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Learn how to use apps for increased profits in Gambling and Dating with out detailed review of the Vortex Ads CPA-network.
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Mobile apps have become the main traffic source for Gambling and Dating. Regardless of Google Play and advertising networks sentiment towards them, webview apps are the most effective work format in traffic arbitrage, for both affiliates and advertisers. The former get access to additional advertising sources such as UAC, Facebook, in-App etc. The latter receive higher quality traffic reaping the benefits of extra communication with users with the help of push ads and some other instruments.

The only pitfall on this path is bans. The further it goes, the harder it becomes to keep the app in the application stores, and the more apps affiliates need for uninterrupted work. 

How to spare your app the bans

Today, this issue is addressed by three types of players: CPA networks, app rental services and app developers.

CPA networks can help organize the work; app rentals provide access to a variety of apps with solid store presence; and app developers organize the on-demand production.

If you have little experience working with applications, but would like to try yourself in this niche, we're recommending Vortex Ads, a CPA-network that specializes in app traffic.

Featuring an in-house team of app developers, the company has recommended itself as an expert in all things app related. Vortex provides extensive assistance to beginners in launching their first campaigns and helps more seasoned affiliates scale up the revenue.

Vortex Advertising: conditions tailored for each partner is a CPA network with 500+ Dating and Gambling offers from direct advertisers.

The network features a number of exclusive products, plus, a number of private offers available on demand. Account managers are prompt and ready to assist affiliates to ensure their comfortable work.

The key benefit of the Vortex Ads network is the development of apps specifically to drive traffic to Gambling offers via Facebook and UAC.

The team regularly performs trends analysis and develops apps with a prolonged life-cycle on PlayMarket and AppStore. With that said, the apps are provided to affiliates free of charge with the possibility of developing custom apps for top clients.  

At the time of writing this review, VortexAds recommends the following gambling-friendly GEOs: Australia, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey.

Let's explore the network's capabilities in detail.


The registration process is simple: users need to fill in the form and confirm their account with the manager. To work with exclusive offers, managers may request affiliates to provide proof of previous work.

After verification, affiliates can either explore the available offers in their account or contact their account manager for a quick tour. The manager can also provide the list of top offers based on the vertical and traffic sources that the affiliate is planning to employ.

Above that, managers provide expertise regarding the offers in general, traffic buying best practices and any other work-related matters. 

One of the top Gambling offers — a white label exclusive from LevelUp. Top-performing tier-1 GEOs available: Australia, Denmark, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, and Ireland. Payouts of up to $140 for deposits, with no baseline.

Account overview

The Account homepage features a dashboard with such key stats as revenue and clicks/impressions.  

To see all the available offers, switch to the Offers tab, and sort out the offers with the necessary parameters.

Important: Some offers are hidden by default and only available to top-performing affiliates. If you'd like to explore exclusive offers, get in touch with your account manager for more information. With prior experience and proof of successful work (e.g. stats from trackers or traffic sources) getting a private offer or a higher cap should not be a problem. 

Top offers in the Dating vertical: [DE] 

  • CR 40%

  • EPC $0.90

AshleyMadison [US CA] 

  • CR 14%

  • EPC $0.70

VioletDates [US, UK, CA,AU, NZ]

  • CR: 17%

  • EPC $1.2

The offer's page provides all the necessary information for profitable work: 

  • accepted traffic sources

  • age and gender groups that convert best

  • baseline for Gambling offers 

  • minimum deposit amount

...and many other useful information. 

To start working with the offer, click "Need request" and fill out the form. Specify the traffic source and remember that the account manager is always there to answer any questions.

After your request gets approved, you can start driving traffic to the offer.

Top-performing partners also have access to such services as design of custom creatives and landing pages. 

Instrumental support

The Network uses its own proprietary tracking system. This allows them to stay flexible and develop on-demand features for their partners. The platform also provides a versatile analysis toolkit.

If an affiliate has issues with integration or other tech-related questions, account managers create group chats with the R&D team to discuss the issue directly.

If the affiliate doesn't use a tracking software, they can monitor campaign statistics from their account in the system. 


Vortex Advertising utilizes the NET7-NET15 payout system (weekly or bi-weekly payments) with payments on Thursday. Individual conditions can be negotiated with the manager.

Minimum payout is $50.

Payments can be withdrawn to WebMoney, Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire or Bitcoin.

Hold period: 1-7 days for Dating offers and 1-2 weeks for Gambling, however, this very much depends on the particular offer.

Summing up, here are the main advantages of working with Vortex Advertising:

  • You get to work with direct advertisers only, which guarantees timely feedback and exclusive offers for high performance even during the offer testing period.
  • Apps provided free of charge specifically to drive traffic to Gambling offers via Facebook and UAC.
  • Cloaking of apps, which prolongs the app life cycle in the application stores.
  • Assistance with the design of marketing materials and creatives, on demand.
  • In-house tracking solution allows the network to stay flexible and seamlessly resolve technical issues.
  • Account managers available round the clock, even on the weekends. 


Despite the market's rapid dynamics, mobile applications are still the strongest traffic source for many verticals. If you haven't worked with them before, we recommend starting it off with a trusted network that has expertise, resources, an internal dev team and a strong desire to help their affiliates prosper.

Vortex Ads is a network like that, whose main goal is to build productive long-lasting working relationships with their partners.

But don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself! Go to and register to get access to hundreds of exclusive offers from direct advertisers.

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