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Social Bar by Adsterra is a great way to induce user interest and increase profits for publishers.
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The world of digital advertising is changing fast. No longer is one or two banner ads enough to make a hefty profit — both publishers and advertisers alike have to get very creative to pull off successful campaigns and make money. 

To keep up with the recent trends, Adsterra created Social Bar — a highly engaging ad format that can multiply your profits. It attracts attention without being too intrusive, and is great at enticing users to click on it. Social Bar has already proven to be appealing to reputable advertisers from E-commerce, Software, Utilities, Gambling, and many other verticals. 

Let’s take a closer look at it!

What is Social Bar?

Don’t let the title of this ad format deter you: it’s not related to social media. Social Bar is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use ad format. It includes various ad types, and can look like whatever you need it to be: you can use custom icons, widgets, notifications, lead forms, and more! 

An e-shop's customized widget by Adsterra

Social Bar by Adsterra looks like a chat bubble

Social Bar comes with several highly engaging ad types:

  • Chat Bar
  • Survey Bar
  • In-Page Push
  • Video Bar
  • Custom Banner
  • Interstitial ad format

Yes, that’s right: Social Bar now also comes with the highly demanded CPM-boosting Interstitial ad format. All the top advertisers are looking to use it right now, so it’s an excellent chance to multiply your profits as a publisher.

Interstitials by Adsterra fit any OS and allow for record monetization

A single line of code will bring you up to 30 times the CTR compared to web push! Social Bar was launched in May 2020, and since then publishers who are using this format have been making from $100 to $400 per week. 

What’s so “Social” about it?

The “social” aspect of Social Bar is the secret ingredient that makes it so good: it can look like a dialogue window, a live chat, IG story, and more. All these skyrocket your CTR. 

Mobile notification by Adsterra

 A live chat by Adsterra

Additionally, our next gen AI algorithm ensures that users will only ever see ads that are relevant to them.

Social Bar vs Web Push Ads

Social Bar can look like a push notification or a pop-up widget, but unlike pop-ups it won’t block web content thanks to the dynamic iFrame technology, which makes it more usable and effective.

...Sounds kind of similar to web push, right? But it isn’t. Unlike web push ads that are going to be suppressed if not blocked by browsers, Social Bar ads don’t depend on browser subscriptions and will be seen by all of your visitors. Social Bar works on all OS and browsers.

Social Bar = High CPM

So, now you may be wondering - why exactly is Social Bar so good for publishers? How does it deliver such high CPMs and why is it better than other ad formats? Let’s investigate!

High CTRs -> Even Higher CPMs

One of the most important markers of traffic performance is the click-through rate. Impressions and website visitors won’t bring you money on their own - you need clicks. If you get too few, advertisers can decrease your CPM rate (the cost of 1,000 impressions on Adsterra is defined by advertisers). But don’t fret - low CPM rate will never be a concern if you’re using Social Bar, which has shown to have an up to 30 times higher CTR when compared to web push.

Tweaking your campaign is essential for making money. With Social Bar, you can always easily look up stats like CPM, CTR, etc, to adjust your strategy at any time. Our helpful managers are also always there to give you advice if you need it.

Engaging Ads that Entice Users to Click on Them

Banner blindness is the biggest thorn in the side of digital advertisement. Younger generations that have grown up with the Internet are so used to seeing all sorts of ads everywhere that it’s extremely hard to catch their attention. Older generations are now developing selective blindness, too. Aggressive, in-your-face kind of ads may seem like the perfect solution - but users may purposefully avoid going on your platform if you have those. 

To overcome this, we developed Social Bar to be the perfect mix of noticeable and non-offensive - and we’ve done this by making the format extremely engaging. Vibrant elements and notifications attract the user’s attention, and the unique and unusual elements then pull them in and entice them to click.

A-List Advertisers

Social Bar has always attracted top verticals and the best advertisers. It is used by e-commerce platforms to increase seasonal sales, by software platforms to boost clicks with push alarms, and gaming advertisers use its multimedia functions to promote browser games. Some advertisers want to step away from popunders, some got disappointed in web push’s recent performance, some just want to try something new. One thing’s for sure: Social Bar is in high demand.

In fact, we’ve found that advertisers are more likely to pay more for tier 3 traffic when using Social Bar.

Take Full Advantage of Your Platform with Social Bar

Still in doubt? Here’s a recap of all the advantages Social Bar offers:

💸 No subscription is required, so publishers can use ALL traffic

💸 Higher CTRs drive higher CPMs

💸 Native non-disruptive ads that engage the user in a harmless way

💸 Our AI-powered optimization algorithm will make sure that your users will always see the most relevant ads

💸 Features an ultra-demanded Interstitial ad format that will cause your profits to skyrocket

💸 Using Social Bar is super easy! A single line of code will add it to your platform. For an in-depth guide on the setup and installation process, read this guide

Don’t hesitate and multiply your profits! Get Social Bar right now! 

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