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Monetize traffic using push subscriptions and a new service from ProPush.me to get great conversion rates.
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It’s clear that in 2020, traffic monetization is the main source of income for media buyers and web managers alike. Push notifications have been around for a while now and this ad format has experienced a variety of regulatory changes, but it remains one of the most effective and fastest-growing options out there. Push databases continue to be updated by new players, adding more volume, and giving advertisers more options to promote their offers through.

For many, the only changes in push subscriptions have been positive ones. With fewer ad networks offering this format, a low fraud index, and the ability to generate large profits, push ads pose a great alternative for affiliates that want to generate relatively large profits in a short timespan.

In short, push subscriptions still give you the ability to make a lot of money. At PropPush.me, we work on the other side of the fence and collect push subscriptions which we then sell to advertising networks. These, in turn, are sold to the top advertisers in the world, which increases your chances of success and has allowed us to develop superb features we’ll cover in this blog.

Developed by PropellerAds, ProPush.me piggybacks on the ad network’s 9+ years of sustained development, exponentially growing regardless of the global outlook. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of ProPush.me and the top features you’ll have available when working with this platform.

Advantages of Working with ProPush.me Push Subscriptions

Some of the most obvious advantages of working with push as a whole include:

Budget Requirements

Perhaps the best part of push subscriptions is that you don’t need a huge budget to get started. Popunder ads are the most affordable way to collect push subscriptions, so use this type of traffic to build your list. You can also use additional marketing channels like SEO, shareware traffic, and other sources, but pops give you the best chances of generating subscriptions through paid traffic. Just remember to check the payback for more expensive traffic before you get started.

In short, a simple flow with a high conversion rate, which can be as high as 20%+ in push subscriptions campaigns, can help you get the best results from your campaign. To know if the campaign has the potential to generate significant revenue, you’ll only have to spend tens rather than hundreds of dollars. We aim to work with budget niches that allow huge campaigns due to the large volume and new locations.

Unlimited Audience Monetization

Push lets you monetize virtually any audience and traffic type. All you have to do is get users to subscribe and the conversion will be registered to your statistics. And, the best part is that there are thousands of different ways to register new conversions. Not to mention the fact that the system automatically distributes users by location and other device parameters.

Even if your audience has unique preferences, push subscription landing pages can be designed to include text, playable elements, and other features that give users immediate access to the tool or page being used as an incentive.

Simple and Clear Optimization

Running pop campaigns for push subscriptions allows for simple and clear optimization. In popunder campaigns, you don’t have to worry about testing creatives or adjusting CTR. You can simply test out GEOs, landing page content, and the ads network until you find the right alternative.

No Bans or Buy-Outs

It’s also important to note that there are no bans in this setup, bundles can be scaled to any location but the landing pages must only contain one or two sentences. Likewise, there are no buy-outs, deposits, or traffic quality ratings. You will earn accordingly to how many times users click on your push notifications, so you should monitor the quality independently to ensure you only work with the best providers.

What About Browser Regulations?

Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing affiliate marketing for a while, you may have heard horror stories about browsers potentially introducing regulations that complicate push subscriptions, to the point that it would not be profitable to work with them. This is the reason many networks have been refusing to buy out Push Notifications, but this shouldn’t discourage you. 

Our advice is to work with a major player who has a good reputation and is ready to commit to your inventory. Additionally, ProPush is monetized in PropellerAds, where there are high demand and high competition for traffic among advertisers which means that revenue will be higher as well. With ProPush.me, it’s not going to happen that no one would like to buy traffic.

How to Get Started with ProPush.me

To get started, you can register at ProPush.me and add a landing page in the “websites” section of the platform.

You can confirm the site by uploading the ready-made file to the root or manually inserting the code:

ProPush.me uses Smart Tag, an open tool that allows you to change the commands of the push subscription script and creates a funnel to meet your requirements. You don't link to a specific landing page, but you can adapt the script to any approach instead. This allows you to increase your subscription conversion rate and get the most out of your traffic.

Create a Smart Tag and select the payment model: RevShare - % of each push click, CPS - one-time payment for a subscription.

Additionally, you can always view the current price tag for 1000 CPS subscriptions in the rates section:

You get the finished file and upload it to the root of the site, then confirm the download in the ProPush interface:

And don't forget to add Content Locker (already available constructor in the interface), it will significantly increase the CR in your subscription. As well as Traffic Back for complete monetization of non-targeted traffic.

If you have any questions about setting up, please contact a manager. ProPush has a live chat, as well as a general chat in Telegram, where representatives of the service will help with any difficulties.

It’s actually pretty simple: 

  • Insert the code. 
  • Set up traffic back.
  • Drive the traffic.

In the Statistics section, you can analyze the traffic. All clicks, subscriptions, and earnings from them are here.

Users will have convenient filtering by date, GEO, OS, sites, sources, and formats available.

In our live chats, we also support webmasters who work with push subscriptions and asked for up-to-date numbers (CR in the subscription, GEO where they work, etc):

Learn More About the Best Push Platforms

Trends come and go, but push notifications seem to be an evergreen format that’ll stay with us for a while. So many people love this ad format that there’s a strong chance Google has simply come to terms with is. And, even though push technology was not created for this purpose, it continues to provide a great chance for affiliates and wed managers to make significant profits.

Succeeding as an affiliate takes a lot of effort, so you need to stock up your toolkit and add as many resources as you can. In our case, this resource is push subscriptions. Even today, this is one of the easiest ways to start working with traffic without bans, creating unique funnels for target audiences, and so on.

If you need a proven push subscription service with high rates, convenient functionality, and responsive support, we recommend ProPush.me. The service proved in practice that despite the constant horror stories about the regulation of the format, all the webmasters will get their money.

Good luck and evergreen ROI to everyone!

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