Retargeting New Look at Retargeting with Audiences 2.0: Real-life Experience

Get some insight into what retargeting actually can do if configured correctly and the real case that demonstrates it perfectly well.
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If someone leaves your site without buying anything, you lose money. Even if you attract traffic to your blog with free SEO traffic, you are wasting the time and resources you spent trying to get that free traffic. But it shouldn't be like this. Because there is a way to squeeze more investment out of every person who visits your site. This magical method of achieving higher profitability is called retargeting.

Retargeting may seem extremely complicated if you are new to it. But there's nothing to worry about. It doesn't require a million-dollar budget or complex software and tools. We will prove this to you right now with the help of retargeting tool Audiences 2.0 from PropellerAds that was updated recently. The tool, in fact, helps to build a retargeting audience. The retargeting audience is a list of users who visited the advertiser's site and performed targeted actions. These users fall into a special audience in the advertising network's analytics system where retargeting is set.

In particular, you can attract 3 types of audience with the help of Audiences 2.0:

  • users who clicked on the ad;
  • "engaged visitors" (who were interested in the landing page);
  • users who have completed conversions.

The PropellerAds platform offers more than one smart tool for webmasters. Many discount them for no good reason. They offer really helpful features, such as the Audiences 2.0 itself. We decided to try it out as retargeting has proven its effectiveness. We opted to test the crypto vertical and here’s what we thought about it. 

Specific task

According to the developers, the tool can help lower CPA and increase CR. We have already launched several campaigns in the crypto vertical and gathered some audience of their own users who clicked on push notifications. So we had a specific task – to launch a new crypto campaign targeted specifically at our ready-made crypto audience and compare the results with the existing targeting for a wider audience.


We didn't think about it too long and took the Bitcoin Code offer for a test. We already had an awesome landing page for this offer. In terms of crypto, creating landing pages is just a pleasure. The right one can work well for you for a very long time. So, the landing page looked like this:

As for the conversion flow, in the case of Bitcoin Code, payment is made for first-time deposits. First Time Deposit is the first deposit to the account, which occurs at the moment the trader sent their first deposit funds to the account. Statistics are too personal to disclose but you will be able to see the full picture anyway.


There are different approaches when driving traffic to crypto. The page and creatives can be designed as a mass media, online store, or blog. It all depends on your imagination, and only tests can show the effectiveness of the approach. To attract attention, you can use various triggers and tricks like local celebrities or successful businessmen. The main thing is to study the specifics of GEO and the audience you are targeting.

When you find a working approach, scale the bundle but don't forget to test alternative options and look for new approaches in creatives and bundles so that you can save them for future campaigns.

We have a push notifications format, so we need a banner and a couple of text lines.  One line for the title, another for the text.

  • Title: Everyone is talking about him!
  • Text: A Spanish guy earns $643 per day

Don't forget that users are more likely to click on an ad in their native language so make sure you translate the texts on your creatives. We used the ES GEO so we translated everything into Spanish. As for the banner, we tried several images depicting a luxury lifestyle – yachts, villas, cars, private jets, etc. 

Running the campaign

We established wide targeting using the PropellerAds traffic for one campaign. We set targeting for a more heated audience for the second campaign. They were users who have already clicked on our crypto ads.

Tip* During the optimization process, we doubled the CPC for the heated campaign compared to the second one in order to get the most out of the retargeting audience, since it is clear that it is smaller.

Both campaigns had the same settings

  • Format: Usual push notifications
  • GEO: ES
  • OS: Mobile, Android
  • Platform: mobile, desktop 
  • Bidding: CPC 
  • Budget: $75 per day for the campaign with cold audiences, $50 per day for the custom audiences

First, you can immediately see the difference in CTR. A warmed-up audience shows a click-through rate almost six times higher. We tried to make some changes to the campaign with the "cold" audience, but it could not come close to the indicators of the ads that we sent to our "ready-made" crypto audience. The only thing that was the same was the conversion rate. The wide campaign cost $446, and the other one – $89. The CPA in the first was almost $35, in the second - almost $7. You can find all the figures in the statistics below. Judge for yourself.

Our conclusions

Audience 2.0 works. But to get the most out of it, you need to use it when you are prepared. Gather audiences from several campaigns at once. Try to build as large an audience as possible.

In many verticals, this technology helps to increase the number of leads by at least 40%. Especially in a business where the customer takes a long time to make a purchase decision. Of course, the whole point of the method is in the current retargeting databases and proper tool configuration.

You will find more details about Audiences 2.0 in PropellerAds blog

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