Affiliate Marketing Top 10 Search Advertising Tools You’ve Never Heard About

A PPC specialist has a great number of support tools, and it’s necessary to choose the best of the best of them. We’ve made our own list of “fresh” search advertising instruments.
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A PPC specialist has a great number of support tools, and it’s necessary to choose the best of the best of them. We’ve made our own list of “fresh” PPC instruments.

You probably have already read a lot of articles about numerous online services that are ready to ease the everyday work routine of a PPC expert.

Still, we’ve made a decision to make our own collection of truly unique instruments about many of which many of you probably have never heard about.

1. iSpionage

This online service will help you to:

  • peek and see the advertising texts in your competitors’ use;
  • learn the keywords they choose;
  • reveal the real number of competitors in the vertical;
  • have a look at the ads with the greatest traffic.

You can try a service since it suggests using a trial version with no need for entering your credit card details. The Basic Plan starts at $29 and goes up to $299 per month for agencies and enterprises with a budget of more than $10 000.

There is a slight drawback: you can use the service only if your website operates on the markets of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

2. PPC Protect

This tool might become your indispensable assistant to automatically stop click fraud.

This is a very useful instrument for many PPC experts.  PPC Protect protects your AdWords campaigns and budget. Besides, it has the most effective IP blocking system.

3. Tenscores

It’s another highly useful instrument that gives recommendations on how to improve the performance of Google AdWords ads.

It thoroughly examines all the indicators as well as helps to discover the keywords that throw the company’s money.

The service lets you work for free for 2 weeks. The extension of the period will cost you a minimum of $19 per month.

4. Long Tail Pro

This is the service that gives you an easy way to find the relevant keywords for your PPC campaigns. It will select the necessary key phrases for the necessary audience in the necessary vertical. It’ll also find and calculate the key phrases on your Internet resource.

You just need to enter the most relevant keys and it’ll calculate approximate profitability of all suggested key phrases for your advertising campaigns.

Do you need quickly to find the keywords that meet all of your preferences? No problem. Just set the filters on the basis of an average CPC rate or a number of queries.

As the service promises: “You can say goodbye to endless electronic tables forever!”

The service provides an opportunity to use a free trial version for 7 days. The minimum monthly fee makes $25.

5. Wordtracker

The online service thoroughly analyzes the keywords based on search queries by real people.

This PPC instrument works almost the same as AdWords Keyword Planner but has an additional data tier of keywords from YouTube and Amazon.

You can save your own lists of keywords, filter them and find the necessary ones.

The tool also collects the data of your competitors and reveals the gaps that you could use to the good advent and get some new opportunities for the advertising campaigns.

The service provides 7 days of free use. The minimum monthly fee is $27.

6. SimilarWeb

This PPC tool assists in analyzing the data on the audience of your competitors’ websites, demographic data, and marketing structure.

You can track the main traffic sources of your competitor (for example, how many requests are from ordinary traffic and how many of them from the paid one). The service also shows the data on the number of clicks on referral links.

SimilarWeb works both for websites and mobile apps analytics. This instrument allows creating user categories and estimating competitors with a more integral approach than other apps that offer impressions only by each separate URL.

7. Campaign Watch

As the Company’s management says: “To use Campaign Watch is just the same as to listen to your rivals telling you about their advertising campaigns every morning”.

This tool lets tracking the visibility of your competitors by all the queries in the needed niche. It can also tell you about their new ads and landing pages.

You’ve got an opportunity to monitor everything: from seasonal costs, clicks, positions and quantity of keywords to market share both on stationary and mobile devices.

8. MixRank

MixRank is a spy service to work with PPC campaigns and media advertising.

Using a free MaxRank beta trial, you can get access to the data on the Google AdSense advertising placed on more than 93 000 different websites.

With MixRank you can precisely define where your competitors buy traffic and what advertising works best for them. You can use the service to look at your rivals spending money on testing various ads and traffic sources and find out which of them works the best to use it all for creating your own top campaign.

9. Ruler Analytics

For PPC professionals there is nothing worse than to learn that potential clients don’t want to click their ads.

Ruler Analytics will help you to track your conversions by several traffic sources. It’ll give you an opportunity not only to look at how your client acted step by step but to find more relevant landing pages and ads.

All the necessary data will be transformed into the diagrams and reports that you’ll later be able to integrate into Google Analytics.

The minimum rate is £99 per month. Of course, you’ll have an opportunity to try it for free beforehand.

10. CallRail

If you have loyal foreign clients, call tracking is just indispensable for you.

CallRail will come to your rescue here – the service tracks and analyzes phone calls.

CallRail allows managers monitoring their campaigns not only by calls. Using the unique tracking numbers that record the call, it also reports on the keyword by which your clients are coming to you.

With a great volume of analytical data recorded for each user, you can go beyond Google Analytics and have more detailed information to get the data on your client before and after his/her call.

There is a 14-day demo version. After the period expires, you’ll have to pay a minimum fee of $30 per month.

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