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The CPA market is rapidly growing every day. While tons of marketers try to top each other, social media and contextual ad network moderation is getting tougher as well. Most of the platforms if not all have the same problem: they don’t allow you to create multiple accounts.

This is where ABM.NET Static Residential Proxy servers come in handy - they can help marketers to bypass all of those restrictions. In this article we will discuss the importance of our proxies, how they help affiliate marketers and we’ll review a specific case of Facebook farming. PLUS, at the end of the article you’ll find a pretty cool bonus from us. 

Let us introduce ourselves first.

ABM.NET is a young and ambitious start-up that provides proxy services. The platform is super easy and sophisticated, it will only take a few minutes to set up the proxies. You can select a type of authorization that you need. We offer a login/password and Whitelist options. One of our main advantages is that we have premium static residential proxies. Affiliate Marketing teams should go for exactly those ones.

Here’s why:

  • Test affiliate links: with proxies you will be able to test the links and see how they work across different countries, social networks, platforms and devices.
    ABM.NET offers a wide range of countries, cities and even ISPs. You can select the ones that you need and test your links. 

  • Account security. When you launch your ads from various accounts, you are probably going to use tools that can work with proxies and prevent websites from seeing your cyber fingerprints. ABM.NET proxies can work with many different softwares. The integration process is simple enough, you can check out some of the tutorials on our website’s blog.

  • Bypass blocked websites. It’s quite easy to get banned for creating multiple accounts, running ads that promote forbidden products. When you create various accounts and, for example, the Facebook algorithms detect you, your IP can be easily banned. Proxy servers allow you to bypass those restrictions.

  • Bypassing anti-fraud systems. On the off chance that you drive immense traffic volumes from Facebook or Google Ads, you totally need to use a proxy. The problem is that once some of your accounts are blocked, the number of bans will increase. To avoid this, you should sign up every account from a different IP address.

Let’s review an example of how it all works for a better understanding. One of the most popular directions in CPA is farming. Let’s review how it works with Facebook and why you need proxies for that.

Facebook Farming with Proxies

What is farming? 

That’s a process of raising a level of trust with a certain account. Simply put, you have to make your account look alive. You know how cranky Facebook is. Their algorithms detect any suspicious activity, so the account needs to look like it belongs to a real person. That’s your cue on posting memes and commenting on politics. Let it all out while you’re farming a Facebook account. Just kidding.

The process of farming actually depends on what the affiliate marketing team needs. Gambling farming algorithms are different from the farming of merchandising.  The length of the process of making your account look more “human” depends on different factors. 

The first and most important one is a farming direction. You need to understand the product, the whole algorithm depends on it. If it’s something from the WhiteHat world, you’ll probably need a few days. If it’s from the BlackHat world, it might even take around a month to farm the account. Again, it depends on what you farm the account for. 

The second factor is your budget. You need to understand how much you are willing to spend. The amount is correlated to the product you farm the account for. If you put together those factors, you’ll have a better understanding of how to plan the whole process. These things contribute to a better traffic flow, which in turn brings the expected ROI. 

You have to remember that farming accounts is impossible without proxies. The process itself is quite tricky, so you’ll need the extra security and reliability of proxies. With ABM.NET you can pick a country, city and ISP plus you need to choose a geolocation according to your needs. The most suitable country would be the one of the account’s or the one you plan to flow traffic through.


Basically, you can do anything with a farmed account. Resell it, offer it, give to a CPA team. Some people even open farming account stores. Just don’t forget about proxies. ABM.NET already works with different affiliate marketing teams who consider our proxies reliable, safe and stable. On top of good quality, we offer one of the best prices on the market - you can get a proxy for $8/ 1 GB. Join ABM.NET today, make your first payment over $10 and we will double the amount. 

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