Pop-Under Everything a Newbie Needs to Know for Successful Popunder Campaigns in 2021

All you need to know about popunder traffic to make good money in 2021.
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Some say that popunder ads have become obsolete, but actually, they are stronger and doing better than ever. That’s why we had to bring them to your attention. Today we will look at them from a newbie’s position – we will tell you why beginners should consider this format and how to work with it, including detailed analysis on which features are best. Read on and become a guru in pop-up traffic!

Let's start with the theory in a nutshell.

PopUnder is a format of advertising that is presented in the form of a new tab that automatically appears when you open websites, but there’s more to it than that. 

Undeniable advantages of popunder in 2021:

  • There is a guarantee that the user will go to the advertiser's site or other platforms;
  • This type of advertising doesn't spoil the site design;
  • It is cheaper than other formats since payment is mainly made using the PPI (Pay Per Impression) model. Please note that in this format, the number of impressions is equal to the number of clicks, since each user gets to the target site;
  • It attracts a large amount of traffic;
  • It is shown to a unique user only once a day, which doesn't waste money when the user repeatedly goes to the same site;
  • Wide audience coverage.

As you can see, there are many reasons to try this traffic yourself, especially if you are a beginner. PropellerAds knows this traffic inside out and our tips and advice can help you become an expert too!

Why it is an awesome place to start:

  • Cost of traffic.

In general, popunder is one of the cheapest traffic sources. For just $1, you can get, for example, a thousand impressions in the United States, and in India it can be as low as $0.1!

  • Entry threshold.

Popunder has established itself as the best starting point in its long history. Registering in most ad networks is not a big problem, and the average minimum deposit amount is $100 which is far from being a fortune.

  • The simplicity of the interface.

The only advertising material that is required from you for a popunder network is the link that you will promote. Targeting settings (such as GEO, device type, connection type, etc.) should also not cause any difficulties when creating an ad campaign.

  • Moderation and speed.

Campaigns are usually launched within a few hours. If you choose a good price per thousand impressions, the traffic will get going immediately. You can promote offers from almost all verticals through pops, so you won't encounter any big problems with moderation.

Best verticals when working with popunder

Popunder covers a wide audience, among which there will be people with different needs. Choose offers that are suitable for such a diverse audience. Narrow offers may produce few results with this traffic. As for verticals, here is what works well with popunder:

  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Betting
  • Applications and utilities
  • Sweepstakes

The last two are particularly well suited to beginners. Another tip - it is better to start with Tier-3 countries as they are more affordable. Once you understand what works well there and what doesn't, you can move on.

Creatives: landing as a key to conversion

The landing page with the offer plays a key role for successful conversion in pop traffic. It is the first and only opportunity to interest the user. Brevity and clarity of message on the landing page are of the highest importance when speaking about pop traffic. The user will not have time to read a lot of the text describing the pros and cons of the offer. Choose a landing page with short texts typed in large font. They should be as clear and visible as possible. Use clear calls to action (click, sign up) and bright pictures that will interest the user in a second.

Where to go?

The first thing that comes to mind is PropellerAds. We won't go into the history but let’s just say that the platform has been working steadily since 2011. Most recently, the network has reached 1 billion monthly active users. And this is from 195 countries! Developers don't sit idle, they regularly release updates. Why should you trust them? Because the guys don't accept bot traffic. Because they don't cooperate with suspicious websites. Because they have a strong anti-fraud policy.

If you follow our recommendation, then you can choose from the following bidding models:

CPA Goal is best for total newbies

Choose CPA Goal if you are a beginner with limited knowledge but you do know that you want to get conversions at a certain price.

If you consider yourself a medium-level affiliate, you can consider SmartCPM

SpartCPM is suitable if you want to find areas for whitelisting and blacklisting, but do not know how to set bids correctly.

If you are at the top and an experienced affiliate, choose CPM

It is worth noting that PropellerAds also offers features such as viewability, which will help you gather a lot of useful information on interested users, and Audience 2.0, which literally takes retargeting to a new level.

Perhaps, popunder ads in 2020 are not as active and popular as a couple of years ago but they still bring tons of traffic, and believe us they will continue doing so in 2021. At the same time, this traffic doesn't require huge investments. The format is definitely worth testing, but test it wisely. Good luck!

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