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Facebook algorithms are constantly changing and continue to ban affiliate marketers. It’s good that account rental services are also developing. was recently updated and of course, we could not pass by without checking.
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Facebook algorithms do not stand still and continue to ban more and more accounts, adding new checkpoints and making work complicated (for example, confirming a company when creating business managers). However, the spirit of affiliate marketers cannot be broken easily. The farm departments are expanding, more and more accounts are being bought in stores. Against the background of this struggle, we could not miss the global update in the service for renting cloud accounts from

In addition to cosmetic changes, the team claims that it has become easier to work with. Now, accounts are launched simply inside the browser, and page loading speed has increased significantly. 

Update at new features and design

For those who do not know, is a service for selling cloud accounts of real users from around the world. Once you purchase, you get a trusted account that is already running in a virtual machine with a proxy and created fan page and BM.

Anti detect is not needed for work. In total, more than 100 GEOs are available.

In addition to Facebook accounts, there are Google Ads and Twitter accounts, as well as bank payments. The purchases and work go through a manager.

Let’s say right away, there are no immortal accounts, sooner or later everything will be banned, even accounts are no exception. However, working with them will be “sooner or later” rather sooner.

The service guarantees a minimum unscrew of up to $ 900 from the account or its replacement if less than x3 of the account value is unscrewed or it does not have 2 weeks.

How and what to buy plays a huge role. But we can safely say that sometimes live accounts up to tens of thousand spends (at the end of the article there will be a pretty screenshot from our friend). 

Back to you: what has changed?

1. Work directly from the browser. Previously, it was necessary to download RDP files to run the virtual machine. Now everything starts directly from the personal account on the site:

Now you can also log into your account from a mobile - for example, to check the stats.

2. Page loading speed: Most GEO got premium proxies (speed up to 40 MB/s) - even in a clumsy ad manager everything works smartly.

3. Support: The staff of managers has grown and this is noticeable because they respond quickly. Usually within 30 minutes and sometimes they help at night. Almost any issues are resolved immediately (we had more organizational issues).

4. Design: The interface is almost completely redesigned. It has become more pleasant to work with it. Yes, this does not affect the vitality of the accounts, but nevertheless it is a plus.

Along with the design, they brought in an additional option - the “History” section. Here, we can monitor all movements on the account - readiness for work, send an application for password recovery if there was a log-in (we remind you, accounts of real users), replace your account if you get a ban, and you did not merge the guaranteed spend or it is less than 2 weeks old:

5. Telegram bot: Set up integration with Telegram and get all the information about account movements also in the messenger. All the functionality of the “Stories” section is now also in Telegram.

Regarding the readiness of accounts, according to the regulations, the time for preparation without changes is 24 hours, but you can get ready-made accounts in a couple of hours.

It all depends on the loading of services, in any case, we recommend that you always find common ground with the manager and build work as efficiently as possible.

If you want to avoid unwanted bans, we recommend that you study F.A.Q. before starting work. There are practical tips for working with accounts. In the work, you hardly encounter selfies and other checkpoints. Additionally, you can request to create an FP when ordering an account:

And with a good volume, the service can prepare for you accounts with already warmed up and verified BMs. Again, everything needs to be discussed with a personal manager. 

We will not turn this into advertising, but rather a summary. In fact, the service has become better and continues to develop. Despite all the cries of “expensive!”, The customer base is only getting larger (you can see by the growth of the team), and at the same time, the functionality is expanding. Today is a comprehensive solution for renting accounts with prices similar to other premium software on the market such as Voluum, Luminati, and MagicAdz.

If you have not tested their accounts yet, we recommend taking a couple of tests. To work with them on an ongoing basis or not is a question of your budget and effectiveness. But as a ready-made solution, it is quite suitable.

As mentioned earlier, everything is banned, and the life of an aka depends on how aggressively you work, how to scale, what topics you work with, what creatives you use, how your audience reacts (yes, everything plays a role).

Here is the promised case of our friend who works with dropshipping - cast over $ 40k:

If you had experience with, share them in the comments. We wish you all the best. 

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