Affiliate Marketing Boosting your ROI: Dropshipping via Instagram 2020 Guide

Converting traffic into sales is one of the primary objectives of all businesses. Instagram can increase your ROI four times! The guide will explain how to use Instagram ads to convert more traffic into sales.
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How Does Instagram Boost Your Brand and ROI?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a measure of how well your business is performing. Marketing your brand and improving sales is crucial to a business. Instagram is the best social media platform to boost your brand and market your products. An attractive profile and enticing posts will boost traffic to your online store. Instagram ads allow you to effectively market your product and boost your ROI.

Dropshipping via Instagram

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping describes a business model that allows a company or business to work without a store, maintaining inventory, and without having to transport goods to customers directly. Dropshipping supplies partner with retailers. The supplier may manufacture the product, package it, and ship it directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer. This is how the dropshipping process works: 

  • A customer makes an order through a retailer’s online store.
  • The retailer automatically forwards the customer details and order information to the dropship supplier.
  • The dropship supplier packages and ships the goods/products directly to the customer according to the retailer’s name.

Why is Instagram the Best Source of Traffic for Dropshipping?

Instagram is the best source of traffic for many businesses. Any marketer who is not using Instagram is missing out on something big and special. Whether you are promoting your own personal brand, a small, or a large business, you should incorporate Instagram into your marketing plan. There are six reasons why Instagram is the best source of traffic for dropshipping.

One, Instagram is based on storytelling. Everyone loves a good story. Most people grew up hearing stories about happily ever after and fairytales. People are generally attracted to people who can recount funny or dramatic events. From a business point of view, storytelling allows you to build an emotional connection with your target market. Instagram will allow you to share visual content. It will enable you to make emotional connections that will attract people to buy your products.

Two, visual content is important in increasing traffic. Photos offer the most engaging content. Research shows that people are more attracted to visual posts than text-only posts. It will allow you to engage your target market and keep them visiting your online store for more. Furthermore, it assists in developing a brand.

Three, Instagram has a large audience. There are over one billion monthly users on Instagram. The platform offers your business a large target market. Hashtags will allow your business and content to get to the target market. When a business uses the relevant hashtags, it allows the right audience to access your online store.

Four, Instagram allows you to have a better engagement with your target audience. Instagram has the highest brand engagement rate in comparison to other social media platforms.  You can start by following people who are talking about your products or brand. Comment on their videos and photos. Create hashtags and entice followers to visit your online store. 

Five, Instagram offers valuable insights and feedback. Instagram allows you to monitor what users are saying about your product or brand. People post personal experiences with a brand. Ensure that you understand how customers perceive the product and brand. Use the insight to find strategies for attracting people to your online store. 

Notably, Instagram allows you to evaluate the competition. The platform enables you to monitor and assess competitor strategies. Competitor analysis helps you understand the best practices in the industry. Moreover, it allows you to find strategies to attract more people to your online store. 

How is Instagram Used?

It is a social media platform that allows brands and users to share video and photo content. It has at least one billion monthly active users. The demographics are evenly split between females and males. Most of the audience is between 25 and 34 years old. 

32% of teenagers believe that Instagram is the most influential social network. Currently, it has over one billion active users. Dropshipping via Instagram could be a significant boost for your online business. About 182 million Instagram users earn over $75000 per year.

Instagram offers great opportunities to reach this target market. Currently, there are over 1 million Instagram advertisers. The number is increasing gradually. Now is the best time to start Instagram advertising. At least 350 million Instagram users follow at least one brand. Almost 60% of Instagram users discovered new services and products through Instagram.

The social media platform offers great ways for Instagram marketers to identify and interact with potential clients. Due to the advertising and targeting options, marketers can identify which users to target. 

Importance of Instagram in Drop Shipping

  • No start-up capital is required to launch on site;
  • Visual content – the best presentation of the product;
  • Free access to a multi-million audience;
  • Easy interaction with potential customers;
  • Opportunity for free promotion.

Types of Instagram ads

Stories ads

They are full-screen ads that appear on a user’s stories. It has immense potential to reach the target audience. It allows you to target your audience and how often they can see your ad. It expires after 24 hours. You can take advantage of Instagram stories ads to add features, such as text, face filters, and video effects to develop creative promotions and fun. Instagram stories have a call to action buttons, such as Download, Apply Now, Call Now, Book Now, and Contact Us.

Dropshipping via Instagram

Photo ads

It allows you to showcase your services and products through an attractive and compelling image. You should have top-notch visual content. Photo ads have call-to-action buttons, such as Apply Now, Get Directions, Book Now, Download, Get Showtimes, Call Now, Learn more, and Contact Us.

Dropshipping via Instagram

Video ads

Instagram users like videos. Most users spend their time watching videos. Instagram has made it easy for you to advertise your products and brands using videos.

Dropshipping via Instagram

Carousel ads

It allows users to swipe through a series of videos or images. It has a call-to-action button that allows customers to visit your online store. The ad allows you to explain a single product or service in up to ten videos or photos. You can share a multi-part story or even highlight multiple products.

Dropshipping via Instagram

Collection ads

It was introduced in early 2018. It allows users to buy products or services directly from the advertisement. It combines the power of direct response, photos, and videos in one amazing advertisement. It has two call to action buttons: Learn more and Purchase.

Dropshipping via Instagram

Factors to Consider When Posting on Instagram

  • Profile description: The first thing that attracts people is a profile header. It motivates a user to scroll downwards and read the content. The profile header should concisely and clearly reflect your product and advantages. 
  • Hashtags: The hashtags should be appropriate and simple to the niche. It should allow potential customers to navigate a profile quickly.
  • Style of Publication: It should highlight the online store and attract people to buy goods. 
  • Content: It should have an attractive picture and a catchy text that attracts potential clients. It should carefully describe the products and brands.
  • Stories: As mentioned earlier, stories are an excellent technique when engaging the audience. It is an important tool for posting important information, such as price lists, instructions for use, reviews, and many more.
  • Geotags: When making a post, you should identify trending and popular locations of a country, city, or world. It will play an important role in improving account recognition and audience. 
  • Time for posting: You should post when most users are online. Statistics show that most Instagram users are on social media are online in the evening after work, and in the morning hours at the beginning of a working day.
  • Frequency of posting: You should post once every two or three days. The post should have high taste and quality. Posting often does not mean that the account will make the account grow faster. 
  • Interaction with the audience: You should have a good conversation with the audience to get feedback. Encourage the audience to like, comment, and chat.
  • Personality. If the post does not appear humanized, it may not reach its engagement potential. People join Instagram to be amused, entertained, or amused. Most people log in to their accounts early in the morning before work and in the evening after work. No user wants to view a boring corporate advertisement. You should use appealing emotions to attract people. It can be through an intriguing video, an emotional video, or a funny goof.
  • Run a contest. Having giveaways or promoting a contest is one of the fastest methods of increasing traffic on an online store. People love free stuff and competition. Running a contest makes people excited about a brand and it will highly likely boost your traffic.
  • Use your posts to communicate your brand story. The ads should fit your unique Instagram strategy. Each post should be cohesive. Analyze each detail, such as context clues, lighting, hashtags, and caption. Understand how the audience will interpret your images.
  • Blend in with “normal posts.” Today’s users can smell Instagram ads from a mile away. For your Instagram post to add value, it should be more than an ad promoting a product. There should be little text but the image should do most of the communication on behalf of your brand. The hashtags and caption will communicate your post.
  • Promote a single product per post. There should be a link under the image. Having many products on a post may distract users. Make the post simple and allow them to access the product information without excess distraction.
  • User-generated content is important. Use candid and genuine photos. The photos should appear real not like the normal marketing photos. Photos that show people’s faces and the product are often the most compelling.

How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business

The first step is identifying your niche. A good Instagram ad is determined by the needs of the target audience. If you know your audience, you can develop a message that connects with them. Keep your target audience’s values and goals in mind when developing your ad. 

The second step is creating a profile. The profile should highlight your business, its advantages, and how a customer can purchase the products or goods.

The third step is analyzing competitor ads and understand market standards when making Instagram ads. Identify the strategies that attract users to their accounts and use similar strategies to develop your unique Instagram marketing strategy.

Fourth, run some Instagram ads. Use text and hashtags wisely to attract the target audience. Ensure the post is attractive so that users can click your ad and visit your online store and make a purchase. An attractive post may entice users to make referrals.  

Fifth, contact some social media influencers to promote your account on their accounts. Influencers are people who can affect how people perceive a particular product.

Ensure you engage the audience to build your brand and entice them to click your ads and visit your online store. Ensure your posts are consistent. Each ad should represent your business. The tone, visuals, and messages are important in engagement and consistency. 

Measure your performance and optimize your strategy. You can view your Instagram ad performance on Facebook Ads Manager. It will allow you to understand which posts are doing well and others that are flopping. Monitoring performance is one of the most essential parts of any Instagram ad strategy. 

Even after identifying a unique Instagram ad strategy, keep your posts fresh by experimenting with new campaigns and different ad formats. It can also involve different photos, product descriptions, colors, body copy, or hashtags.

How to create an Instagram Ad

You should have a Facebook Page for your business before running ads on Instagram. You’re your Facebook account with your Instagram account. Before running an Instagram ad, prepare the text, prepare videos or images that you will include in the ad. To create Instagram ads in ads manager:

  • Go to Ads manager
  • Select create
  • Identify objectives that support your ad placement

Dropshipping via Instagram

  • Select continue
  • Fill in the details about your Instagram ad

Dropshipping via Instagram

  • At the placements section, click Edit Placements. Select Instagram so that the ads appear on Instagram. 
  • Select continue

After you have filled all the information about the ad, preview the ad before submitting the ad for review. When the ad is approved, it will appear on Instagram.

Notably, Instagram allows you to market directly through the app if you have a business account. You may have a post that is getting a lot of engagement and performing well. You may want a specific post to reach more users. 

Go to the post that you want to reach more users. Select promote under the post. Select your goals and identify your audience. Instagram can choose a default audience. Also, you can develop a special audience for the ad by selecting targeted demographics, interests, and location. 

Select your ad duration and budget. Click Create Promotion. You can monitor the outcome or results of the ads in Facebook Ads Manager. 


Now is the best time to incorporate Instagram into your marketing strategy. Learning how to use Instagram to market your business is quite easy. After you learn and identify your niche, boost your traffic using Instagram ads. There will be a significant return on investment (ROI) if you use the strategies mentioned in the article. 

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