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Learn how to capitalize on the growing trend of 4K Video, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok downloads.
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One of the most promising areas for 2021 is 4K video and everything related to it. Over the past couple of years, the format has gone from “future” to commonplace. Especially in the west, where high-definition TVs and the amount of content in 4k simply force people to forget about FullHD.

With the high-resolution content popularization, the question arose of working with these files. Namely how to download, how to edit, how to convert, and so on. Files are heavy, so users need simple solutions to cover their needs.

Top opportunity to make money via affiliate program in 2021

The opportunity we wanna offer is a 4K Download affiliate program, where you can get up to 50% off every sale. Offer prices start at $ 15 and go up to $ 35. It's easy to calculate the payments :)

4K Download helps users download 4k videos from YouTube, save photos and videos from Instagram, convert Youtube videos to MP3, extract audio from videos, and create beautiful slideshows in high definition.

Promising Affiliate Program

In general, this gives great opportunities for working with content on Youtube and Instagram. 4K Downloader is simple and user-friendly (which is important). Also, users can try the Trial period.

How to attract target audience

Of course, the target audience is quite narrow, so it is extremely difficult to target. But! There is practically no competition here. Therefore, we would look at this offer from the standpoint of generating search traffic in the first place. These are SEO, guest placements, doorways, Youtube channels, and other video hosting sites.

If we talk about guest placements, choose large Western media with the ability to blog or publish posts (trust for a search source) and prepare an article for the query “how to download 4k video” or “the best services for downloading 4k video”.The same goes for Instagram. Then order or do the rewrites yourself and cover more and more requests.

The same format is for video content. A selection on YouTube or guides will do. You can even do it without voice acting. Just use text accompaniment. We would recommend looking specifically to the West and Europe. A couple of tens of dollars for solving the problem is acceptable money for them. Consequently, sales will be many times greater than in the CIS.

Costs are actually 0, it only takes your time! If the material gets hooked and goes to the first page of Google, it can be a good passive income. 

Target audience - tens of thousands of requests per month. This offer has support for English, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, and other languages.

If you already have an accumulated budget, you can use contextual advertising or targeting. It's more difficult, but scaling will be easier. You need to test your funnel, look at CR, find out the amount of possible payments and other points because the affiliate program works on RevShare and pays up to 50% from each payment for the product. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 500, the hold is 35 days.

4K Popularity

Let's analyze the demand for 4K format in recent years. It is hard not to notice the positive dynamics. 

Promising Affiliate Program

We are confident that this trend will continue and more and more audiences will flow to 4k. Therefore, if you wanna be the first, you need to start now in order to collect the cream on time.

Don’t forget that the offer also covers the audience of Instagram and TikTok, where users can massively download data (content by hashtags, location, etc.), other people's stories, and make a backup copy of their account. And these are the most popular and growing social networks. Be sure that there will be no problems with demand. 

We recommend you to go to the 4K Download website and familiarize yourself with the possibilities in order to build a relevant approach.

If you don't have experience and money - try it! If there is, but you are looking for more stable sources of income, so also take a closer look! It might be worth delegating and testing niches like this. Potentially, you will get very good money without any extra investment.

In conclusion

The niche of software and utilities in affiliate marketing is underestimated. Low competition, relevant products, and advertisers who are willing to pay are like a green light for tests. Especially for affiliates who know how to get targeted traffic from search.

Those who buy traffic need to understand the real demand for the offer (analyze trends), the product funnel, and the potential profit. Working on RevShare doesn't always pay off immediately, but it can feed you for years! 

Choose relevant products, look for an advertiser, and test! 

If you need a working case, try 4K Download direct affiliate program from an advertiser. The market is developing and the demand for this software is only growing. Now there are hundreds of thousands of users around the world!

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