Affiliate Programs Why Should You Promote TopOffers?

TopOffers has niche-specific offers that would turn your online business into what you have been dreaming of.
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As more business open online stores, TopOffers gives affiliate marketers access to a wide variety of exclusive offers with high profitable payouts and in-house tracking platform.


Despite constant market changes in traffic arbitrage, dating is still an evergreen vertical. And under the “green” we are now talking about millions of dollars of market volume, which from year to year only continues to grow. As people get busy in their careers, they may have less time to socialize and date. However, dating sites allow people to meet regardless of their distance.

TopOffers is a major СPA Affiliate Network. It was founded in 2017, and it grants affiliates access to at least 2000 offers that cover over 150 GEOs. However, it has unique offers in verticals such as Dating, Webcam, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Games, Astro, and Crypto. It accepts iOS, Android, Desktop, and Mobile traffic globally from 150 countries according to pay per lead (PPL), pay per sale (PPS), and RevShare.

TopOffers is a major CPA network globally because of its goal of building not only a standard affiliate network but also a community of affiliates. It approaches you in a unique manner with the utmost care. 

TopOffers has exclusive rights to several big dating brands. That's why the rates can be increased and optimized fast. Affiliates receive their pay when they meet the minimum amount of $500.

TopOffers ensures that you access global and niche-specific offers. It not only focuses on earning profit but also developing its publishers to earn more commission. If you reach $10,000 in revenue within three months after registering with TopOffers, you will receive a $1,000 bonus!

Why Should You Promote TopOffers?

You will benefit from a top and unique network that eradicate the need for intermediaries or middlemen. Besides, the network gives you an opportunity to work with the biggest brands globally. Also, it accepts traffic from over 50 countries. Since the network is global, it gives a great exposure to your online business.

Notably, the platform is continuously focused on providing some of the best commissions in the industry. In addition, the platform tracks any cybercrimes, such as fraud, to ensure your online activity is consistently safe. 

Its dating platform works with major brands internationally. It has innovative techniques to support affiliates so that they can get more commission. Also, it uses the latest technologies to ensure that affiliates get better results and conversion rates.

You can be paid each week or monthly. Its payment methods include WebMoney, Bank Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoins, and Payoneer, QIWI, Yandex Money, and Capitalist. 

It has professional and dedicated managers who solve issues immediately they occur. The network offers a 24/7 individual approach and professional support to affiliates. Affiliates can discuss with their managers the same way you talk to your advisor or friend.

How to Open an Account in TopOffers?

Click “Become an Affiliate.”

TopOffers review

Ensure that you fill in your details correctly and then click the next step.

TopOffers review

The next step involves a critical analysis of your marketing strategy. It involves your preferred niche, your sources of traffic, and the main GEOs of traffic for your online business. Click the next step.

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The next step involves submitting your email and password for your TopOffers Account. Click Start Now.

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After clicking Start Now, the network will send a verification email. You must verify your email before your account is activated.

TopOffers review

After you have filled the registration form, a TopOffers manager will contact you and have a good conversation about the company. It allows the manager to verify your experience and skills while analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. After the conversion, you will get to work with some of the most qualified affiliate management teams in the industry. After approval from the TopOffers manager, your dashboard will appear as shown below:

TopOffers review


Affiliates can only receive their payouts after they meet the minimum threshold of $500. The payment methods include Bitcoin, Paxum, Wire Transfer, and Epayments. However, if you use wire transfer, you should have at least $1000 on your balance.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, TopOffers have introduced biweekly payments for the minimum payouts of $500 (instead of monthly) until the COVID-19 situation improves. This offer is valid for all payment methods except wire transfer (it remains $1000). Also, affiliates marketers can get weekly payouts from $1500 commission.

What Are the Top Verticals in TopOffers?

TopOffers gives the affiliate marketers access to a wide range of exclusive offers with high profitable payouts. The following are the main top verticals in TopOffers:

1. Dating. 

Dating is top vertical and you get offers that are only exclusive to the network.

This vertical has always been considered one of the most relevant due to its high popularity offers. The demand for dating verticals is quite high all over in the world. Nowadays, the majority of internet users are single, and according to forecast, online dating services will increase rapidly by 30% at the end of 2020. 

The dating niche has three main types of offers.

  • Casual dating: This is a type of dating without a serious commitment. Mostly they are found in sites, applications dedicated to one topic; sex without obligations. 
  • Mainstream dating: It is suitable for those people who are looking for a long-term relationship in real life. Mainstream dating runs pretty well with other smaller social networks, native ad networks, hence converts targeted email traffic like a charm. 
  • Adult dating: This vertical is one of the most popular among those who work with adult traffic. Niche-specific dating offers include Black, Mature, Gay, BBW, MILF, Grannies, and Lesbians.

Some of the mainstream and adult dating offers on the site include BeNaughty, Naughtydate, Quickflirt, hurtig flirt, Qika Flirtti, WANTUBAD, IAmNaughty, Flingpa1blunk, SoloAvventure, and many others.

Also, you get to choose how you get paid. Dating vertical has the following payment models:

  1. Pay per sale (PPS). Pay per sale is one of the most common methods in affiliate marketing. It’s similar to revshare in a way that you can only get paid when some user becomes a paying member.
  2. Pay per install (PPI). It is suitable for newbies in affiliate marketing.
  3. Pay per lead (PPL). This offer can be divided into two types.
    • Single Opt-In (SOI leads). The user attaches his email and starts getting the conversion. It is very easy to make and require and require a lower initial testing budget. SOI leads are much pretty and work well with those who are new with dating.
    • Double Opt-In (DOI Leads). The user must confirm his email when clicking the link, which is received in his email box. Double Opt-In offers pay much more per conversion than Single Opt-In offers and it’s also less common to run into quality leads.

4.  Revenue Share (RevShare); also known as the percentage of revenue. This is the fastest way to make money with dating offers. With revshare dating offers, you may not face any quality problems unless you commit fraud.

Dating offers will make you earn extra income with your desktop, mobile, and tablet traffic!

2. Gambling

Many people are making money from gambling and living a good life.

TopOffers has new gambling offers for you including: 

  • Mr. Bet social casino offers which are available on the FTD basis such GEOs as
    • AT FTD $150
    • DE FTD $150
    • NO FTD $200
    • CA FTD $200
    • NZ FTD $150
  • Joycasino betting such as RU/UA/KZ
  • WEB+WAP Dunder FI/DE/CA/NO
  • Winorama CA/NZ/CH/DE

The Gambling vertical is the right place to earn more revenue and transform your future.

3. Webcams

At TopOffers, you can get a bunch of exclusive international offers such as WebCams. You should know that Online dating affiliates are incomplete without live webcam sites.

Webcam offers are:

  • Firecams US/AU/CA/UK
  • Mydirtyhobby DE/AT/CH
  • StripChat International

Other TopOffers verticals include Sweepstakes, Astro, Crypto, Adult Games, and Games. It is important to note that if you are able to drive huge traffic volumes to TopOffers, the company will give you exclusive landings in addition to lucrative personal terms.

Exclusive Features on TopOffers

The network has offers for multiple channels and devices. It is not limited to web campaigns. The network has plenty of Desktop, Mobile, Android, and iOS offers so that you can access all types of traffic through the network and earn a commission. It ensures that you can access your target market on different platforms.

TopOffers gives you access to the best offers in the industry. Its verticals have a high conversion rate and allow you to promote strategically. Also, the premium offers are designed according to your affiliate profile. Ultimately, it allows you to improve or scale your earnings this year to the next level. 

Also, TopOffers has a Live Chat Button that allows you to contact the support team 24/7. One simple click allows you to access professional support who are motivated to help you. The support team ensures that you make the right decisions and scale your earnings. 

TopOffers managers will analyze your traffic and provide you with some of the most lucrative offers and help you identify the highest converting offers. If you have quality traffic sources, you can reach very high earnings per click (EPCs) from more than 150 GEOs.

How to Generate Quality Traffic on TopOffers

Native Ads

Native Ads refer to the use of paid advertising that matches the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. You should note that the brand names and images must accurately reflect the subject of LP.

Native ads should look like an organic part of the website. Here are examples of native ads. Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads. To generate quality traffic, native ads should match with the actual photos.

To create the most effective native ads, you may follow the steps below.

  • Set your goals
  • Create the right message for your targeted audience.
  • Choose the right format
  • Generate your Content and Ads
  • Post your Content organically
  • Promoter Top Performers.


Pre-Lander usually warms and attracts the user by allowing him to click and make registration and start conversions. Pre-Lander should be unique and eye-catching to entice the user to click the next step. When creating unique and attractive pre-lander and native ads, you should avoid the text on Images, misleading images, animation, and disgusting imagery.

Focus in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google and Yandex are some of the most used and most popular search engines globally. SEO is the key to boosting your traffic and popularity. You should understand the elements that affect your offers on search engines. Use keywords that describe the needs of your target audience. Optimize your meta-descriptions and title tags in addition to visuals and images to boost your ranking.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most popular ways of generating traffic for websites. Email may help you develop some urgency and relevancy. When sending emails, ensure that you attach a link to your website or a call to action that will direct them to the TopOffers. Your email subscriber list could be one of your most essential resources. 

Networking on Social Media

Being active on social media platforms is one of the most effective ways of generating traffic to your offers. If you reach out to your target audience on social media sites, the networks could easily be your most important traffic source. You should interact with your target market by sharing relevant content and position yourself as a major player in the dating industry. 


Creating some quality content about dating and relationships could be an effective technique for expanding your network and developing quality traffic to your website. It is one of the most effective SEO strategies, and it will boost your visibility. It will get the TopOffers brand or name in front of big audiences and authority websites. Ultimately, it will lead to new and quality traffic.

Working with Influencers

Working with influencers or authority figures in the dating niche could be a game-changer in 2020. It is advisable that you identify social media influencers or bloggers in your niche who are willing to collaborate or partner with you. You can work with influencers in a variety of ways, such as guest blogging or Post Exchange. You can also conduct research or organize cool events. You can also get your brand to be mentioned in their profiles. You can then direct the new traffic to TopOffers.

Note that the accepted traffic includes desktop and mobile (Android and iOS) traffic. Prohibited traffic includes console traffic, fraudulent traffic, iPod touch, motivated traffic, Blackberry, pop traffic, and chat traffic.


TopOffers is a network database that has some of the most lucrative and premium offers in the industry. It has niche-specific offers that would turn your online business into what you have been dreaming of.

Online dating is one of the fastest-growing niches in the industry and a great way to boost your return on investment in affiliate marketing. Finally, this is the right time to explore a wide range of exciting offers and transform your fortune by increasing ROI!

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