Affiliate Marketing How to Make Money on the Internet in 2020: A Complete Guide

50 Plus Genius Ways How to Make Money Online on the Internet Legitimately in 2020. Earning Money on the Internet has Become Easier due to Globalization, a Complete Article Guide Summarises Ways to Earn Money.
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Due to the internet, there are many ways of making money. The internet is a great way of earning extra money other than your normal paycheck. The internet has transformed how people earn income. You can make money in the comfort of your home. As long as you have an extra skill, you can make money online quite easy. You can make a few hundred dollars to thousands or even millions of dollars on the internet. The article will discuss four proven techniques for making money on the internet in 2020.

How to Make Money on the Internet

Most people have a difficult nine-to-five job. Although full-time employment allows a person to sleep comfortably at night. However, it does not allow you to seek alternative sources of income. Also, a person may be earning minimum wage. Having an extra source of income would be essential. Earning money on the internet requires discipline, patience, dedication, and strategy. There are various ways of making money on the internet in 2020. They include:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique of earning money on the internet by marketing services and products. You identify your niche, find ways of generating traffic, promote products to other people, and earn commissions for every sale that you make. Affiliate marketers can earn from a few hundred dollars in commission every month to millions of dollars per sale. An affiliate markets one or more products and attempts to attract and convince potential clients of the product’s value. They market to consumers on different channels, such as digital billboards, search engines, or social networks.

Traffic source is defined as the ways through which people find a site. Every time a person visits a site, there is an origin or source. Understanding sources of traffic helps an affiliate marketer to understand the sources that are influencing the least and most traffic to a site. The knowledge is beneficial in improving business strategy. As a business owner or affiliate marketer, their objective is getting more customers. Increasing traffic to a site is likely to increase sales. There are free and paid ways of increasing traffic. 

Free Sources of Traffic

Facebook Groups and Pages

Facebook groups and pages are a great place to grow a customer base and reach the target market. An affiliate marketer can use the platform to share business events, answer questions, facilitate discussions, post great content, customers, service, offer freebies, and many more. Facebook is an awesome platform to interact and communicate with potential clients. Also, it provides opportunities to build credibility and make more conversions.


YouTube has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. It acts as both a social media platform and a search engine. People use it to watch videos and have fun. Affiliate marketers can take advantage of the traffic to direct people to a website. However, a person has to create good videos to get ranked on the first page.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing involves sending promoting offers and regular newsletters to stay in touch with clients. It helps in increasing traffic to a site. The affiliate marketer can offer links to pages and useful information. Potential customers can learn more through landing pages and blog posts about certain offers. However, affiliate marketers should ensure they do not send too many emails. Excess emails can cause customers to unsubscribe, disengage with or delete your emails. Affiliates should ensure they send attractive information so that potential customers can open and read the email. If customers do not open the emails, it will not supply traffic. A new user should set up opt-in plugin on their sites. The opt-in should act as an email bait to maximize conversions. An affiliate marketer can also mention that they offer exclusive content to the email list. It will incentivize subscribers to join. 

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a great way of getting targeted traffic. An affiliate marketer can make quality comments in blogs that are relevant to your niche. The quality comment should be 50-100 words long to add value. It will make visitors pay attention to the information. A person may make up to ten clicks per comment on sites or blogs with high traffic.

Using On-Page SEO

Using on-page SEO is beneficial in the long term growth in affiliate marketing. It allows affiliate marketers to create organic traffic from Google. It allows websites to appear on the search results. The search results are affected by abandon rates, site's loading speed, domain age, number of links directing people to site, the relevance, and other factors. The sites should have quality content for promotion. Quality content will ensure the site has a higher ranking on search engines.

Doorway Sites

Doorway sites are web pages that are created to deliberately manipulate search engine indexes. It allows you to gain high placement in search engine rankings and it increases traffic to your online store. 

Mass Following and Mass Liking on Instagram

Mass following and Mass liking on Instagram. Instagram’s automation tool allows you to identify your target market. Also, the tool interacts with clients through Auto Like, Auto Viewing Stories, Auto Comment, Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow. It allows you to gain more followers while increasing traffic to your online store. 

Paid Sources of Traffic

Google ads

Google ads allow people to generate traffic. It allows an ad to appear on Google when people are looking for particular products. Whether a client is using a smartphone or a desktop, a well-timed Google ad can turn anyone into a valuable customer. Google ads can drive website visits, increase store visits, and get more phone calls. Also, it works for any budget. Google ads assist affiliate marketers with easy and smart ads. It helps people to reach relevant customers according to your budget.


MyTarget is a platform that allows you to conduct targeted advertising. It focuses on Russia’s largest social networks. The platform will allow you to grow your business by targeting the right audience and setting up your budget.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a great opportunity to generate traffic. Affiliate marketers can take advantage of paid social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The platforms allow marketers to target clients according to interests, keyword searches, retargeting, and audiences. It is cheaper than Google AdWords. Social media advertising mainly focuses on audience targeting. Affiliate marketers should research and understand their target market demographics. 


Yandex is similar to Google. It allows you to advertise goods on its platform at a fee. It is the main search engine in Russia. It has traffic surpassing or close to Google. 

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising refers to advertisement blocks that appear in the context of content. Microsoft pubCenter and Google are the main networks for contextual advertising. The advertisements are displayed in banner formats or small texts on different pages. Similar to PPC, affiliate marketers are charged per click. 

Display ads

Display ads will show an affiliate marketer's ad as mobile app ads, banners, exit pop-ups, blog posts, pop-unders, and popovers. It enhances exposure and increases traffic to a site.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective technique of increasing traffic. It involves product placements and endorsements from organizations, influencers, and people who are experts in a particular field. It is mainly effective when the influencer is active on social media and other online platforms. 

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising includes online and offline advertising that is directed towards an audience with particular characteristics. It is based on the person or product that the advertiser is promoting. The traits can be based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral traits. It allows you to focus on clients who are more likely to purchase your product or service.

Teaser Networks

Teaser networks allow you to reveal a little portion of an ad about a product or advertiser. The main purpose of teaser ads is building excitement and widespread attention. It allows you to get quality traffic. Only people interested in the product will visit your online store. 

Buying ads in Public Sites

Buying ads in public sites. You can buy a campaign that conducts targeted advertising on websites throughout the world. 

Free Traffic Vs Paid Traffic

How to Make Money on the Internet

Affiliate marketing is not only about generating traffic. It involves generating quality traffic and making more sales. It takes time to generate quality traffic from free traffic. There are various reasons to use paid traffic over free traffic. Paid traffic has faster growth, better ad targeting, and a higher conversion rate. A person can save a portion of their income and use it on paid traffic. It offers quality traffic that will boost sales. Although most people believe that paid traffic is expensive, it is affordable. There are many options depending on a person’s preferences and target audience. 

Before selecting a traffic source, the affiliate marketer should consider:

  • The target audience or niche
  • Cost of traffic source
  • The available sources of traffic
  • The amount of traffic available in the source
  • The quality of the traffic source
  • Rules, restrictions, and regulations

Earning money through freelancing

Freelance Work

Freelance work describes a form of flexible self-employment that allows a person to work with different businesses. One can work on big or small projects and both short and long term projects according to the employer's needs, skills, and availability. Typical tasks can arrange from editing a video, building a website, writing a blog post, or designing a logo. 

The first step is identifying what you are good at and identifying a target market. A person should then set up a profile that highlights your skills, personality, portfolio, and resume. A person should then search for projects and start bidding. A person should only do jobs that match their skills and passion. A person should then complete the project according to the instructions. The final step is getting paid and getting positive reviews. A person can find freelance work on different websites, such as Peopleperhour, Upwork, and Freelancer. Other examples of freelance work include:


Copywriting is an occupation or act of writing a text for advertising and marketing purposes. The text or copy is meant to improve brand awareness. It influences people to make particular decisions. Copywriters help create social media posts, billboards, white papers, brochures, taglines, catalogs, commercials, jingle lyrics, and other marketing communications. 

Coursework Writing

Coursework writing is work performed by trainees or students for learning purposes. It requires a lot of research and practice. A freelancer can do the coursework on behalf of another person and make some money. 

Writing Reviews

Writing reviews include writing texts that summarize scholarly research on particular topics. It evaluates other people’s writing. A freelancer can write reviews on particular websites, such as Swagbucks or Fivverr, and get paid. 

Writing Resumes

Writing resumes helping job applicants get a new job is a great opportunity to make money. It is becoming more popular due to the high competition and high unemployment rate. There is no-size that fits all resume and freelancers have to research about the job application. A freelancer has to take advantage of catchy words, job qualifications, experience, and areas of expertise to prepare a professional resume. 

Tutoring on Skype

Tutoring on Skype is becoming more popular due to globalization and tutoring websites. One can earn money even if you are attending college or have graduated with professional teaching experience. A freelancer can select a job that matches their skills and start earning money.  

Working as a Call Center Operator

Working as a call center operator. Call center operator jobs will increase by 36% by 2026. It involves working in a call center. A call center refers to an office that addresses incoming and outgoing customer call. The phone representatives manage calls while keeping track of transactions and open cases.

Earning on Photo Stocks

Интересная статьяEarnings on photo stocks. You can earn between $0.25 and $0.45 for each image sold. How much you earn is affected by the uniqueness of the image, how many agencies you work with, and your skills in keywording. 

Earning from YouTube Videos

Earning from YouTube videos. YouTube has more than 1.9 billion users monthly. You can create videos and monetize your channel to earn money. You can earn money by licensing your content to the media, becoming a YouTube Partner, Using crowdfunding, selling merchandise, getting fans to pay you directly, and creating sponsored content. 

Earnings from Unskilled Work

Earnings from Installing Apps

Earnings from installing apps. There are hundreds of money-making apps. All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone and make money. The apps allow you to earn money from the comfort of your home.

Earnings from Facebook

Earnings from Facebook. You can make money by simply selling social media pages and groups. A group with thousands of people can earn you $100 while a profile with 5000 friends earns you $20 at Fiverr.  

Earnings from Clicks

Earnings from clicks. You can earn money through ‘Paid to click’ sites. You will be paid to click ad websites. You can also get paid to take surveys or play games. 

Earnings from Entering Captcha

Earnings from entering a captcha. Captcha is a human verification test to ensure no automated software or bot can join a site. There are several companies that need to sign up in thousands of websites on the internet. Although they have automatic software to sign up to websites, they require people to solve these captchas. You can earn more than $500. 

Earnings from Streaming

Earnings from streaming. You can earn money by live streaming video games and inviting other people to watch you. You can get donations from fans, regular viewer payment, and many others.

Earnings from Network Marketing

Earnings from network marketing. Network marketing is a business model that requires a distribution network to build a business. It is multi-level marketing where there are different payments at each level. It also involves recruiting sales agents to develop a distributor network. 

Earnings from File Hosting

Earnings from file hosting. It is an internet service that allows users to upload files that can be accessed over the internet after providing authentication or after a password and username is provided. You can earn money by simply uploading files.

Online courses

A person can develop online courses. People go online for various reasons, including socializing, entertainment, and learning. You can get paid for your skills and knowledge. It is estimated that online learning will be worth $240 billion by 2021. You can develop free online courses and premium courses. Users who subscribe to free courses can be attracted to purchase premium courses. Some of the topics you can cover include language, arts or photography, technology, personal development, marketing, music, cooking, gardening, and many others.

You can attract subscribers by explaining the advantages of online courses. The free courses can help a person start earning money. The free courses are essential in career advancement and hobbies. It offers flexibility and courses that fit a work schedule. Users can select their learning environment. Notably, studying free online courses means one does not have to pay tuition fees or transportation costs.

How to Make Money on the Internet

Also, it gives a person more choices of course topics according to career opportunities and interests. The available resources on the internet are endless. Some of the main sites for online courses include Coursera, edX, Stanford Online, Udemy, and many others. You can visit the sites and get information and content about developing online courses. Steps for developing an online course include:

  • Conducting market research to identify topics that will sell
  • Choosing a course topic according to the market research
  • Develop an outline or the lessons that will be covered in the course
  • Identify the best techniques to deliver the lessons
  • Create the lessons
  • Identifying strategies of marketing the course
  • Loading the course online
  • Marketing the course and updating information regularly

Earning Money Through Risk Methods and Investments

How to Make Money on the Internet

Binary Options

Binary options is an investment that involves predicting that something can either be wrong or right. There is no third alternative. An investor can bet or gamble that a given is below or above a certain level at a specific amount of time. A wrong prediction means that an investor loses their entire amount. A correct prediction means that an investor regains their amount and an investment bonus. 

Cryptocurrencies Trading

Cryptocurrency trading involves speculating the price movements of cryptocurrencies and taking advantage of the fluctuations. It simply involves purchasing coins at a low price and selling them when their price increases. One opens an account and monitors the price changes. 

Forex Market

Forex market is a platform where users exchange, speculate, buy, and sell currencies. People trade currencies and take advantage of the price fluctuations. The US dollar is the most common currency in the forex. It is used in 85% of transactions. Other major currencies are the Euro and the Japanese Yen. People simply buy a currency when it depreciates and sell it when it increases in value to make a profit.


Arbitrage is the buying and selling of an asset to make profit due to imbalances in price. It is a technique that takes advantage of price differences in different markets. Some traders have computerized tracking systems to monitor price fluctuations. The trade occurs quickly to ensure the price differences remain the same. 

Mining Farms

Mining farms refers to a data center which is technically equipped to mine cryptocurrencies. The mining process is complex. It requires significant financial, technical, and energy resources. Mining requires solving complex technical problems. Miners sell the cryptocurrencies to make profits. 

Earnings from Gambling

Earnings from gambling refers to any income that is acquired from wagers on events or games of chance with uncertain incomes. It can be winnings from sweepstakes, casinos, betting pools, lotteries, keno, raffles, or dog and horse races.

Earnings on Poker

Earnings on poker. Poker is a card game that combines different skills, gambling, and strategy. The winner is determined by a combination of players’ cards. Some of the combinations are hidden until the end of that particular game. Professional poker players can earn up to $5,000,000 per year.  

Investment Games

Investment games. It is a game where an individual and as a group manage your money. You all begin with the same amount of money in the beginning. In each round, group members decide how much money they should invest in a group pot, where they place their money.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is an activity where you predict sports results and place a wager on the outcome. The wager is also known as a bet. If the outcome is correct, you make a profit according to bookmaker odds. Although sports betting is more common in football, tennis, and rugby, it also includes betting on entertainment. For instance, the winner of America Got Talent Awards. 

Sites with Media Content

Sites with media content. Before creating a news website, you should find valuable content. After creating content, you should identify techniques of earning money from the website. You can use a paywall where people pay to access content. You can also earn money by posting Google Ads, posting traditional ads, or adding an affiliate program to the website to boost revenue. 

Sites for Mining from Other People’s Computers

Sites for mining from other people’s computers. Mining cryptocurrencies is energy-intensive. However, the computing power can be spread over several computers. You can use other people’s computing power to mine coins. Mining coins is a lucrative business. 

Development of Mobile Applications

Development of mobile applications. Although making mobile apps is expensive, it is a great opportunity to make money. Your idea could be the next big platform, such as Snapchat or Instagram. Some developers earn more than $5000 monthly from mobile apps. 

Earnings from Credit Issuance

Earning from credit issuance. You can make money from credit issuance through the interest that you charge clients. You should establish interest in interest rate, extend credit, charge credit customers’ interest, and charge late fees.

Earnings from High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)

Earning from high-yield investment programs (HYIP). It refers to an investment scam that promises investors an unsustainably high return on investment. It involves paying the previous investors from money paid by new investors. You need to do a lot of research on your company before making the final decision to invest your money. You should ensure that you read the terms and determine whether the investment is feasible. 

Dropshipping Via Instagram

Customers order goods and the manufacturer sends the goods directly to the consumer in the retailer’s name. Instagram is the most effective social media in building a brand and selling products. You can use Instagram to generate traffic to your online store. Also, you do not need a warehouse to store goods. You earn a commission for products sold. 

Selling Goods on Amazon

Selling goods on Amazon. Before you register on Amazon, you should first decide what you want to sell and identify a selling plan. Individuals pay a $0.99 fee for every product sold. On the other hand, a professional plan allows you to sell unlimited products with a $39.99 monthly fee.


There are many ways of making money through the internet in 2020. Earning extra income through the internet would be a dream come true. It will allow you to take more control of your life and time. People are making money through affiliate marketing, freelancing, free online courses, and risky investments, such as binary options, cryptocurrency trading, and forex. Similar to other businesses, a person requires time and dedication to earn money. You must be willing to devote energy and time to take the idea of the ground. One may experience a slow start, but it would be a life-changing decision in 2020.

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