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The Melbet affiliate program offers users lots of tools and advantages. This guide covers everything you need to know about them.
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For the last decade, the niche of online betting has increased dramatically. Legalization in many countries played a significant role in the rapid growth in popularity of betting - now you can safely win bets, withdraw money, and not be afraid to run into trouble with the law. The second growth factor is the development of technology. To make a bet, you don’t need to go anywhere, all you need is a computer or smartphone. The third factor: the remarkable quality of people is their belief in miracles, and they hope to earn quick and easy money. 

By the way, betting is by no means marginal for the last penny. A typical gambler is a man from 24 to 35 years old, with an income of about $800, the average size of one bet is $20. Most of these people, by the way, do not consider themselves professionals, they make bets for the sake of fun. Losing is easy.

The all together looks like a trillion-dollar market is boiling near us, which demonstrates steady growth trends. And many affiliate marketers seem to be still out of business. Let's fix this heartbreaking situation and direct traffic to where you can pay a little for it.

And even if there are dozens of bookmakers on the market that bloggers are screaming about in advertising integrations, we offer to disassemble the work of those who provide the best conditions for affiliate marketers.

For example, today, we’ll talk about an affiliate program of one of the most well-known bookmakers - Melbet.

Before delving into traffic issues, geo, promos, and other nuances, we will deal with the main thing. For what and how much they pay to affiliates.

The majority of betting affiliates collaborate with a revenue share payment model. For example, you will be paid up to 40% of generated income. You will receive remuneration from leads who have registered using your referral link after they top up their account and lose their bets. 

Also if you have high-quality traffic and volume, you can always discuss a rate increase or CPA payment model with payout for the first deposit with the manager. Back to Melbet.

Melbet Affiliate Program Benefits

  • A popular brand is to attract players much easier in a project that is well-known and trusted.
  • Wide coverage of GEO - affiliate program accepts all countries except the USA, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.
  • High deductions - up to 40% on RevShare.
  • A variety of promotional materials and promo codes.
  • Detailed statistics system.
  • Referral program - 3%.
  • Weekly payments to popular payment systems with a balance of more than $ 30.
  • Lifetime partnerships - while the users from your referral link generate income to the bookmaker, you receive the %.
  • Lack of entry fees and deposits.
  • No requirements for the minimum number of users attracted per month.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Basic rules and prohibitions

When working with a direct advertiser, it is important not to harm the reputation of the project, so we recommend that you get informed with the affiliate program rules in the relevant section before working, and here we will focus on the most important, in our opinion.

  1. You should not mislead users in your creatives about bonuses that bookmaker does not provide.
  2. It is forbidden to use email spam, contextual advertising with mentioning of the Melbet brand, clickunders and popunders.
  3. Use stuffing cookies:
    • Opening the MelBet site in an iframe with zero sizes, as well as in an invisible zone;
    • setting tags, script cookies, and other similar manipulations.

In case of violations, the affiliate program punishes severely: the account is blocked, money from the balance is burned up. Therefore, we again recommend that you read the same rules so that there are no unpleasant surprises and mournful complaints about the injustice of the world. If you work with Facebook and Google  there should not be any problems.

But let's end with scarecrows and see what the affiliate program looks like from the inside, what tools it offers for successful work.

With registration, there are no special surprises - fill in all the required fields, guided by prompts, and wait for verification. The deadline is two days, but usually, everything happens faster.

When an email arrives with the subject line “Your application has been accepted,” we can log into your account.

After entering, we get to the main page, where we can see the statistics - while we have it empty, everything is still ahead, so we won’t linger, and move on to the offer. The current conditions can be found in the “commission structure” section, the base rate is 25%, and grows depending on the number of users listed. No one forbade discussing individual conditions in the presence of juicy traffic. As said earlier, betting affiliate program gives affiliates up to 40% on RevShare.

If you have your own site - click on the link “Add a site” and add its URL if you did not specify it during registration. For all those who buy traffic - go straight to the affiliate links section.

We select the desired site if there are several. if one or none at all - skip this field. The lines "Currency" and "Campaign" are already filled in automatically. Now, in principle, you can click on “Generate Link”. But let's not rush. We still have the opportunity to fill in the "Landing Page" and "SubID" fields.

Landing page - understand what it is. If we want to bring the user not to the main page of the betting offer, but to a specific one: a particular sport or match, bonuses, promotions, etc. - it all depends on how you warmed up the traffic and what you told people, the corresponding page and indicate in the target.

SubID is a label that will help analyze traffic. If you, for example, have several native ads or banners in your advertising campaign, you can mark each with a separate label and understand where the better performance comes from.

Yes, an important point is that technical domains in partner links are periodically banned, so be sure to look at the instructions for how to quickly change them to current ones. We will not describe this here, it is not difficult.

Marketing tools

Promo Codes

Promo codes are a great and sometimes the only alternative to affiliate links. For example, on an Instagram photo, an affiliate link will look wild, and a promotional code will be more appropriate. You can take the standard type "ml_39629", or you can write a request to the support service for an individual promo code. In general, if the format of the promo code is more suitable for you than the link (a la pre-rolls in the video, etc.) - take the promo code.

When a person, during registration, indicates the promo code generated by you, the system binds this user to you. The promotional code is also beneficial for the user - when using it, he receives additional bonuses.

Generating a promo code is very easy: choose a currency and a campaign, press a button and you are done, the code is in front of you. Copy and distribute.

Promotional materials

Everything is pretty standard here - there are official banners in different formats.

Promo materials have 4 formats:

  • Flash
  • Gif / jpeg / png;
  • HTML5
  • Direct Link

By searching for them, you can filter by several parameters:

  • Size;
  • Language;
  • Format;
  • Currency

To get the banner code that you selected, click on "Get Code" opposite to preview, go to the window that opens, copy the code, and paste it into your advertising campaign.

If suddenly it turns out that not a single banner suits you - do not worry.

Write to support and say that you need an individual banner with specific sizes. To make everything go faster - immediately explain what topic the banner should be and when it is needed.


With promotional materials sorted out, now a few words about the reports that will be available to you. There are several of them.

As we already said, on the main page you will have access to statistics that will show how much was earned per day/month or for the whole time, how many impressions and clicks, how many registrations, and new accounts with deposits. There you will see the number of commissions and how much funds are available for withdrawal.

Let’s say just two words about the reports because there are a lot of them available for affiliates.

There are 4 types of reports:

  • Short summary report;
  • Full report;
  • Report on promotional materials;
  • Player Report.

For data analysis, you can select several periods:

  • Customized period;
  • Day - yesterday or today;
  • Month - current or past;
  • Year - current or past.

Payouts at Melbet

Melbet affiliate network makes payments to affiliates weekly, the minimum amount for payment is $ 30, you can withdraw to WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Neteller, Skrill. There were no problems with payments in the affiliate program, they can be withdrawn without delays.

Affiliate Support Melbet

Support works around the clock; the personal manager also responds fast. If you need pre-landing pages or other promotional materials - they are always in touch to help. 


Betting vertical is one of the most promising and fastest-growing in affiliate marketing today. There is a lot of money here - which is worth the massive advertising integrations of every second blogger on YouTube.

And most importantly, we remember that during the Gold Rush it was not the miners who earned the most money, but the sellers of shovels? We wish you to repeat their success, especially since there are all conditions for this. We can say that the Melbet Partners affiliate program offers some of the best conditions for this on the market: high payouts, on-time payments, coverage of almost all countries and high-quality service. We can definitely recommend the affiliate program.

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