Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Basics: Day 4 - New Website Creation

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Day 4 Objective: New website creation

To say the truth, building your own new website is the most enjoyable and pleasant part of a business creation. I suppose you'll see that it's not difficult at all thanks to the app we recommend you. Here we speak about WordPress. It can help you to build a really eye catching website very quickly. 

Now you can watch a few videos about a website creation using WordPress. You can watch then in any order you want, so don't waste your time. 

Wordpress Themes

Which website theme should you use?

It depends only on you, and that which you choose has to correspond to your subject obviously. There’s no need for you to buy a theme for your website from the very beginning. It would be better for you to begin with one of many free themes from It is one of the greatest advantages of the WordPress platform.

Theme details to pay attention to:

  1. Choose the theme which in the best way corresponds to your content and is most attractive to those who read you. Almost all themes are adjusted on color, quantity of columns, widgets and other key functions therefore you will be able to make the theme your own, to make it unique. If you come across an ideal one, but the pictures it contains do not appeals to you, you can easily change them.
  2.  It’s necessary now (in 2019) to choose a theme that is responsive. It means that the theme you choose must correspond to the content of your website, browser and be attractive for every visitor. 
  3. All WordPress websites contain reviews of users, the number of loadings and updates of themes. This information will be in the right part of the screen. Choose a theme for your website keeping in mind all these factors. 

Website Model Examples

Profitable affiliate site models to choose from

After you've chosen the niche to devote yourself to and your domain name, your next step will be finding a way of delivering particular messages to your audience. Below you'll find some methods for it, all if them are mostly used by experienced affiliates. 

1. An affiliate blog created by yourself 

You are at the focus if attention when it comes to your personal site. Here you can fully demonstrate the interest towards the niche you've chosen and its audience, you can operate with your knowledge, your writing and communication skills in the way you want. Finally you'll earn a trust of the visitors first and then the money you deserve. 

This variant is the best one if your goal is to set a good connection within your audience. Of course, it will take time before you do that, be ready to give more than you get, because it demands a lot of work, a lot of credence as well. Keep calm while building this trust, answer all the questions, share all the information you know and you'll see the result. 

2. A product review site

This kind of affiliate site is a perfect one for those shoppers who spend a lot of time searching for purchase on the Internet. However, if you choose this method be ready to compete with lots of other affiliates. That is why you must create a unique website and stand out from your competitors. 

Working on every step remember that what you create must show that you are experienced in your niche and know a lot about it. Show your passion about the subject and suggest people something they didn't know before. If the visitors understand that it all is not about you, they'll go and find another affiliate immediately. 

An example of a product review site is Click and you'll understand how you should NOT create your review site. You'd better to focus on specific part of the market rather than on its very wide area. 

3. An authority website

An authority website is a very high quality website that is usually chosen be educated and experienced people in a particular niche. It consists of qualitative information and touches upon most of the subjects connected with this market.

However, pay particular attention to the fact that this kind of a website focuses not on the general area of the affiliate marketing but on its particular segment of that occupation. 

Take into consideration all these factors before choosing this model and building an authority website.

Moreover, it's necessary to add that an authority website creation takes much more time than another model. If it is still the model you prefer most, be sure that you have additional income resources and you are ready to wait for the success as an affiliate.

4. A price comparison website

As we talked before, product reviews sites are focused on particular products, while price comparison sites are devoted to a few companies but not products.

They mostly cover such big markets as cars, planes, insurance etc. 

By the way, it must be said that you'll have more opportunities to reach higher results it affiliate marketing connected with smaller markets. 

Price comparison sites give the purchasers an opportunity to search for the most convenient price of the product they want before buying it, after it they are sent to the main site of the market, and an affiliate earn his money in a form of commission as usually. 

Visit to have a better understanding of what a price comparison site is,  but we still recommend you to concentrate on those which are above it and to avoid a big competition at the beginning of your business.

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