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Our long-time partners, Push.House, share their story on building an ecosystem for affiliates, being picky at hiring new team members and keeping the balance between 4 actively developing projects.
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One of the emerging issues for affiliates is the progressing disbalance between the payments from an affiliate network and the cost of traffic. Anyone who has been launching campaigns for the past few years knows that high-quality traffic keeps getting more and more expensive while the payout rates don’t exactly follow. 

We’ve talked to the Push.House team to find out how they address this issue. The fact that there are many products in the House family (a push network Push.House, a push subscription platform Partner.House, an affiliate network CPA.House, and a spy tool Spy.House) allows the team to look deeper into the subject and achieve the perfect balance between efficiency, profitability, and keeping their partners happy. 

Meanwhile, we found out how the team has started, which one was their first project, and which one brings the most headache now. 

1. Please, describe your team to our audience in one sentence.

We’re a team of professionals who have proven themselves to be reliable business partners in the affiliate industry. 

2. What are your key areas of activity? Is it support of your products like Push.House? Or is it media-buying? 

Our main activities right now are support and maintenance of our advertising network Push.House and push subscription affiliate program Partners.House.

3. How many projects do you have in the House family? What are these projects?

We have 4 projects at the moment which are: 

  • Push.House — an advertising network with push traffic
  • Partners.House — push subscription affiliate program 
  • Spy.House — free spy solution for analyzing teaser ads and push subscriptions. 
  • CPA.House — an affiliate network with hundreds of offers.

4. Which one of these projects is your flagship? What brings you the most clients / money /  headache?

All of our products mean a lot to us. Each project is somehow connected to the others, so each of them gets a proper amount of attention. 

As for the projects that are relatively more effort- and time-consuming, that would be Push.House and Partners.House

5. Who are the people that stand behind the House family? What is your background? How many people work at the company right now and do you have any plans to expand it?

The company was founded back in 2010. All of our current employees and alumni started their journey working with traffic when “traffic” wasn’t yet a buzzword. Since then, we’ve accumulated such a great deal of experience that our projects were deemed to be successful. 

Right now we have 22 people in the team and each member has multiple years of practice behind their belts and a clear understanding of the market that we operate in. Frankly speaking, there are no random people on the team as we hire very, very thoroughly. When a person wants to join, the hiring process is very long. We scrupulously select our future colleagues as we hold them to the highest standards. 

There are thoughts on expansion, yes, but we keep it a secret, for now. Stay tuned and you will hear about us very soon. 

6. How did you get an idea of creating Push.House?

It all started with market analysis when we were looking for profitable niches in the traffic business. We were sort of looking for our blue ocean. Once we did our due diligence, we saw that this niche wasn’t crowded, there was almost no competition. So, we tested the model, our hypotheses, released an MVP, and the tests showed promising results. 

7. When were other projects launched?

We’ve released Partners.House in the end of 2018, CPA.House in the end of 2019 and Spy.House in 2020. As you can see, we’re famous for releasing new projects at the end of each year. 

8. CPA.House. How is it better than all the other affiliate networks in the market? Who do you see as your main competitors?

We respect our peers in the field and other teams who released their own projects, so we can’t really say that we’re better than everyone else. 

Our key advantages, though, are the facts that we work with direct advertisers and add new offers regularly. Moreover, we have lots of functions and features for our partners’ convenience.

9. Push.House. So, you’re working with the Adult vertical. Is it more profitable than mainstream? If so, why do you think most affiliates haven’t switched to it yet? 

Adult isn’t more profitable, it’s just a matter of traffic volume and there’s just more traffic in adult. There are such verticals as iGaming, Crypto, Ecommerce which are very lucrative for affiliates. 

It our experience, the distribution of traffic is as follows: Adult - 60%, Mainstream - 40%.

10. Partners.House. Can you please describe your project? 

Partners.House is a platform for website owners and webmasters who drive traffic to push subscriptions.

We offer comfortable terms of monetization and extra monetization of traffic with push subscriptions for both website owners and affiliates (one doesn’t need to own a site for that).  We’re working with all categories of sites and accept all GEOs. Our payment model is RevShare, which means the webmaster (or an affiliate) will get paid for each click his users make on the ads, in particular, 80% of the click’s price.

This service doesn’t interfere with any other monetization method, so one can easily add up to 30% to their monetization stream.

And by the way, we work with both http and https sites.  

11. What is the hardest part of your job? What challenges do you have to overcome regularly? 

I’d say that the hardest thing in advertising is to keep the balance in prices that would be profitable to traffic suppliers and advertisers alike. The former want to sell their traffic for as high of a price as possible, and the latter want to buy it as cheap as possible. That creates somewhat of a stock spread that we exist in. 

We have more that 100k registered users in all of our services so the job of the support team is very important. 

I wouldn’t say that we have any obstacles on our way, we just need to be quick on our feet and keep our webmasters and the affiliates working with us equally happy. This is our key motivation to release new features, optimize our processes and make our services better each day. 

We’re not “take the money and run” kind of a company. Our biggest priority is well-coordinated work of all our services and our team. 

12. In your opinion, what makes your company stand out from the competition? What helped you reach success?

We’re always in touch with our partners helping them out with any issues that they face. Our managers work 24/7 to provide seamless support and that’s one of our key advantages, I’d say. We hear our partners and we’re open to their suggestions. And the team, our team is the best!

13. What are your plans for each of the projects? What should we expect from the House group in the nearest future?

I’d list our plans in this order: 

  • Expanding our team
  • Attracting new partners
  • Enhancing our products and services
  • New projects. 

14. And what is your next project going to be? 

That’s a secret for now. Just stay tuned and check out our socials. We’ll announce everything there. 

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