Affiliate Programs It's Time for the Crypto Affiliate Marketing. How to Make Money on the Growth of Bitcoin?

It’s time to discover the benefits of Crypto Affiliate Marketing while Bitcoin is growing rapidly. New Crypto offer from PrimeXBT will help you boost your monetization.
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The crazy growth of bitcoin is one of the most hype news in recent days. Over the past month, the cost of the first cryptocurrency has grown by more than 320%. At the same time, the crypto vertical becomes one of the perfect affiliate programs for maximum profit. Why it is worth working with crypto and how to make money on that hype read in this article.

What is Crypto affiliate program?

Crypto is considered one of the most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing

The crypto vertical assumes offers to earn money on the fluctuation of cryptocurrency rates, investments, education, ICO, and autotrading.

Advantages of crypto offers

  • High payouts. Payments from $150 to $1250 per lead depending on the GEO.
  • Bonuses. Advertisers increase payments and give bonuses to affiliates and teams that have proven themselves well.
  • No “hold” to check your traffic. If there is a lead you will get the payout immediately.
  • The possibility of prepayment.

Many affiliate marketers compare crypto vertical to gambling. Yes, in terms of their specifics, both verticals are very similar. But with the same number of leads and conversions in gambling ROI will be 100%, and in crypto from 250%! So the choice is obvious.

Why is it worth working with crypto now?

If you haven't worked with the crypto vertical before, now is the time to start. And there are several reasons why.

As we already mentioned, bitcoin is growing rapidly now. Take a look at the diagram below.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Bitcoin rate chart

And this is far from the limit. Analysts assure that such growth will continue for several months. The price of the currency rises, at the same time the demand for cryptocurrency is increasing. So the amount of traffic becomes many times greater. You have a great opportunity to make money on crypto offers.

Just look at the number of user requests for "bitcoin".

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Search for bitcoin in Google

The value rises again and soon it will reach its maximum, as it was in March 2020.

Also, 2020 made people doubt the traditional financial system and analyze the importance of blockchain technology.

Let's take a look at the relevant queries.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Relevant queries

Breakout! Google Trends refuses to give out the exact values of the growth since they have crossed the maximum.

In the next screenshot, you can see that most of the world's population is interested in cryptocurrency and trading on it.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Interest by region

How to become an affiliate in crypto

Today there is a variety of offers in this affiliate niche: crypto education, investments, trading and etc.

Don't forget that it's important to choose a verified crypto affiliate network in order to receive exclusive conditions and up-to-date offers. PrimeXBT is a trusted brand in the industry and now they launched a new crypto offer that has no analogs nowadays.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Covesting is a truly unique offer which includes:

  • Wide range of audiences

200+ GEO

  • High payouts

From $ 300 to $ 450 per referred user

  • A huge variety of sources accepted

No need to look for traders

You don't have to bother with creativity and targeting. Just attract people who are interested in earnings and investments. The conversion takes place when the user registers on a trading platform and makes a deposit. Then you immediately receive a reward.

In the current realities, there are countless people who want to have passive income! You can target the mainstream audience from 21 years old and get a stunning CTR. You can choose from a variety of traffic sources: Web sites, Teaser/banner AD, Social networks AD, Emailing, Mobile traffic, and so on.

A well-designed approach to making creatives increases the chances of a conversion rate significantly. The advertiser provides ready-made creos for this offer to simplify your work. Below you can see some of them. Contact PrimeXBT for others.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Based on the analysis of market growth and the current popularization of cryptocurrency you definitely should try this offer and raise your loot!

In addition

Crypto offers are one of the most profitable offers of the existing ones, and attention to the crypto instruments is constantly increasing all over the world. So it’s time to become an affiliate of the cryptocurrency program and start making unrealistic income!

But remember! A new product may draw more attention from the potential audience. First of all, we advise you to try the newest and freshest offer from PrimeXBT - Covesting.

Become an affiliate, request creatives from managers, and get the cream of the crop from your Advertising Campaign!

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