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Creating an Immersive Metaverse – Learn from Todor Minev at Traffic Summit

Last September in Istanbul, at the Traffic Summit, Todor Minev participated as a speaker on the topic of “Creating an immersive Metaverse” and was rewarded as the best speaker at the conference amongst all the participants. During his expose, Todor shared one of his projects with us – The Meta Savages. And this article is brought exclusively to the AV readers today thanks to him.

Traffic Summit in Istanbul: How the first digital conference under a new brand performed

The program for classic conferences usually includes three independent phases: speaker performances, exhibition, and networking; Traffic Summit was no exception but creatively upgraded each phase innovatively in order to deliver maximum benefit and value to all participants in two days.

Lazar Žepinić – From a literature major to a digital marketing expert + GIVEAWAY

Meet Lazar Žepinić – an expert in digital marketing specialized in business development and team building as well as e-commerce and TikTok marketing. Following this interview, he will be attending the Traffic Summit as a speaker this year on September 28-29 in Istanbul, where he will share his expertise and knowledge on this industry.

Traffic Summit – be one step ahead of the digital marketing industry

Traffic Summit is a two-day event that will bring together business owners, advertisers, influencers, media buyers, crypto specialists, and digital bloggers to catch up with the latest trends and innovations in the digital space.