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Recent technological advancements from the Galaksion advertising network: new pricing model, creative inventory and top ad formats in our detailed review.
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Buying traffic per conversion and not impressions or clicks — isn't that the dream? Today it's plain reality. Ad networks are constantly stepping up their technological game, and one of the recent novelties is the ability to sell traffic for CPA.

Not every ad network can afford to offer this option to their clients. They can't guarantee that all traffic will convert, but they still have to sell it somehow. It means that if the network does have this option, it is a strong signal of high traffic quality. 

One of the ad networks that offers buying traffic for CPA is Galaksion. They sell traffic received directly from their webmasters, don't work with resellers and can guarantee high quality due to a proprietary anti-fraud system and solid traffic quality assurance standards.

Such format would be an ideal choice for offers with a simple conversion flow: single opt-in, registration, install. Those would be verticals with cheap conversions like Dating, Sweepstakes or Utilities — plus there will be hardly any concerns regarding the KPIs. 

Deposits are another possible option. They are popular in such verticals as Gambling, Betting, Crypto or Trading — along with E-commerce and Nutra. However, here such factors as user LTV (life-time value), size and number of deposits, and buy-out rate will play a huge role, so it makes sense to discuss a testing cap with the managers before going all in with this offer. 

All in all, an ad network can fully automate the traffic-buying process. All you need is a working sales funnel, and the platform will hold the appropriate bid for you (so that you don't fall into the red). 

And now a few more words on how it works — with the example of the above mentioned Galaksion.

Galaksion: Self-Serve Platform review

Galaksion was launched back in 2014, and since then the network has added 5 profitable advertising formats to its portfolio: 

    • Push notifications
    • Popunders
    • On-Page notifications
    • Native banners
    • Mobile Push-up

It's total traffic volume exceeds astounding 30 billion impressions per month.

The functionality of the platform includes targeting by:

    • device type
    • operating system and its version
    • browser and language
    • GEO
    • region
    • city
    • IP-address
    • and type of connection.  

For push notifications, network clients can also apply the user-activity targeting. It allows you to segment the traffic by "freshness" — users are divided in cohorts based on how long ago they've subscribed to receive push notifications. 

In terms of traffic volumes, ad formats go in this order (from the most volume to the least): 

Popunder → Push Notifications → On-Page Notifications → Native Banners → Mobile Push-Up 

And these are the GEOs with most traffic volume: 


If you want to get more details about traffic on each format in a particular country, you can check it in the "Traffic Volumes" section of the SSP platform. Here, you will also see a competitive level of CPM rate. 

Push traffic chart example

Apart from that, one of the most useful features of the platform is the inventory of custom creatives. Armed with years of analysis, the Galaksion team put together a collection of creatives, tested them and made the most profitable ones public. You can research other affiliates' approaches to creatives in various formats in the "Creative Templates" section of the platform. 

There is an important point to make: don't use these creatives blindly. Use them as a foundation for your work and test your own approaches. Simply copying creatives won't give any results in such a competitive niche as push notifications. 

Inventory of creatives

This will be especially useful for beginners and users who are impartial to spending money on a spy tool. And pro affiliates will definitely appreciate this feature when testing new GEOs and verticals. 

How to buy traffic with Galaksion: step-by-step guide 

But let's get back to the original topic, buying traffic for CPA. 

    1. To do that, go to the "Campaigns" section and click "Create". You'll also be prompted to accept the terms of the ad network along the way.
    2. Create the campaign and choose the bidding model "CPA" — it is available for Push notifications, On-page notifications and Popunders. Then, choose the format and upload the creatives. 
    3. Next, move to the targeting settings. Choose your GEOs and an appropriate bid. The network will automatically look for traffic of an acceptable quality so that this price can be secured. If later on you notice that there's not enough traffic volume, increase the bid. An even better option is to discuss it with your account manager on the shore. Speaking of account managers, the networks' support is impeccable, prompt and always ready to help.
    4. Next, put in your target URL and set the campaign limits, if necessary.
    5. One of the most important steps is to set-up the postback tracking. This step allows the algorithm behind the CPA model to monitor the conversions from your campaign and adjust the traffic flows accordingly. If an ad placement brings many conversions, it receives more volume. If not — the traffic flow stops.
    6. Once you're done with this step, send your campaign to moderation. And after quick moderation, the campaign will be launched and the testing period will begin.

101-note: What is a testing period? 

All CPA campaigns, when launched, go through the so-called testing period. This is the time when the system collects data on how your campaign converts and what shares of traffic perform best for it.

One of the main parameters here is the testing budget. It is determined at the start of the campaign — you control how much you are willing to spend on tests. The minimum amount for Popup/Popunder campaigns is $20 and for Push notifications and On-Page push — $10. You can pick any amount above that threshold.

The sum you choose will be locked on your account and used completely to collect the initial data. 

If the tests complete successfully, a part or all of the locked sum, will be returned to your balance. The success is measured by the number of conversions received for a competitive price, which depends on the targeting settings of your choosing.

Once the tests are over and the campaign starts generating conversions, the funds will be spent from your main account — instead of the locked amount.  

Additional targeting settings: what else is on the table? 

Apart from classic settings, Galaksion offers other useful options. After the testing period, you can analyze user activity during the day and create a schedule when you want your ads to run, set the capping, and limit the number of times one user can see your ads. Additionally, you can create white- and blacklists to isolate the most and least profitable ad placements. 

One of the most handy features for Push notifications is the user activity targeting.

As mentioned above, it segments the users based on how long ago they'’e subscribed to receive push ads. 

Traditionally, a "fresh" audience shows higher CTR and CR, so it usually requires a higher bid. This is totally normal, as it shows better results. On the other hand, the share of the audience that subscribed a while ago has bigger volumes, but costs less as they are more used to seeing your ads. However, if you're paying per clicks, there's no point for concern as you will still get confirmed leads. 

The only number to worry about is your revenue and this is what the tests will show. But don't immediately disregard the more seasoned users — the conversions on that share of traffic can still be high.

Statistics and analytics

The platform uses inhouse-developed algorithms, so let's take a look at the statistics that it offers to dig out.

The capabilities of the Statistics section can be described with two words: simple and functional. 

To analyze your campaigns, you can use such filters as GEO, cities, platforms, OS, browsers, campaigns, ad formats, connection type and IP range. In other words, practically all that one may need. 

Statistics section in Galaksion

Topping up the balance

The minimum deposit is only $50. Compared to other popular networks, it is a reasonable and convenient sum. 

You can top up your balance with a bank card or the WebMoney service. On top of that, you can request to use other methods such as Paxum, PayPal, and Wire. 

In case you ever have questions, you can address them to your account manager in the network. Right after the registration, you'll get all the contacts by email. 


The wheel never stops turning and technology development never slows its pace. 

These days, ad networks compete for users like never before, so each is trying to overdo the rest by offering the best functionality that will suit both amateur and professional affiliates. Internal traffic analytics, CPA traffic buying, a variety of ad formats, ban-free operations — that's only the beginning of that list. 

Not every network can make such a generous offer, but some can. So if you want to try yourself in running Push notifications, Native banners or Popunders, Galaksion is your place to go.

Tired of constant bans in Facebook and Google — try other sorts of traffic. 

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