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Time to make money with Gambling offers! Making a profit on the traffic volume.
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It's no secret that gambling is one of the most lucrative niches in affiliate marketing. Indeed, every day online casinos are increasingly integrated into the lives of most people and becoming a favorite hobby. Streamers host shows and gather a lot of viewers fueling their interest in the casino and generating huge amounts of deposits!

Even the lockdown didn’t shatter the gambling industry and made it more attractive. So the average volume deposit increased by 3%, and in some countries by 9%. 

If you don't wanna miss out on the opportunity to make money on gambling, this article will definitely be useful for you!

Gambling advantages

Firstly, there is a wide range of offers 

There are hundreds of offers for any GEO on the gambling market. If the first offer gives a bad conversion, you can try the other 10. Only split tests will show the best profitability.

If you wanna save your budget on tests, you should check with your CPA manager about the most relevant offers. The advantage of affiliate networks is that they are not tied to a specific advertiser product. It is important for them that you generate profitable traffic. Therefore, they are interested in giving you the best conditions.

Secondly, high payouts and an uncomplicated funnel

The commission can be up to $ 200-300! And to get it the user just needs to register or make the first deposit for a certain amount. It is much easier than a bank offers traffic generation with a long list of conditions.

Of course, payments of $ 200-300 are the privilege of tier-1 countries where traffic is also more expensive. But there are tier-2-3 countries where you can make money on volume in large and inexpensive markets. Also, you can find CPL offers with payment for registration. This will allow taking the first steps with small working capital.

The third is accessibility

In order to start working with gambling, it is enough to choose a good affiliate program with a responsible manager. And they will give knowledge, applications, and conditions for you. The main thing for them is that you can make good money.

Where to begin?

For beginners, we recommend starting working with affiliate networks. They offer a wide range of offers that are not tied to one advertiser. Also, they offer flexible conditions at the start, so it will significantly reduce the entry threshold. Without good volume, the direct advertiser's base bid can often be lower than the network's. Accordingly, testing and reaching volume is easier in the affiliate program. This includes tools (applications, creatives) and offer and source expertise.

Personal affiliate managers are always ready to help you from the moment of registration to the first payment. They will answer questions of any complexity and select the offer that will be easy to start from.

What does the affiliate program offer in terms of work? Let's figure it out together. affiliate network review has been operating since 2018 and instantly gained the attention of the affiliate community due to its openness and a huge amount of useful content. A wide range of offers and good starting conditions allowed many affiliates to switch to gambling. 

Now there are more than 1300 gambling offers in the affiliate network: First casino, Cosmolot, Vulkan777, Champion, JET, 4rabet, and others. review

The partner network guarantees: 

  • stable payments and high rates; 
  • IOS / Android applications to streamline their offers; 
  • free telegram bot for sharing mobile apps and Facebook accounts 24/7; 
  • exclusive offers with the best conditions; 
  • hold from 7 days; 
  • early payments for top affiliates;
  • professional support, personal manager for each affiliate; 
  • unique approaches and solutions for media buying; 
  • a large number of private offers with increased rates, which you can find out about by writing to your manager. offers can be divided into two groups: available to everyone and offers with moderation. For the second group, you need to apply for a connection, indicating your experience, traffic source, and volume. 

Speaking of exclusives, here's what we found really interesting:

1. Las Atlantis 

  • GEO: USA, Canada, Australia 
  • Payout: $ 200
  • Paid Goal: Minimum Deposit
  • Test KPI: 10 FD 
  • Minimum deposit: $ 10 Neosurf, $ 20 BTC, $ 25 Gift Cards, $ 30 Credit Card review

2. KingsChance Private 

  • GEO: Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand 
  • Payout: 150 $ 
  • Paid Goal: Minimum Deposit
  • Test KPI: 20 FD
  • Minimum deposit: 20 euro / AUD / NZD / CAD review

3. Manekash 

  • GEO: Japan 
  • Payout: $ 130 
  • Minimum deposit: $ 5 
  • Test KPI: 20 fd total 
  • Paid Goal: baseline $ 10 review

Again, if you have experience with any GEO and case studies, write to the manager. We are sure that the manager will offer even more interesting conditions!

Let's see how to work with this affiliate program.


You can get all the necessary analytics in Affiliate Statistics. Here you can group data by time period, offer, landing page, etc. review


The Finance section contains all the statistics on transactions. Also, the guys have detailed the payments in For most of the offers, payments are made once a week. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1. review

Payments are made to WMZ or Capitalist.


Affiliate support is available from 11 am to 8 pm. affiliates are competent guys with a huge amount of knowledge. 

By the way, each affiliate has its own manager who is ready to choose an offer, raise the rate, or simply answer your questions. review

To sum up

The gambling vertical will always remain relevant. From year to year, the attitude towards gambling is becoming more and more loyal. New countries will legalize casinos, new markets are opening up and, accordingly, the audience around the world will only grow. 

High payouts and a wide range of offers make this niche one of the most competitive in affiliate marketing.

Does this mean there is no place for beginners here? Absolutely not! There are all the necessary conditions (materials, attachments, offers) to start, or you can always join the team. The main thing is the desire. Yes, every year it becomes more and more difficult, but it will hardly be easier since everyone wants to make money.

Of course, like in any monetary niche, there is high competition in Gambling. But this doesn’t prevent even beginners from starting to work!

If you need a certified partner, we can recommend The team has shown itself only from the best side and provides all the necessary for its partners. The reputation on the network is good and there were no cases of non-payments! 

More juicy offers, quality traffic, and high payouts!

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