Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Basics: Day 3 - Creating Your Domain Name And Building A Website

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DAY 3 OBJECTIVE: Creating your domain name and building a website

Before talking about a domain name in details, let’s speak a little bit about domains in general.

Firstly, domain names are inevitable parts of your way to success. Fortunately, their costs are still very low, therefore if you choose the wrong domain name starting your business, it will not become one of those mistakes which can break your business down. Just take another domain name and remember that we all make mistakes.

Secondly, nowadays it’s rather difficult to find easily short and simple domain names but, anyway, you mustn’t give up your idea and forget about making money as an affiliate. Stay positive and creative!

Establish Your Domain

1. Regularly study the keywords and phrases associated with your niche

It’s necessary to know what words connected with your market people are searching for. To figure it out you can use different tools for keywords determination. Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular in this sphere. So choose at least five words used in your niche to create your domain name. Pay special attention to the singular or the plural form of a word and it’s frequency of usage.

2. Use your niche keywords in your domain name

Use keywords in your domain name to make people know what the website is devoted to, what useful information they can find visiting it and to attract your audience, i.e. people who’re already sure about what they need. The hesitation about including keyword either to the beginning or the domain name or to its end still exists ( vs. So. it’s up to you to decide what suits you best.

3. Choose a name

It can seem strange to you but people still prefer clicking simple word naming the information they are looking for rather than seeking for something very unusual or something meaning right what they have in mind. They look for any keyword connected with the niche people are interested in.

4. Find the shortest name ever for your domain

We understand that it sounds strange and maybe difficult. But you should try. For sure the longer the name. the more information it contains, the more understandable it will be for the audience.But the experience showed that it’s not the best variant. The shorter - the better.

5. Use narrow words instead of  general

Find a name which makes your subject as narrow as possible. For example, if you want to sell hats for women, use a domain name instead of It’s not the best example but you got the idea, didn’t you?

6. No hyphens, no numbers in the name

Usually people face some difficulties if a name of a website contains some number or punctuation. Make their lives easier.

7. Choose a domain that’s easy to spell

Again we speak about troubles. You must be sure that it’s not the problem for people to hear and remember your domain name and to type it correctly there and then. So, choose something easy but informative.

8. Be very careful with brand names usage

Be careful if you are going to use a brand name of an affiliate product or service. In fact it is considered to be illegal and most of the companies just will prohibit you to do it. Choosing a domain name you can check yourself right here. It’s free, by the way.

9. Don’t be a mainstream

You know that people and their interests do not differ from each other in all aspects. Often they are similar, but trends come and go. You have to be an individual, first of all. This will bring you success. Create something unique and make it popular and well-known. 

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