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We keep on collecting case-studies to show you in practice what else you can do to move forward in frames of your affiliate marketing strategies. There are a number of offers you can use, one of them is Money Amulet.

The case was born as a result of testing different networks with different types of traffic, and you can find Top 100 of them in one of our articles.
  • CPA network: AdCombo
  • Offer: Money Amulet
  • GEO: BG, HU, and SK
  • Traffic Source: PropellerAds – Push Notifications
  • Ad Spend: $436
  • Revenue: $740
  • ROI: 69.7%

I like to test different networks with different types of traffic. I started to work with propellerads.com (and with push-notifications as well) a couple of months ago and that’s why I decided to share my case-study with you – it’s a really interesting experience.

I thought a lot about what offer to choose or, in other words, what offer could generate large revenues. And that’s when I found AdCombo’s Money Amulet for Europe. I think I should mention that I had an experience with Money Amulet before but only for the CIS countries.

AdCombo has one standard landing page for Money Amulet – BG and so I used it. Speaking of pre-landing – my choice fell on the horoscope one (and it worked out).

Money Amulet Case

Honestly, I have not been thinking about banners a lot. I have had experience in teaser networks already so I just picked up the most profitable banners and used it. Of course, I optimized them for my GEOs.

Banners with the signs of the zodiac were the most popular, I didn’t even test other ones.

Money Amulet Case

I run traffic 24/7, had a good conversion rate and added a couple of sites to the blacklist in 2 days.

And what about money spent? I paid per click because CPM was too high. CPC was about $0.01-0.02 – it depended. If there was a lot of traffic then I made it lower, if not so much, then higher.

I used both desktop and mobile platforms, no limit. I was glad about PropellerAds traffic, it was pretty good but we need to understand that all of this, however, depends on your offer. You should test, test and test it relentlessly.

Money Amulet Case

I had been running traffic for 7 days, the conversion rate got lower and I stopped my campaigns. But it was good anyway – $304 of net profit for 7 days without any special settings and checking your campaigns every hour.

So I can say that you can (you must, I would say) take you profitable banners from teaser networks and give them another life in push-notifications. It may actually work!

What is really important to know – you can’t run “adult” with PropellerAds. So when you will be doing your creative materials, make sure they are not 18+.

AdCombo wants to add that you should take an example from our affiliate. Always try something new – traffic sources, platforms, banners, etc. Don’t be afraid to experiment – this is the only way to learn something new and useful 🙂

Good luck out there!

Source: Adcombo blog

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