Affiliate Programs Test Offer: Keto Genetic slimming product in the CIS

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Initial data

  • Ad network: OFFERRUM
  • Offer: Keto Genetic
  • Geo: CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan)
  • Rate (in rubles): Russia - 900, Ukraine - 700, Belarus - 700, Moldova - 600, Uzbekistan - 500, Kazakhstan - 800, Armenia - 600, Georgia - 650, Azerbaijan - 650
  • Approval: 19%
  • Trash: low - 5.3%, but there are 50 leads in anticipation
  • Promo: 3 land | 4 pre-landers
  • Creatives: 4 teasers | 4 videos

Test results

A visual map of the test ← MANDATORY TO VIEW

In this test, we worked with 4 combinations and 8 creatives. All promotional materials were taken from the ad network and we did not regret it; all had decent quality.

Two of the three advertising companies easily moderated. The remaining companies stood out for their high CPM.

Note: It must be remembered that before the New Year, large companies close the advertising budget and increase the amount of advertising on all platforms. So be prepared to fall for a high CPM score.

Texts of advertisements. The text used promises that a slim body figure can be obtained without training and diets.


  • Spent on the test: 326 $
  • Filled: 6 Accounts and 10 RK
  • Target: Women 25+
  • Placements: all
  • Budget: $ 50-90
  • In Ad network: 267 leads (uploaded 61)

Test Offer Keto Genetic

Test Offer Keto Genetic

Test Offer Keto Genetic

Test Offer Keto Genetic

Test Offer Keto Genetic

Test Offer Keto Genetic

Test Offer Keto Genetic


To summarize, let's say that the case gives excellent results and a 100-200% ROI is now not only your imagination. The indicators for all combinations are similar, see the map.

So there is only one conclusion - do not waste time, test our bundles and learn to analyze.

All creatives from the test are already on our Telegram channel.


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