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Travelpayouts, the largest affiliate marketing network focused on travel, is welcoming two online travel retailers to its partner roster.
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Travelpayouts, the largest affiliate marketing network focused on travel, is welcoming two online travel retailers, ItaliaRail and TourRadar, to its partner roster. 

“Travelpayouts is expanding its international growth and we are going to add more trustworthy companies in addition to the 200,000 partners currently in our network”, — says Tatyana Buyanova, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Travelpayouts.  

ItaliaRail is the largest online retailer for railway tickets within Italy. They serve over 50,000 customers with a gross ticket sales of $5 million each month.

The average conversion rate is 10–12% depending on the time of year, which is really high compared to other retailers in the travel market where the average conversion rate is less than 1%.

An average order price on the site is above $160 and the affiliate commission rate is 3% per ticket. Some affiliates are earning $10,000 in commission per month. Affiliates are able to link to ItaliaRail in multiple different formats. As an added bonus, affiliates also receive complimentary Italiapass and ItaliaRail’s VIP lounge in Rome Termini. More information on the program is available on Travelpayouts. 

TourRadar is the world’s most trusted online marketplace for tours with over 40,000 multi-day tours around the world. With its headquarters in Vienna and regional service centers in Brisbane and Toronto, TourRadar has a vision of bringing like-minded travelers together for the journey of your lifetime. 

Affiliates receive 5% commission of the total booking value and have a sales advantage in that the site itself offers a huge inventory of tours to destinations around the world. Tours themselves are one of the most lucrative silos for affiliate partners in the travel industry. For more information, please visit Travelpayouts.

Travelpayouts works with partners like,,, and many more to help monetize their websites. The company has seen a 50% increase in revenue year-over-year since 2016. Companies such as Farefirst and Gosbilet have both seen great success with Travelpayouts, having grown their site revenues by as much as $50,000 a month through usage of the program.

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