Traffic Sources Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Looking for some Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing? Read on to find the most useful strategies to generate free traffic for your affiliate campaigns.
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When you boil it all down - to make sales as an affiliate - you need to send real customers to your offers. Sometimes, it can get a bit expensive when buying paid traffic for your affiliate marketing campaigns.  What you need are massive amounts of quality free targeted traffic that will result in conversions. In this article, you will find out how you can get free traffic sources for Affiliate Marketing in 2019.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Surely by now, you must have heard about making money online without having to do surveys. Then you probably came across the term “Affiliate Marketing”. 

Before we begin, first of all, you might need to understand how to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn some extra money, especially if you have a website of your own. Becoming an affiliate marketer is very easy to do, however, to do it well takes a lot of time and effort. To get good at affiliate marketing, you will need to invest in your marketing education.

Why You May Need Free Traffic And What Is It?

No matter how good-looking your website store is, without traffic moving through it, it might as well not exist.  One of the only ways will be able to succeed through Affiliate Marketing is by being able to drive that traffic to your website.  

There are many ways to get this done, and then there is an easy way of accomplishing this. The generation of free targeted traffic to your affiliate website store may not be as difficult or as expensive as you think. 

The reasons to go through the steps that drive free targeted traffic to your affiliate website store are simple: 

  • You do not have to deal with spending money on advertising. 
  • You do not need to go out and pound the pavement.
  • You do not have to deal with employees.

And best of all, you are able to drive traffic to your business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including all holidays.

Your Affiliate Website Store 

The most important tool for your Affiliate Website Store is the actual website itself. The first step in any successful website business is building a good, credible, and professional looking website. Your site will display the products which you will be promoting from the affiliate marketing companies.

Free Targeted Traffic 

As anyone knows, competition is extremely fierce in the internet world. You must always be one step ahead of your rivals in order to ensure that you capture a significant share of your target market. 

You must, therefore, employ every possible means to drive free traffic not only to visit your affiliate website store but to also convert that visit into an eventual sale on your affiliate's website.  


The importance of driving highly targeted traffic to your affiliate website cannot be emphasized enough. Getting traffic is the first priority when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

While you drive free targeted traffic through your landing page, it is not only important to know that you just don't want to drive any traffic through your site, but quality targeted traffic that will go to your website with the mindset of wanting your product and who are also ready to buy your product. You must drive this traffic to your website and has to stay there long enough for you to be able to make that sale.

Some Pros & Cons

The affiliate marketing business model is very simple, it's effectively a commission-only sales role. You sign up to a retailer's program, promote their product or offer, and when the customers you send them to make a purchase, you get paid your affiliate commissions. 

But whether affiliates make money or not depends on them choosing the right offer for the right market, and then sending enough buying traffic to that offer. Here are some of the pros and cons related to affiliate marketing:


  • It’s flexible. You can do it any time, from anywhere as long as you have your phone, laptop or tablet and internet access.
  • You are not forced to work a 9 to 5 job, Monday through Friday. But if you’re a night owl and you do your best work from 10 pm – 4 am, go for it!
  • There are tons of affiliate programs available now and more resources than ever before. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Someone’s probably already faced the same problem. Use their experience.
  • Since its something that lots of people are still using to make money online. You can find tons of resources online which can act as a learning tool.


  • You frequently don’t see profit right away. If you do, it’s not consistent yet.
  • You work for yourself so you need to push yourself every day. If you don’t work, this won’t succeed.
  • Likely you’ll have to do something every day to promote your business. No week-long vacations in the beginning.
  • Driving traffic to your site is a daily push. And I mean DAILY!
  • There are still affiliate networks out there that can take advantage of you. You need to be savvy and not fall for every hook.

This isn't always as simple as it sounds - popular offers will have a lot of other affiliates competing for commissions, and the affiliate schemes that have less competition might not convert as well. 

Affiliates who concentrate on marketing digital products will usually receive much higher affiliate commission percentages, meaning they can still make good profits even if the product isn't converting too well - and great profits if it does.

Some of the better, more profitable affiliate marketing opportunities, will need you to apply and be accepted before you can start promoting their offers. They are usually keen to recruit experienced affiliates who will be able to promote their clients' products to large audiences and bring in plenty of traffic and sales.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and some of these networks are more than happy to give new affiliates an opportunity, even if they don't have much experience. Some of the best affiliate programs would be JVZoo and ClickFunnels.

Free Promotion Takes Time, and Quick Results Can Cost You

You may have found, or been accepted by, an affiliate scheme that has proved to be very popular, but you will only make Affiliate Commissions if you send enough people to it, so that some of them will buy - and of course, you need to spend plenty of people if you want to make lots of commissions. 

Getting people to your offers, or generating traffic as it's known, is one of the biggest challenges for any new affiliate marketing business. Using free traffic methods like blogs and article marketing doesn't cost anything, but your efforts can take time to show up in directories and search engines, and you won't be making much money until they do.

Some affiliates want to start seeing results more quickly, and choose paid-for methods of promotion like web banners and buttons, or Pay Per Click campaigns on Google AdWords. 

While these are great at getting targeted traffic to your offers, almost immediately in some cases, they can be expensive. If you choose an offer that doesn't convert or one that is very popular and has higher advertising costs because of all the competition, it can cost you a lot of money you might not have.

The best approach for many new affiliates it to actually use a mix of free and paid for traffic that works for them. The free traffic methods can be a good way of seeing if an offer is going to make you good affiliate commissions, and when it does, you can reinvest some of the profits into paid advertising, to make even more. 

Using several free traffic methods should get you enough initial traffic to make some affiliate commissions and test your offers before you invest in paid advertising.

Some Sources Of Affiliate Marketing

The best traffic sources for affiliate marketing originates from a specific audience who wants to buy the services and products that you are promoting. If you are searching for good quality free traffic, the below mention sources are useful.


Facebook is the world’s second-ranked website you may promote your products on facebook by creating your fan page or group. You can buy traffic for affiliate links via Facebook Ads, but remember it's the content that you post on social media that will build relationships and trust with your audience. 


Quora is the best-ranked website for questions and answers on Google. You have to answer a question that is related to your niche within a few paragraphs. You can keep your affiliate links in the answer but, don’t give short answers and try to post too many links because it may be considered spam and your account might be blocked.


Having your own channel with good content and subscribers is good for you. If, you don’t have your own channel then search videos & channels related to your product and post your links in the comments.


Twitter is the best way to promote your product this is ignored traffic, You just have to use ‘Advanced Search Options’, when searching for tweets. For example, if you are promoting a DSLR camera, then search for “I am looking for DSLR” you will find the tweets of those targeted people who are looking for a DSLR camera.


It is the USA’s #4th ranking website. It is also an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit’s registered community members can submit content such as a text post or a direct link.


It is known as “catalog of ideas” is an image-based social network. By using some of the features available on Pinterest, you can also easily promote your affiliate products by creating your own Pinterest board based in your niche.


By sharing your affiliate links in WhatsApp groups or to contacts you may also generate revenue.


Craiglist is classified ads site and is a good option for UK’s targeted audience since you can post your affiliate products for sale.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you want to make as many sales as you possibly can and there's none better than when they come from free, high-quality traffic. Here are some more strategies for getting free targeted traffic to your affiliate page:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website noticeable to the search engines so that it appears high in the search rankings when somebody searches for something that is related to your products. 

You don't have to be an expert in Search Engine Optimization to generate affiliate marketing traffic to your website. Give all your effort to learn about those little tweaks that you can make on your website which could improve your click-through rate.

Develop Your Email List

Email list building is the lifeblood of the affiliate marketing business model. The majority of your commissions will come from the people who are on your list. You do not need to have a big list before you see any results. Even a small list can reap big rewards with the right source of affiliate marketing traffic opting into your list.

Start A Blog

Your blog can turn out to be one of your most effective marketing resources. Search engines will send traffic to websites that are consistently updated with suitable content and a blog is an ideal place to do this. The more you post, the more often the search engine spiders will visit your site and the more affiliate marketing traffic you will receive.

Final Thoughts

The continued success for Affiliate Marketing relies on that you as an individual must constantly be on the move to find new niches to conquer. Aim to become proficient in these niches so that you can build website stores for those products and have those websites generate revenue.  

The only way this will happen is if you ensure that quality targeted traffic going through these websites in sufficient numbers to generate sales.

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