Affiliate Marketing How to Advertise If Your Target Audience Is Generation Z

They cannot live without social networks, associate themselves with brands, love personalization, real products, laconicism and trust bloggers - all this is about Generation Z, which is more aware than anyone else of what is happening in the world.
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They cannot live without social networks, associate themselves with brands, love personalization, real products, laconicism, and trust bloggers - all this is about Generation Z, which is more aware than anyone else of what is happening in the world.

What do you know about the representatives of this generation and do you work with this audience? If not, then it’s very in vain, but we think after reading this article you will want to try. 

According to MNI Targeted Media Inc, by 2020, Z generation will make up 40% of all consumers.

2020 has already begun and the statistics, it seems to me, are pretty impressive, what do you think?

Features of consumer psychology Generation Z

  1. Content should be short, positive and visually appealing. Also, it's important the ability to interact with content. Preference is given to video.
  2. Generation Z representatives often buy if this product has a social or environmental impact.
  3. Respond well to motivation and empowerment. Campaigns that make you proud of yourself, your rights, features, and capabilities will be especially good. According to NRF statistics, representatives of this generation spend 71% of their free time online.
  4. Despite these statistics, they are very fond of “real” goods. It means, that it is important for them to test the product before buying, touch it, so they will not give up the opportunity to look at it in the showroom. Or, in general, they will order several goods for home at once, to choose then what they most liked. In the stores, they pay attention not only to the interior and the unique assortment but also to the aspect of demonstrating the use of goods.
  5. They prefer quality things to interesting impressions (according to the marketing agency Deep Focus).
  6. Generation Z loves sharing, communicating and associating itself with success.
  7. Love the do-it-yourself format.
  8. Generally resistant to advertising, but usually respond well to viral advertising.

How to advertise if your target audience is Generation Z

Personalize your brand with social media

As David Stillman writes in his book "Generation Z at Work":

Generation Z likes standing out from the crowd and actively uses social networks for this.

With the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks, the Z generation demonstrates the uniqueness, tells the world about its preferences. If you can emphasize this uniqueness when promoting your offer, then conquer their hearts.

Stimulate Generation Z for interaction and feedback: offer discounts, gifts, etc. for subscription, comments, shares. Ask to talk about you on your pages.

Use bloggers

Generation Z likes creating idols. But, contrary to popular belief, this is not done for persecution and blind imitation, but to associate yourself with them.

Show multiculturalism

Generation Z is also a variety of demographics and cultures. Use people of different nationalities and types as an image of a client or to demonstrate models. Using people of only one type will scare away the tolerant representatives of Generation Z, who support equality.

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Be original

This is a very whimsical audience, their attention is not so easy to earn.

Remember that being abnormal for Generation Z is normal. One of the main nightmares of their life is to be like everyone else. Therefore, it is imperative for them to be themselves and to be different from the crowd.

Tell stories

This generation is looking for brands that are on the same wavelength with them: support their values, share their views on the world. Tell the story of your offer.

Show that earning is not your priority

Generation Z is worried about the future of the planet, they are not indifferent to the problems of global warming or social inequality. For them, it’s normal to refuse to buy company products that ignore global problems or the working conditions of their employees.

Keep this in mind when choosing an offer and subsequently when creating an advertising campaign.

What offers should be shown

Generation Z is minimalists. They do not blow money and buy only what is important and interesting for them.

In general, such offers come in easily: gadgets (the more modern the better), dating sites, earnings, gambling, gaming, various goods in the form of cosmetics (trendy, environmentally friendly), clothes and shoes, sports items and food, etc., also sweepstakes.

The Nutra will be practically uninteresting to them, especially due to health problems (at least because age is not yet relevant) and weight loss (they take themselves for who they are).

Briefly about how to conquer Generation Z:

  • Boost social networks
  • Maintain current trends
  • Use bloggers and idols
  • Do not be boring and racist
  • Test storytelling, especially failure sharing
  • Be concise
  • Sincerely helping others
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