides offers for Utilities, Software, Sweepstakes and Smartlink niches as well.

A review of one of the most innovative Affiliate Networks - Trafee

Trafee is a CPA affiliate network with thousands of offers, unique traffic optimization and monetization algorithm, and high conversion rates. They offer webmasters an irresistible package.

Zeydoo - why choose them. CPA network review

CPA networks are essential for both advertisers and publishers in the affiliate marketing space. Whether you are looking to monetize your traffic and earn a commission as a publisher or promote your products and reach new customers as an advertiser, Zeydoo is the perfect place to start.

Advertise  - CPA Network Review

Advertise is a CPA affiliate network that stands out with its distinct platform, comprehensive database, global coverage/GEO presence, multi-channel advertising, attractive rates, payouts, analytics, security and features guaranteed to ensure success in performance marketing.

Case Study: Direct Dating offer from AdsEmpire

I launched 2 EN/FR language-targeted Native Ads RON Prime campaigns for CA GEO. This option helped me boost the funnel and all metrics. There is often a trend of getting better performance in the FR funnel, and in this way I managed to maximize my EN campaign and get better results.