Google Ads How to run Crypto offers on Facebook and Google Adwords

Affiliate Marketing is all made of new opportunities. Cryptocurrency Boom coupled with advertising platforms of Facebook and Google Adwords is another good opportunity for an affiliate marketer to make money.
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Today we want you to meet Nick. He’s been in the online business for over a decade and signed up to BizProfits CPA Network a few years ago. Nick happened to be one of the first partners to get started with BizProfits Crypto offers and kindly agreed on sharing his experience on how to run Crypto offers on Facebook and Google AdWords.

Crypto offers promotion

“Hey there, BizProfits mates!

I believe that when you are involved in affiliate marketing, you have no right to miss out a new opportunity. Thus, my next step was pretty obvious, as Crypto is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is looking to make money with it. I’m not going to talk about how to pick your next coin to invest in, though. We are here because we are online marketers. I want to talk how to run crypto related offers on platforms that have already banned Crypto and ICO related products.

It’s important to understand two things – your targeted audience and technical part (cloaking).


Why have cryptocurrencies been so popular and hyped? Well, people like to hear about easy money especially when it’s so accessible. You don’t need any specific education or license to purchase your first coin and the only buzz you hear is that bunch of people has been making six figures with these cryptocurrencies. Understanding this, we can assume that we are dealing with the same audience segment that is relevant for “makemoney” offers (BizOpps). Stay-at-home mothers, unemployed, those who dream about leaving their jobs and become financially independent or those who are looking to make some extra cash on a side (secondary and passive income). It’s the same exact audience that we’ve been targeting for “makemoney” offers.

Crypto offers promotion

Once I understood that it can be the way to bypass Facebook and Google Adwords verifications, I started thinking of angles. Here it the example, just to understand the idea:

So, my funnel looks like that:


Ad => Advertorial page => Product page

Unfortunately, I can’t provide numbers from FB Ads, since my account got banned, but here are the numbers from my HasOffers cabinet.

Crypto offers promotion

My average CTR from Ad to Advertorial was 8%, I’m still testing more ads to increase this number.

Average CTR from Advertorial to the Product page is 25% which is not at all, however, I know some guys who hit 40% CTR, so my result can be improved as well.”

Basically, you should take the following steps: pick the offer, use “Make money online/at home” angle to get your campaigns approved, use lookalike audience and test bunch of ads.

Good luck!

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