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Listening to affiliate marketing podcasts is a very effective way to get the most amount of information from experts. That is why we have put together a list of the best affiliate marketing podcasts you should be listening to in 2019.
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“Necessity is the mother of invention.” This phrase is true in every possible way you look at it. Nothing will be invented and stay relevant if people did not need it. Science has proven that over 40% of people learn and understand better by listening. This idea has given birth to audiobooks and podcasts. Podcasts do not only make people understand better but also make it simple and comfortable when trying to assimilate information. You could be listening to a podcast while driving, cooking, or doing any other activity. It brings in the element of multitasking.

This brings us to our topic on podcasts and affiliate marketing. Just in the US alone, over 68 million people listen to podcasts monthly. Imagine what the number will be when you look at it globally. These podcasts are popular for providing people with important and necessary information. If you want to translate it into the affiliate marketing industry, affiliates are able to gain vital information on what is happening in their world. With this information, affiliate marketers are able to make decisions like which niches, affiliate programs, tools, and products to choose. With all this in mind, let’s share with you the best affiliate marketing podcasts.

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Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi are the masterminds behind this world-famous podcast. They are both seen as affiliate marketing gurus and you have so much to learn from them. All of their episodes are rich in content and listeners are guaranteed to gain valuable information on recent events in the affiliate marketing world. You may also get information on affiliate marketing history in each episode. 

This podcast airs for one hour every Saturday morning.

The Solopreneur Hour

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

This podcast will make you feel good and put to use some of the skills that you think are unnecessary to an employer. Michael O’Neal is the host and he will give you ideas on how to turn those skills into business ideas. 

This podcast is not specific to affiliate marketing, as it focuses on business as a whole. If you are having trouble turning your skills into business ideas, then this is the podcast for you. Michael O’Neal has not been in the affiliate marketing industry for a long time but he is already making a name for himself. You will definitely be affected by his passion and love for the affiliate marketing world. 

Affiliate Buzz

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts                 

This podcast is one of the top guns out there. Its hosts - James and Arlene Martell are considered gurus in affiliate marketing and have been running it since 2003. All the listeners of Affiliate Buzz are enlightened every episode with new information on the affiliate marketing world. 

Even though Affiliate Buzz is one of the oldest running affiliate marketing podcasts, its hosts are still trying to reach greater heights and provide the audience with useful information. James and Arlene Martell also run an affiliate marketing “coffee talk” and boot camp together with the podcast. 

Rise of the Entrepreneur

          Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Just form this podcast’s name, you can deduce its contents. Here, you will get to hear from different entrepreneurs every episode. This podcast is hosted by Zac Johnson who has been in the industry for over 10 years. He has earned lots of money on his journey and have lots to share with us. This podcast airs every Tuesday and Thursday.

The Smart Passive Income

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

This podcast provides a large range of topics in affiliate marketing to the audience including SEO, Outsourcing, building trust with your audience, marketing automation, etc. This podcast is hosted by one of the most famous names in the affiliate marketing world - Pat Flynn, who is able to support his lifestyle and family using just passive income from affiliate marketing. He makes millions of dollars every year. This tells how well he has mastered the trade. Pat Flynn also runs an affiliate marketing blog that provided valuable information to readers. 

Entrepreneur on Fire                      

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

This podcast has been awarded the title of “Best of iTunes.” It is an interview-format show that airs every day of the week. It is a 5/5 average podcast with over 2,500 iTunes ratings. You can only achieve that level of rating with an extremely interesting and informative podcast. 

John Lee Dumas is the host of this show and makes millions of dollars every year. He is dedicated to giving you the best information by interviewing different affiliate marketing entrepreneurs every episode.

The Side Hustle Show

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

This is a podcast dedicated to people who think of affiliate marketing as a side hustle and have other main things going on. If you are just looking to make some passive income and extra cash from affiliate marketing, then this is the podcast for you. It is also ideal for people who have not yet made up their minds if they want to fully submerge in affiliate marketing. 

Nick Loper will take you one a wonderful journey discussing his failures and successes, also interviewing other affiliate marketers every episode. With this, you will get to know what to expect in the world you are getting into. 

Marketing Secrets

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Rusell Brunson has more than a million entrepreneur followers that he has accumulated over the past 10 years. His podcast focuses on sharing affiliate marketing secrets. By listening to his podcast, you will learn a lot about the affiliate marketing world and business. He has also written books that have sold thousands of copies worldwide and he is also a co-founder of the software company called ClickFunnels. 

Online Marketing Made Easy

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Amy Porterfield is the host of this podcast and shares her expertise and secrets to affiliate marketing. This is one of the best-rated podcasts on iTunes. With the huge amount of information available about affiliate marketing, Amy tries to help affiliate marketers make good use of it, for them to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. She also shares her path to success and how she is able to earn seven figures every year from affiliate marketing. 

The Art of Paid Traffic

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Rick Mulready is the host of this exceptional podcast that aims at giving the audience the best tricks and tips to earn from affiliate marketing. It also helps people to know the importance of marketing automation via leads and sales. Rick interviews top entrepreneurs to share their views and tips on each episode of the podcast. He is a Facebook Ads expert and will share with you everything he knows about the different kinds of online advertisements. 


Affiliate marketing podcasts will give you a new and easy way to learn and understand the industry. You will learn from the experts more information within a short time. You will listen to entrepreneurs who are willing to share their insights and give you tips on how to be successful. It is up to you to get the most out of these resources and climb your way to the top. 

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