push features Increasing CR 3.5 times with Direct Click: review of the new feature from PropellerAds

PropellerAds won't stop amazing us with new opportunities. This September they released a new high-tech feature - Direct Click.
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PropellerAds won't stop amazing us with new opportunities. This September they released a new high-tech feature - Direct Click. In this review we’ll be exploring the new instrument, looking into how it works and if it’s possible to increase your revenue with it. In this article we’ll talk about a few cases to show that if set up correctly, you can increase CR 3.5 times. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What Direct Click is and how to benefit from it

Direct Click is a type of traffic which ensures that the user goes directly to the offer landing page. It includes domain zones as well as the most converting zones of other PropellerAds formats. The auction for the user redirects to this or that offer is only between the users that clicked on the page and were specifically filtered by PropellerAds’ system. Which is why the audience has the best engagement rate.

Advantages of Direct Click

  1. Easy to optimize your campaign, because it is shown only to the most potentially interested users. The algorithm will find the most interesting and relevant websites with the most active audience.
  2. As a result - higher CR. With Direct Click, the ad is only shown to the users that may be potentially interested in it. That is why you will get more conversions than from working with any other type of traffic.
  3. Quick tests of new offers. With Direct Click you won’t have to buy tons of traffic to see if the offer is going to convert with this audience. You can already place your ad on platforms with the most engaged audience and see if this particular offer will be profitable in the future.
  4. Quick revenue. Even though Direct Click costs more, first conversions come through earlier thanks to high CR. And this means faster return on your investment in the campaign.

Despite the new type of traffic showing amazing results with basically all verticals, the best figures can be seen with iGaming, VAS, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Utilities and Finance.

How to start working through Direct Click

In order to activate Direct Click, you will have to log into your account on PropellerAds, create a new campaign, choose Onclick format and then make Direct Click your type of traffic. You don’t need to download any creatives, because the users do not see banners. 

Results with Direct Click: Cases

Some publishers working with PropellerAds tested the new type of traffic (Direct Click) to see how profitable it is compared to OnClick and sent their cases to the PropellerAds team. In both cases there were two campaigns running simultaneously: one with the new feature and the other without it. As a result, Direct Click increased the average conversion rate by 3.5 times.

Direct Click vs OnClick with Pin submit in Nigeria

Key information:

  • Period: 11 days
  • Offer: Pin submit
  • GEO: NG + targeting specific towns and mobile operators
  • Flow: CPC (android) $0,4
  • Bidding model: CPA Goal 2.0

Each campaign didn’t have any optimization after launching. All the traffic was sent to the usual landing page:

$207 was spent on the campaign with Direct Click to buy 10,758 views against $237 to buy 35,352 redirects for the OnClick campaign. Here are the results:

The Direct Click campaign had a three times better CR, even though the amount of money spent was a lot less (and the traffic they bought was three times less than with the DC campaign).

Direct Click vs OnClick on Sweepstakes in Indonesia

Key information:

  • Period: 27 days
  • Offer: Sweepstakes
  • GEO: ID
  • Flow: CPC (android)
  • Day limit: $50.00
  • Bidding model: Smart CPM

The publisher had already worked with this offer and had had some good results, but was using Push notifications and demographic targeting as his primary source of traffic. To make the experiment more illustrative, the publisher has blacklisted all the users that had been converting before. No more adjustments were made to the campaign. All the traffic was sent to the landing page.

In the beginning the publisher was planning on investing a moderate sum of money to see the difference between the types of traffic. But the result turned out to be so impressive that he decided to make a bigger investment. In total $2,000 was spent on both campaigns, $1,900 of which went to the Direct Click campaign. Here are the results themselves:

Results: Out of 10k conversions 9,979 belong to Direct Click. The campaign with Direct Click brought 2,49% CR while Onclick - only 0,21% CR. More views and more conversions make the Direct Click campaign way more profitable. What’s more, the price of conversion using Direct Click was $0,19 while the other one was $0,32.


Tests of the new type of traffic have shown great results:

  • CR is increased several times and more conversions come in a shorter period of time (this happens because the traffic was filtered by the system);
  • The feature shows best results with the parameters in CPA, CTR and CPM;
  • With the use of Direct Click the price of a lead is much lower than during a regular campaign.

So now you can see how easily Direct Click can increase the profitability of your campaign. Do tests, analyze the data and send us your cases. Good luck!

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