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Advertising accounts on Facebook raise concerns to a new level - purchased Business Managers that have recently become an excellent option for launches are increasingly getting banned even on the stage of linking. This has forced many webmasters to look for alternatives. The situation has reached the point that through pain and suffering there started to be used automatically registered accounts... What about those who want to drive a lot of traffic and to do so consistently?

The guys from presented the new solution. We told you about them earlier. Now they are introducing a subscription model, which allows you to get an unlimited number of advertising accounts with a price several times lower than by retail.

For those who are not yet familiar with the product, is a service for renting high-quality Facebook cloud accounts for almost any GEO.  A webmaster works by means of a remote desktop inside the browser on his/her resident private proxies that provides good speed and eliminates the need to buy any ghost tools. As a result, you get a warmed-up account with a Business Manager and a  Facebook page. 

The service is cool but used to be really pricey. Especially for those who have worked with an adult or using the most aggressive approaches when accounts just cannot live long. However, we have heard a lot of positive reviews from those guys who have earned from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars on their accounts (mostly apps and whiter niches like commodities) and are completely satisfied with the service. 

What does offer now? Let's get this straight.

Facebook advertising accounts by subscription: update 

The subscription model implies the purchase of a monthly subscription with an unlimited number of accounts. The number of accounts you can use simultaneously depends on the purchased slots. For example, you buy a subscription for 5 slots in the service and have 5 active accounts for a whole month (when one of them gets banned, you immediately order a new one in its place). Each slot is paid separately, the cost of the slot depends on the type of subscription. 

The price of 1 "immortal" account for a month starts from $69 (in the Standard package) but there is a minimum number of accounts depending on the subscription level. 

The service offers 3 types of subscriptions: Standard, Standard+, and Premium. Here are the changes depending on the level:

  • GEO of the advertising accounts. In the Premium account you've got USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, etc.; in Standard+ it's Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, etc.; and in Standard, it's India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

Facebook advertising accounts

The dot opposite the country name means that premium proxies are available for these accounts. To connect, just click on the "cloud" icon and within 10 minutes the proxies will be connected.

Facebook advertising accounts

The speed of operation on them is significantly different from what it was before, now everything is practically flying. It costs $5 per month, in the Premium account it's for free.

  • A minimum number of active slots. In the Standard, the minimum number of slots is 20, in the Standard+ - 10, and in the Premium - 5. 

In other words, to work in the Standard account, you need to pay for at least 20 slots. Accordingly, you will have 20 accounts constantly in operation. Yeah, 20 active accounts, probably, would be too much for an independent webmaster, but for teams, it's quite fine, if necessary, they can buy some more slots. 

As for support: if you get to the check, you can appeal and the service support will solve the problem and inform you when it is ready to work.

Facebook advertising accounts

What about money? As we said earlier, the cost of 1 slot starts from $69/month in the Standard tariff, in Standard+ it will be $129/month, and in Premium - $379/month.

Facebook advertising accounts

Don't forget that there is a minimum subscription – 20, 10, and 5 slots. It turns out that the minimum package for 20 accounts in the Standard will cost $1380/month, in Standard+ for 10 accounts – $1290/month, in Premium for 5 slots – $1895/month.

If you recalculate this by the number of accounts that you use for a month, the price is right, even good! Given that previously an account in cost from $99/pc each at retail.

Now you get an unlimited amount of accounts within 1 slot for $69. Let's assume it takes 20 accounts per month (let's say 1 account will live for a day and a half). If we recalculate the subscription cost by the number of accounts we get $3/pc. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yes, you can buy BMs, brute-forced accounts… But here we get a ready-to-launch Facebook trust advertising account with the created Business Manager and Facebook Page. If one gets banned, take a new one. No need to worry about invalidating, substitutions, other webmasters in your account, and bans. Got banned - ask for another one.

We believe that the subscription model is a cool solution for teams. Even if you are working with a friend or you've got an uploader then 20 slots is no longer a problem. If you are solo, you have a small turnover, and you have a couple of accounts, then yes, it's quite expensive. The solution is probably not for beginners.

If it's still quite pricey, then you can save a couple of hundred dollars on the subscription - there is no need for any ghost tools or proxies. So one account will cost you $2-3 (count basing on your consumption), this is the average cost of log-in on the market. But here you get support, service ... well, we won't repeat ourselves, it's clear. If you need good accounts in a large volume, Sign Up.

To summarize

We worked with the service before and managed to test it after the update, so we have something to share:

  1. Price. To say the truth, it was quite a lot to pay from $99 per account unless you work in the verticals where accounts live in tens of thousands of spendings. Now although the subscription starts from $1290 it gives you 10 active accounts... for a month… In terms of subscription per day, 1 slot will cost you from $2,3/day (we consider the Standard package). It's the market price for the account but here we get a guarantee that it will be launched.  
  2. Premium proxies gave a significant boost in speed. Previously, although it was not bad, often you could get stuck on the Ads Manager page downloads. Now everything is fast. So, take the accounts of those countries that already have the ability to connect premium proxies. $5/month is just nothing.
  3. Platform operation.  It is worth noting the general change which is a convenient operation inside the browser. At the start of the project, you had to download the RDP file, now everything is beautifully packaged in your personal account, you can work in any browser without the need for any ghost tools. 

All problems are also solved inside the personal account in a few clicks: if the account is put on hold for confirmation - 2 clicks and the Support Team is already working on an appeal; if the account gets logged out – just 2 clicks and it's all right.

Actually, if the account gets hung up at the moment of launching (we got logged out once) you can safely deactivate it and order a new one. You have no limit ;)

4. Accounts. We all understand that there are no immortal accounts, the average spend depends on the trust (there's no choice), as well as consumables, approaches, complaints, and other things… As for these accounts, they run without problems. There are no situations when you log in and get a checkpoint (we may not have launched it enough). In any case, deactivate it and order a new one (if you haven't launched the ads campaign yet) or appeal.

As a result, the SaaS model significantly reduces the cost of accounts on volume. If you need 5-10 accounts/month, it is obvious that this is not for you. In our opinion, the service is moving smoothly from the B2C segment to B2B, focusing on teams and agencies offering them a ready-made solution. 

If you keep 10+ accounts active on your own (Premium will be expensive) and steadily drive traffic, it is likely that a monthly subscription will be cheaper for you than buying accounts or BMs in stores.

We really liked the service, so we can recommend it. Here is a real example of spend in Health & Beauty:

Facebook advertising accounts

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