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Affiliate marketing forums are one of the only places that you can get help and information to lead you to the top of the affiliate food chain. This guide will provide you with all the best forums you can join in 2020.
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Forums have been around for quite a while now, and people are beginning to overlook their importance. For those who are serious, forums are an excellent place to gain valuable help and information. It does not matter in which field you are interested; you could find a forum for it, that includes affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate marketing forums to help newbies and experts alike reach a common goal, which is getting enough information to start gaining profit.

Many people are under the impression that affiliate marketing groups and forums are out of date or no longer useful. That idea is wrong in so many ways. Not only are affiliate marketing forum one of the key sources of information for an affiliate, but they also provide valuable help with online interaction. You can communicate with experts from popular affiliate marketing networks who are willing to give you information and help for free. Forums are some of the only places you will get free valuable information.

As a matter of fact, we at AffiliateValley think that every affiliate marketer should be registered to at least one forum. It is a fundamental part of being an affiliate. It is an essential tool; you will learn about affiliate conferences, make friends, create connections and business partners, find help, and valuable information.

With all that said, it often becomes a dilemma to choose which forum to join. Well, do not worry because AffiliateValley has got you covered. We are active in so many forums and will give a good idea of how they work and what you should expect when joining. Now that we have provided you enough reason to join a forum, let’s tell you how they work.

The Structure of Affiliate Marketing Forums

With every community or forum, some control and make sure that everything works as it should and that people respect the rules and regulations. In affiliate marketing forums, these people are known as Admins and Moderators.


These people act as the police of the forum. They make sure that everyone follows the rules and regulations and are responsible for maintaining the atmosphere and well-being of the forum. They read an affiliate marketing thread and analyze the relationships among all participants. Also, they ensure the quality of the threads and that they are posted in their respective sections so that visitors should know what they are getting when they enter a particular section.

One of the essential roles of a moderator is to ensure that the forums are not spammy. Spamming is one of the significant problems that forums are facing because marketers are trying to get their products or services accessible, and this results in excessive advertisements. Moderators will remove all threads that go against the rules of the forum. 


This is the person who takes care of the technical aspect of the forum. They are in charge of assigning moderators, creating and changing rules, creating the web site's interface, making sections, and performing database operations.

Now that you know how the forums are structured, it is time to jump in and start your journey. There is a better way of getting better at something than practicing. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the best forums you can join as an affiliate marketer.

Best affiliate marketing forums 2020

StackThatMoney (STM)

Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Language: English
  • Cost: $99 per month

STM is one of the most all-rounded forums in the affiliate marketing world.

This is not only a forum but also a means for affiliates to communicate with each other. We can even say it is probably the most famous forum since it goes above information exchange. They even have conferences (Affiliate World Conferences) and training programs to help affiliate gain experience. In this forum, you will meet with super affiliates and gain valuable information from them. Also, you will find news on what is happening in the affiliate marketing industry. All your questions will never go unanswered. That is the power strength of this forum. They have been in the industry for a long time and have experience advising and guiding other affiliates to success. Their moderators are knowledgeable in many different fields, and each niche has an expert to guide you.

Even though you have heard good things about this forum, they also have some drawbacks. Many affiliates come there are very lazy to find information and ask concrete questions. This implies that you will find repetitive information throughout the forum. The same tools are recommended to users. So, to avoid this situation, you need to be unique. Ask questions that are related to your case and do not copy the campaigns of others. You are there to gain information to help in your journey to success, so make use of the tips provided.


Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Language: English
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Most popular topics: PPV (Pops and redirects), Push Notifications, Landing pages, and Campaign Optimization.

Even though it is not free, it has a relatively low price when compared to other forums out there. Also, you will be able to meet pro affiliates such as Servando Silva, Emanuel Cinca, etc. This forum is created by the director of PeerFly. This implies that you can occasionally find him on the forum helping and sharing important info.

Even though this forum is rapidly growing, it is still very young and does not have many members. This means that the amount of help offered is small

Newbie topics are flooding the forum. If you are a newbie, then this is not a con because you will need the information. But if you are already past the beginner level, then all this may be annoying. However, the forum’s admins and moderators are helping the newbies get moving down the right path as fast as possible.


Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Cost: Free
  • Language: English

From the time of joining this forum, you will notice that it is very active and engaging. Their business section lets you find and connect with new business partners and clients. Interestingly, this forum does not ask for a fee. All the information you find here is free. Admins and moderators are always there to help with your questions.

One of the only cons we can think about is that the forum is vast and you will need to do lots of research to find answers to your questions. It is not a bad thing to research because you gain important knowledge in the process.

Warrior Forum

Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Cost: Free
  • Language: English

This forum does have not only information on affiliate marketing by also no digital marketing as a whole. It has info on various topics. You won’t find lots of case studies. The Warrior Ask Me Anything and War Room tools will help affiliates learn through online sessions with professionals. Most of the forum’s visitors come from the US.


Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Cost: Free
  • Language: English
  • Most popular topics: SEO

This was one of the first most renowned and stable affiliate marketing forums. Here, you will have the possibility to speak with all the parties involved in the industry, including professionals, newbies, and company representatives. It is well-structured and provides information on many diverse topics like SEO and webmasters. It is very well organized, and the visitor will not have problems navigating the forum.

As of now, this forum is not very active as it was in the past. It is beginning to lose followers due to the intense competition.  Even so, we still believe that this forum has lots to offers to affiliates.


Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Language: Russian
  • Cost: Free

Here, you will find diverse topics and is considered one of the best forums in the CPA world. It is a close VIP community of Russian professional affiliates. This indicates that it is challenging to get into the club. Your experience, profile, income, and other things you can offer will be evaluated before you can join. Joining this club not only gives you access to unlimited useful information but also means you get exclusive deals, discounts on popular online services, and advice.

One of the most and we can say the only con to this forum is the difficulty to register. You also need to partake in the club’s life; if not, your account will be deactivated.


Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Language: English
  • Cost: Free
  • Some of the popular topics you will find in this forum are Adult, Black Hat, SEO, making money with no investments.

In this forum, you will find an abundance of information on how to make money using Black Hat methods for different verticals. There are also lots of other topics that will benefit you as an affiliate marketer such as SEO. One good thing is that affiliate networks do not participate in this forum much so you will see less of commercial posts.

This forum is almost exclusively about Black Hat; you will rarely find information about different topics.


Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Language: English
  • Cost: free

This is a perfect crowded and active place for affiliates of any level. You will find threads from various sections such as SEO, business and marketing, development, design, and trade. Affiliate marketers should make the most out of this forum.


Best affiliate marketing forums 2019

  • Language: Engish
  • Cost: Free

This is one of the best forums you can join as an affiliate marketer. You will have access to free training portals. If you are a starter, then this is a pot of gold for you because you will be provided with video and written lessons, tools and other tips on how to become successful

How to behave and approve forums

Your approach and behavior in forums will determine how much information you will gain. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of forums:

  • The most important tip is to read and follow the guidelines. Make sure you do not go against them.
  • Put your website or blog link for other people to know about and contact you. Your signature line should be seen.
  • Try your best not to spam and push your marketing too much, which may be violating the terms of the community behavior.
  • Before putting up an issue, make sure that it has not already been put up by another person and answered.
  • Participate in your brand awareness by actively engaging in conversations and helping others with problems. This will significantly boost your popularity.

With all this said, it is time for you to make your choice and start actively participating in the forum of your choice. You will definitely notice an increase in your knowledge and network. Forums will expand your world. 

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