Case study: $57 000 with Facebook on Acupuncture Pen

The well-trodden path to some good cash with well-known Facebook.
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  • CPA Network: ClickDealer
  • Spent: $13840,75
  • Earned: $71264
  • ROI: 414,89%
  • Profit: $57423.25
  • Payments: $17
  • GEO: US, UK, AU, CA
  • Work period: 11.02.2018 - 28.05.2018

I've decided to show my recent work with the offer, as recently there has been a really big thing about Facebook tightening the screws. The offer was launched by the US UK AU CA geo, as I think this audience is the most solvent. I started working on the offer in the mid-February.

The initial results were positive and I decided to further increase the traffic. After some time, the manager advised me to optimize the promo, and after that, the purchase positively stabilized. I purchased the traffic exclusively from Facebook and optimized the campaign by conversion.

I ran the split gender and age test before start. As for the number of purchases made by men and women, it was almost the same, however, the female audience showed a higher CR and as a consequence a lower CPA. The age of 45+ showed the best results.

The average cost of the lead was $3.30. The display optimization was by conversions. The attribution window was 1 day after the click. The overall work was made without any cloak directly to the offer lending.

Case study Acupuncture Pen

Statistics of the Facebook Ads Manager

Case study Acupuncture Pen
Network`s Statistics

I had to be careful while was choosing the creatives, as there was a risk to fall under the privacy policy restrictions with regard to "shocking content" and "demonstration of the body". As a result, some of the creatives were not approved exactly for these reasons.

The creatives with the text describing the benefits of the product were partially used but they could hardly be called top-class.

Examples of creatives

Case study Acupuncture Pen

Case study Acupuncture Pen

Optimization was carried out by gender, age, geo and selection of promos.

The US location turned out to be the most fruitful, so the main part of the budget was focused on it. Narrowing of the US geo-target to the level of states and cities was tested as well, but it did not yield a beneficial result.

As a result, it can be concluded that small start-up investments (about $1.500) with the refinancing of the offer using the profit allowed to get a pretty good profit of $57.400, which was facilitated by a low CPA and a high ROI (414%).

After having written the case I asked my manager about the offer and he claims it remains promising.

One of the growth opportunities is the test of another geo, for example, a more dense study of the European countries as well as of the Top 5. Applying a creative approach to the promotion and making the right choice of target, one can reach the performance level at least comparable to that obtained at the moment.

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