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In a search for a nice profit in the affiliate marketing: the most tempting niches in 2019.
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2018 is coming to the end and affiliates, publishers and affiliate marketing experts all are wondering what affiliate marketing niches will be front and center in 2019. Can we predict the trend? Why the question is so important? Firstly, making forecasts we learn what to invest to in the new year. This gives us a competitive advantage. In other words, we should monitor the changes in the industry to be the first in the niches and to gain as much profit as possible before competitors come there. As we have already stated in our previous articles to be successful in the affiliate marketing industry it is important to choose a proper niche, suitable traffic source (a hundred of the best ones you can find here),  and develop a profitable strategy to manage your advertising campaigns. Knowledge of the market and the opportunity to predict its ‘behavior’ will let you be on the top. So meet Top Affiliate Marketing Niches 2019!

Lead Generation (a.k.a. LEADGEN)

A vast vertical which covers offers from other categories. Most of the affiliate offers available on the market at the moment are LEADGEN, as they aim to deliver leads (potential customers) to advertisers. These are offers that collect some kind of information about the customer in exchange for a benefit or access to a service.

Utility & VPN

Offers which promote utility applications and software, designed to help analyze, configure and optimize device performance. All products related to VPN and online privacy protection also fall into this category. Typically, such offers aim to convince users to download apps and software.


Applications and software, offering antivirus protection for mobile and desktop devices. Similar to Utility & VPN vertical, Antivirus offer.


Social media (applications and websites) for dating purposes. Usually CPA-based. Typically, users need to subscribe to a dating service, install an app etc.

Casino & Gambling

Websites and mobile applications, promoting online casinos and gambling offers (please note, promoting gambling in the US and AU is prohibited by law). These are mainly CPA-based offers, REVSHARE ones or hybrid CPA+REVSHARE. Conversion for such offers will be user registration with a deposit.


Online games for mobile and desktop devices. User action: game install or download.

Surveys & Sweeps

Offers that give users a chance to win something (usually shopping coupons and vouchers or smartphones) by participating in a survey. Sweepstakes can also be categorized as lead generation offers or PIN Submit ones.  

Sports Betting

Websites and mobile applications that promote sports betting ones (i.e. football bets, horse racing bets etc.). User action: similar to gambling offers.

Crypto Offers

All offers related to the topic of cryptocurrencies – websites and applications, facilitating cryptocurrency exchange, investments, crypto news, tools for cryptocurrency mining. These are mainly lead generation offers.

PIN Submit

All offers where users are asked to provide basic contact information, such as a phone number or an email address. The PIN Submit category covers a wide range of offer types from app installs, to video streaming, surveys & sweeps and etc. Please note, if you have an offer with the number to call, then it is a not a PIN Submit offer! It is Pay Per Call!

Pay Per Call (PPC)

Also known as Cost Per Call, similar to other lead generation offers PPC offers pay for a call that meets certain requirements – call duration, a conversion, a sale etc. Typically, these are lead generation offers.


Campaigns with special URLs which contain many rotating offers in them. Users click on one link but there are several destinations (offers) the link can take them to. Usually, smartlink offers have an optimized algorithm to automatically redirect users to the most profitable offer. So, offer rotation, in this case, represents offer A/B testing.  

Mainstream VOD / Streaming

Promotion of video streaming services and video on demand platforms. Very often VOD/Streaming offers are categorized as PIN Submit ones as users have to provide their basic contact information (in most cases, phone number or an email) to start using the service.


Promotions of all kinds of insurances, i.e. life insurance, car insurance, health insurance etc.


Promo campaigns from banks and legitimate financial organizations, offering loan services.


All offers, promoting investment services from legitimate financial organizations; investments services in traditional assets, such as bonds, shares, mutual funds etc.

Real Estate

Everything related to deals with property – apartment rentals, property sales, and acquisitions; real estate investment services.  

Binary Options/Trading

Offers related to trading or binary options and promotion of financial products, such as derivatives (swaps, futures, forwards, options etc.).


Mobile applications and websites, offering job search services and other career-related information.

Services & Repairs

Offers related to any kind of service and repairs, i.e car repairs, plumbers, tax services, etc.

Education / Personal Development

All offers related to personal development and education – courses, educational materials, news etc.

Hobbies & Interests

Blogs and online resources related to free-time activities.

Travel Booking Sites

All travel-related offers, such as hotel reservation promos, booking websites & applications ads, travel ticket deals & vouchers, and other special travel offers etc.


Everything related to e-commerce.


Promotions of legitimate websites and mobile apps, selling medicines in general (i.e. online pharmacies).

Recreational Drugs

Legit offers, promoting recreational drugs or weed legally, and their accessories.

Nutra & Diet

Health and diet supplements, vitamins, skincare and beauty products etc.


All offers with landing pages and/or promoted product or service, containing nudity and adult-related content from legitimate sources fall under the adult category. The eligible affiliate offer types of the adult category are the following:

  • Adult – Smartlink
  • Adult – App
  • Adult – Cams/Tubesite
  • Adult – Dating/Social Networks
  • Adult – Shopping
  • Adult – Games
  • Adult – Nutra & Enhancement
The list of the niches may change at once as they fully depend on the customer’s behavior. So follow the trends of the affiliate marketing niches not to fall behind the competitors. If you have something to add to our list, you are welcome to share in comments.

If you choose a new niche to make an investment to and think about the strategy for 2019 you can use this article as a starting point. Be smart and use trends for 100%, while others are just thinking about it, but don’t forget that you should start smoothly and carefully. Here is the key to success in the affiliate marketing industry in 2019: study the niche, test it, gain experience and get into it! Take a decision wisely and before invest your money and efforts don’t forget to ask your account manager what offers in frames of the niche are on top at the current moment and if it is suitable for your traffic source. 


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