Affiliate Marketing Time to take stock of 2020. Was it successful for affiliate marketing?

Summing up the results of 2020. How did it change affiliate marketing?
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Yes, it was a difficult year. But we "survived", we coped and overcame many difficulties! Bravo, friends! 

Today we wanna talk about the most memorable events of 2020. In fact, it is very important to take stock of the year. Thus, we analyze errors and are inspired by successful cases. Therefore, we asked our partners to tell us the most memorable 2020 things and their achievements.

2020 hasn't been an easy year for everyone. But at the same time, many believe that this year is very successful for affiliate marketing. How has 2020 affected RichAds?

First of all, 2020 was challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly hard unstable financial circumstances influenced the advertisers’ activity in Italy, Spain, and France (where the most strict restrictions were implemented) in March-April 2020.

Despite all the difficulties we had to face, our team grew significantly. We became a full-value advertising platform RichAds, where all ad formats (push, pops, and native) are under one umbrella. The most significant developments of 2020 were traffic quality and campaign performance improvement as well as premium sources implementation. 

Yes, difficult events strengthen the spirit of strong players.

Of course! Also, we continued working on improving our flagship features (Automated Rules, Micro Bidding, Target CPA, Smart CPC), which day after day make the work with campaigns easier and help automate the processes. Also, we updated our anti-bot system, and now our traffic is verified by Adscore. Besides, now we have a retargeting option.

For Adsterra 2020 was successful too, wasn’t it?

Perhaps the main event of 2020 for us is the successful launch of the Social Bar advertising format. This is an exclusive format for the advertising market. Now we can say with confidence that Social Bar outperforms other ad formats in CR by 20-30 times. Its main feature is full customization. This means that creatives can take any form, depending on your desires and objectives. Social Bar allows you to create creos in the form of chats, polls, video teasers, messenger icons, in-page push notifications, and customized banners of any configuration.

Wow, sounds good!

Yeah, that’s true! Another significant event was the complete rebranding of Adsterra. While updating technologically, we don't forget to improve the style and handwriting of the company. Let's reveal a little secret 🤫  Very soon you’ll be able to appreciate the convenience and information content of our new official website.

This was clearly Adsterra’s year! 

Maybe, but there were also some “difficulties”. Let's not get out of the trends and say that the main challenge of the outgoing year was the general lockdown. More than 200 people work in Adsterra, so it was important to quickly transfer employees to remote locations and efficiently establish work processes. In addition, we took care of maintaining close relationships at a distance, because our synergy and inspiration directly depend on them. And we succeeded! All this time we have been working 24/7 without interruption and meet whenever possible. During this year we have seen that the crisis and quarantine are not only difficulties. It is also a huge opportunity for the growth and development of our employees, customers, and the company as a whole.

Do we wonder how the Media buyers team survived the quarantine? Konstantin, can you share what you faced in 2020?

First of all, this is leaving partners (affiliate programs or advertisers who acted as mediators and took 50% of the margin). Also, the coronavirus in Europe has greatly changed the situation in affiliate marketing. When Europe was closed, the auction was cleaned up and the margin rose. At the same time, there were problems with generating traffic to Europe. The volume of nutra traffic has decreased.

Yes, the pandemic really made its own adjustments. And what about CPAIKON? What successes have you achieved in the outgoing year?

Our team has expanded significantly throughout the Asian region. We have opened new call centers in Indonesia and the Philippines in parallel with our own nutra warehouses. Thus, the increase in employees was about + 30%.

That’s great! Maybe some negative aspects? Or everything was good? 

In our case, it is impossible to separate good and bad for ethical reasons. The fact is that we are engaged in nutra offers in the Asian region, Vietnam especially stands out in this list. Vietnam is relatively calm and quiet when the COVID-19 epidemic is raging around the world. In addition, purchasing power has grown, and incomes of the population are not falling, due to the global lock-down. This worked into our hands, as many media buyers left the European market in search of new regions where purchasing power is stable. And it is stable where we work, somehow ironically coincided.

It's great when in a difficult year for everyone you become even more successful! “C3pa”, are you the same?

Exactly! During this year, we can distinguish three main events in our company.

First, the growth of the crypto vertical. Namely, the number of affiliates has increased significantly and we have brought the crypto to a separate platform. We have also expanded the pool of direct brokers who receive consistent traffic.

Secondly, their products and in-houses in dating. We have expanded the pool of direct dating products, as well as in-house funnel offers for different types of traffic. Dating is traditionally our strong vertical. And this year we have further strengthened our position.

Third, the restructuring of the team and processes. The year taught us a lot, primarily remote work during quarantine periods and shifting focus from the office to online. This experience helped to look at the team as a whole and at each person from a different angle in new realities. This year gave an understanding of “bottlenecks” and pointed out certain mistakes in approaches. The transformations in the team and the processes that we have adopted will definitely help us to significantly accelerate the pace of development.

Clickadu, how has the pandemic and 2020 affected your company?

I think this year has become a real challenge for many IT companies. But today we would like to talk exclusively about the good moments. We would call this year the year of discovery.

Hm...It’s interesting. Why did you call 2020 a discovery year? 

Mass isolation caused a huge surge in Internet traffic, but the purchasing power of such traffic was expected to decline. We monitored the dynamics of verticals and tested various patterns. This practice allowed us to stay afloat throughout the entire period of isolation and opened new verticals for us.

Also the format of the transition of conferences to online allowed us to cover many more events and understand how relevant they are.

Indeed, you need to readjust to new trends and quickly respond to the situation. And never forget about tests :)

Sure. Also, we realized what a close-knit team we are. Even with the transition to a remote work format. Here I want to thank our guys;)

We are proud of our partner's success! We’d like to wish everyone even more luck and achievement in 2021! And let no difficulties stop you on the way to your goal!

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