Affiliate Programs The Best Pet Affiliate Programs to Check Out in 2020

This complete guide will provide you with the best pet affiliate programs to check out in 2020.
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Animals have been domesticated by humans as far back as we can remember for many reasons. One of the first reasons was to help with domestic chores and protect their farms and houses from predators and scavengers. Over time, the roles of these animals have significantly changed. Today, not only do humans domesticate animals for chores and protection, but they also keep them as pets and an intimate member of their family. 

The growing need for pets around the world and the willingness of people to spend huge amounts of money on them have given affiliate marketers an opportunity to make money. Just in the US alone, pet owners spent up to $72.56 billion on acquiring and maintaining their animals. For a normal person, this amount means nothing but for an affiliate marketer, it means that you can get a lot of commissions from this vertical. The pet niche is ever-growing and is among the top niches today. 

Innovators are coming up with new products for pets such as GPS trackers and CBD oils, and affiliate marketers have the opportunity to promote them and receive commissions.

So without wasting much of your time let's get started with the best pet affiliate programs you can join in 2020:

Best Pet Affiliate Programs 


Best Pet Affiliate Programs

This is a company that is dedicated to helping pets get a healthy and happy lifestyle. With all the technological advancement in our societies, it is not uncommon to see obese pets. 

FitBark produces a small device that can be attached to the collar of your pet to monitor its level of activity. The device is capable of monitoring the quality of sleep, calories used, activity level, distance traveled, and overall health and behavior round the clock. It is like the “Apple Watch” for dogs except it does not tell the time.

It is a good device for pet owners who worry about the activity level of their pets.

The FitBark affiliate program offers a commission of 12% and a cookie period of 60 days. It is perfect for dog training bloggers, doggie daycare, dog walkers, and veterinarians. Its affiliate program is managed through ShareASale. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.


Best Pet Affiliate Programs

This company is proof that humans are always thinking about their pets. It provides pet software and cameras that enable owners to see, talk, and play with their pets from any location. 

It even has a built-in laser light that the owners can use to play “chase the laser” with their pets from any location. 

You can purchase these products in over 18 countries, and in more than 2500 retail location.

The PetCube affiliate program offers a 10% commission on each sale and a 60-day cookie period. The devices also come with an app that can be used to control it from anywhere.

Pet Wellbeing

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

From the name, you can begin to guess what this company is all about. It provides natural supplements for the treatment of over 120 pet diseases. As you must have noticed people take the health of their pets seriously not only for the sake of the pet but also for humans around them. 

They also offer other eco-friendly products that pet owners will like. This opens opportunities for affiliate marketers to promote and earn a commission. 

The Pet Wellbeing affiliate program is managed through ShareASale and offers a commission of 10% per sale with a cookie period of 60 days. It is managed through ShareASale. The average order is $60-$75 and customers get free shipping on orders over $50.

Pets Warehouse 

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

This is a company that was founded in 1974 and they were focused on breeding birds. As of today, they are one of the top pet retailers in the industry. On their website, you will find the latest pet products and the best deals. They also provide tons of info about the various animals to help people decide on which one to choose. People are able to get a wide variety of pets from there. 

The Pet Warehouse affiliate program is managed through ShareASale and they offer a commission of 8-10% for each sale with a cookie period of 30 days. 

Downtown Pet Supply 

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

Downtown Pet Supply is a company that offers thousands of pet products and supplies for up to half the retail price. They have a wide variety of products that affiliate marketers can promote including leashes, training collars, dog grooming brushes, treats, pet waste bags, etc. 

As if that is not enough, they also offer free shipping on any of their products. There is no required amount to reach before the shipping is free. The Downtown Pet Supply affiliate program offers a 7% commission per sale and a cookie period of 30 days.

Pet Plate

Pet Plate offers a subscription service for 100% human-quality dog food. They use fresh vegetables and fruits, supplements, and USDA meat to prepare the food for your pet.  The meals are put together by a  well-qualified veterinary nutritionist to make sure your pet gets all the necessary nutrients. Shipping is available to your doorstep and ready to serve. You do not need to do anything extra. 

The Pet Plate affiliate program offers a $50 per sale commission and a cookie period of 30 days to affiliate marketers.  The affiliate program is managed through ShareASale.

Front Pet

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

This is a website that augments the experience of owning a pet and helps improve the relationship between people and their pets. The products they sell provides joy and reduces the inconveniences of owning a pet. Their products provide pets with maximum comfort and attention and for affordable prices. Note that a happy and healthy pet is a good pet and this, in turn, brings the owners joy. 

The Front Pet affiliate program offers commission on each sale of about 5-15%. Also, affiliate marketers will get a cookie period of 15 days. ShareASale manages the affiliate program. 

Natural Wonder Pets

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

Natural Wonders Pets offer your dog and cat organic natural remedies to keep them strong and healthy. They offer tons of products such as Natural Flea and Tick products for pets, vitamins, K9 Calm Herbal Calming spray for canines, etc. Affiliate marketers will have a variety of products to promote and earn a commission. 

They have a Power Rank of 1000+ with a $29.54 EPC. You’ll have access to an affiliate portal with text links, banners, and a product data feed.

The Natural Wonder Pets affiliate program offers an 8% per sale commission and 15 days cookie period. 


Barkbox is a company that sells pet toys. They serve over 2 million dogs and pet owners. They provide new collections of all kinds of pet toys on a monthly basis right to your doorstep. Pet owners usually spend an average of $1300 every year. Due to its monthly subscription plan, affiliate marketers can take the opportunity to earn lots of commissions.

You can join the Barkbox affiliate program through FlexOffers. They provide affiliates with all the tools necessary to promote the products. 

They have a unique commissions system. Affiliates get $8 on gift purchases and $14 on other purchases. Also, they enjoy a cookie period of 30 days. 

Brain Training For dogs 

A well-behaved dog is a man’s best friend. This company provides a 7-module video training course to help ordinary pet owners to be able to train their dogs. The course is put together by a professional and certified dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli. This program helps your dog learn new tricks and be well-behaved using a method call neuroplasticity. 

Clickbank runs its affiliate program and pays a 75% commission. This implies that the affiliate marketer will earn $31 for each product sale. They also offer a cookie period of 60 days. The product has a gravity of 70.44 on Clickbank. 


This is a company that offers customized food products for your dogs. Most people are unaware of the ingredients of the food they buy for their dogs. Some types of food contain left-over and bad meat mixed with harmful chemicals.

Ollie provides human-grade food that is tailored to the needs of your dog depending on its breed.

The affiliate program offers a $60 commission for each customer you refer to and a cookie period of 30 days. 

Holista Pet

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

This is a company that adds Cannabidiol to dogs, cats, and even horses food to make them more healthy and lively. Cannabidiol is one of the most highly researched compounds found in the industrial hemp plant - Cannabis Sativa. They claim that the CBD oil for your pets is delicious, contains no THC, non-psychoactive, and will not make the pets “high”. 

These products sell much because of the claim that it treats lots of pet diseases and health problems. So, affiliate marketers can take this opportunity to make lots of profit. 

The Holista Pet affiliate program offers 25% commission with a 30 days cookie duration. They also claim to have an EPC of $239. 

FurHaven Pet Products

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

FurHaven sells some of the best and most luxurious pet beds in the market. Many pet owners are willing to spend huge sums of money to get quality and good beds for their pets. These beds make the pets comfortable and calm because they get good rest.

So, the FurHaven Pet affiliate program offers a 10% commission for every product and a cookie duration of 30 days. design and sell stylish and comfortable pet beds that will blend in with your decor. These beds will not only serve the dog but also help to decorate. Your dog and visitors will fall in love with these beds. 

The beds come with replaceable covers that are odor resistant and are provided with a 10-year “won’t flatten” guarantee. 

The affiliate program offers a 20% commission for each sale and a cookie period of 20 days. 

Pet Pro Supply Co

Pet Pro Supply Co is more unique in that most of its target audience is professionals like vets, dog trainers, and groomers. Regular pet owners who need cages or doors for their pets can also buy from them. 

They claim to supply some of the best products in the marketer at good prices and provide free shipping when the order is above $99. What makes them more unique is that people can split the bill into 4 separate interest-free payments. This makes them have a fair amount of customers. 

The Pet Pro Supply Co affiliate program offers a commission of 4% per sale with a cookie duration of 15 days.


Best Pet Affiliate Programs

The company supplies GPS trackers for your dogs that come with in-built health monitoring. This is quite a unique and useful device to have as a pet owner because dogs like to explore and if they are in an unfamiliar environment they can easily get lost. The GPS tracker will help to locate them. More so, it helps to monitor the fitness and activity level of your dog. This device has a 20-day battery life, waterproof casing, and night light. 

Affiliate marketers must be happy to hear that this product has little or no competition in the market, so there will be a high amount of orders.

The Whistle affiliate program offers a 20% commission rate per sale with a cookie period of 30 days. 

Live Pee Free

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

We are sure every pet owner has to deal with the smell of urine. Live Pee free is a product that gets rid of the smell of pee. Sometimes pets do not know where to empty their bowels, especially untrained and young ones. It is not like you can put diapers on them. So, the best way to get rid of their urine scent while training them were to empty their bladder is to use the Live Pee Free product.

The Live Pee Free affiliate program offers a 30% commission rate per sale and a cookie duration of 90 days. 


TruDog is a company that supplies supplements, food products, treats, and other supplies for your pet. It is a family-owned company that provides quality food for your pet. Every food product it supplies is of great quality, nutrient-rich and healthy for your pet. 

The TruDog affiliate program offers a commission of up to 10% for each sale with a cookie duration of 90 days. The affiliate program is managed through ShareASale. It also offers a 2-Tier Sign-up Bonus Program ($2.00). Options available for % payout.


Cherrybrook has been in the industry for as long as we can remember. It started by supplying combs and brushes at dog shows. With time they owned their own retail stores. Now, it supplies quality products for pets and provides one of the best customer services. 

The Cherrybrook affiliate program offers a commission of up to 12% with a cookie duration of 45 days. The affiliate program is also hosted on ShareASale. 

King Kanine

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

This is a company that manufactures easy-to-use products for your pets. They concentrate mainly on CBD products that are created with organic ingredients. The products are created based on the specific needs of your pet. 

The King Kanine affiliate program offers a commission of 20% with a cookie duration of 30 days. The affiliate program is hosted on Refersion and ShareASale. 


Pets have become an integral part of human society and people are willing to spend huge amounts of money to keep them safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy. This is good news for the affiliate marketer because they can earn money by promoting products that pets need and earn a commission for it. 

As an affiliate marketer, you should take advantage of these affiliate programs provided above to earn as much money as possible. 

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