Affiliate Software Hunting down the top creatives: Spy.House review

Spy tools are essential to stay competitive when launching campaigns. Check out the review of a free spy tool Spy.House from the founders of Push.House, CPA.House and Partners.House.
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Launching display campaigns always raises such questions as: what creatives should I use? Where do I find creatives for my ad campaign? The spy tools are one way to look for inspiration and check out what your competitors are doing. So, today we’ll be reviewing a completely free spy service from the team that bought us, and Spy.House. Let’s explore what it has to offer in regards to particular verticals, networks and stats. 

What is Spy.House? 

Spy.House is a new spy service developed by the company behind the push network (we've written a review about it not that long ago), affiliate network (here's another review) and other projects. Founded in 2019, the tool provides a totally free analysis and monitoring service for banner advertising. 

The tool features ads from 11 networks including: 

  • Push.House
  • EvaDav
  • Eidos Network
  • Kadam
  • RollerAds
  • Adeum
  • Clickadu
  • BidsPush
  • PropellerAds
  • ByMyAds
  • Dao.Ads

The tool explores 200,000+ ads daily in both mainstream and adult areas. 

The registration only takes a few seconds and requires you to provide minimum login data. Also, you can register with a variety of social accounts. 

Working with Spy.House: Interface overview

Upon login, you’ll get to the Ads tab of the main page. This is where you can look for creatives for your next campaign and analyze the top performing campaigns of your competition. 

On the left you can see the time filters which help you find the most recent ads. Here, you can choose to look for ads created and displayed: 

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • This month 
  • Last month

or specify a custom range. 

Below, you can select the network to explore. For example, you only work with Push.House because of their traffic quality and preference to Adult vertical. Tick the checkbox and analyze it precisely.

If you’re interested in a certain GEO, you can select any from a list of 247 countries presented on the platform or their combination. For the broadest reach, we recommend starting with All

To apply the filters, hit Apply. If you want to monitor ads with similar parameters regularly, you can save the settings by hitting the Save button down below. 

Let’s set the filters to 7 days, Push.House, Adult only and All in the GEOs section. Let’s call this filter Push.House_All_Last7. 

Now, this filter will be available from the top of the page under the Select Filter Settings drop down menu. Super convenient for regular monitoring. 

Apart from the Ads tab, there are the following sections on the site.

  • Advertising networks. This is a rating of ad networks presented in Spy.House with stats and reviews. The section is currently under development, but when released, it will be a great source for additional insights. 
  • Landings. We’ll talk about this section later as here you can spy after your competitors’ landing pages. 
  • Offers. This section lists the most promising and lucrative offers collected from several networks. You can filter them by Category, Target action, GEOs and Currencies. 

  • Trackers tab contains the list of the best trackers. Currently, the section is being updated with the positions. 
  • CPA network also contains the rating of affiliate networks that the service recommends. No wonder its first positions include the proprietary CPA.House and Push.House.
  • Conferences tab list the top events to attend. 
  • Services include the list of useful tools and services for affiliates. 
  • By tapping the Blog tab, you’ll see the company’s blog where you will find lots of useful information on spying for competitors and launching smart campaigns.
  • FAQ answers all the most popular questions that users usually ask.

That’s about it regarding the platform. And now let’s investigate the main asset of Spy.House: display ads. 

Ads in Spy.House: the drill down 

So, let’s take a look at what ads you can find at the platform. We’ll take a close look at three verticals: Crypto, Sweepstakes and Dating; and then explore ads in the Push.House ad network. It also makes sense to browse through other platforms to see which of them provide good traffic. 

Crypto ads in Spy.House 

To look for such ads, we’ll type “crypto” in the keyword search field without the limitation by network and sort the results by the number of Shows.

The system returns 263 results which is pretty good. As you can see, the first ad looks promising. It ran on the Dao.Ad platform from July 21 to August 9 (so it’s pretty recent) in Turks and Caicos Islands and received more than 1.5 million views. Let’s take a closer look. 

When clicking on the ad, you can see its previews on Mobile and Desktop, the texts used for Title and Description and the language of the ad (this will be convenient if you can’t identify the language at a glance). The system also shows the chains of redirect — that’s useful to check what parameters the advertiser was tracking, what tracker they used etc. (not in this case, sadly). 

Sweepstakes in Spy.House

The next vertical that we’ll look into works great on push ads - that’s Sweepstakes. However, if you just type ‘Sweepstakes’ in the search field, you probably won’t get any results. 

Just as we thought: only 4 ads with 1 view, not much to work with. Let’s type ‘iPhone’ — this is one of the most popular prizes for sweepstake participation, this should do the trick. 

We’ll sort the results by the number of shows to see the most successful ones. For example, this creative with the notification bell has been popping up in campaigns since the beginning of the year in different countries. The most recent success comes from Malta where it got 40k views from July 30 to August 1. 

By clicking on the ad, you can see the text used for title and description and download the images. The previews for mobile and desktop help you see how the ad attracts users on different platforms. 

A nice feature is Similar creatives that appear at the bottom of the popup with the creative. It shows you images that were used in similar campaigns. That’s a good alternative for the creative in question. 

Dating ads in Spy.House

Since Spy.House accommodates both mainstream and adult ads, let’s explore the Adult Dating vertical. The most obvious keyword for this niche would be ‘Sex’. Otherwise, you can tick the ‘Only Adult’ checkbox on the left. Take minors away from screens, we’re getting into the deep end. 

We’ll be looking into the most recent ads not to waste our time on the creatives that could have become obsolete since the first launch. Here, the feed shows us 2,664 ads created and displayed for the last month. 

Just as before, let’s sort the ads by the number of Shows. Obviously, with these input data we’ll see lots of Nutra ads for adult enhancement products. However, if you scroll down you’ll be able to identify Dating ads by the typical creatives with the images of girls. Here are two interesting sets that ran in Brazil and Mexico in the last week. 

Both were launched in the Push.House network and both show good results in terms of traffic. Brazil and Mexico also look as promising GEOs for this vertical and ad format. 

Push.House Ads

Let’s explore the most recent ads from the Push.House network. Here, we can see Nutra ads, Finance, Sweepstakes, more Nutra and Dating. Since we set the time period to last 30 days and sorted the results by the number of Shows, you’re seeing the most recent and most engaging ads on the platform. Also, here you can see the most promising GEOs for each vertical, and the data will be as recent as it gets. 

By clicking on the ad and exploring its chain of redirects, you can spy on the conversion flow, which will be especially important for highly competitive verticals such as Finance, Crypto or Nutra. 

In any case, the platform provides all the opportunities to play with filters and find the most profitable creatives for your next campaign. 


Overall, Spy.House leaves a good impression in terms of functionality and versatility of the presented ads. 

The obvious pros include: 

  • Development by a respected holding which includes other affiliate marketing platforms (CPA.House, Push.House etc.) 
  • Many ad platforms in the spy kit (11 titles + we heard the rumors that more are coming) 
  • Versatile filters and sorters. With them, one can drill down to find the top performing ads with very specific parameters.
  • The platform is totally free. That’s a clear advantage compared to other spy tools on the market.  

A few cons that we’ve noticed: 

  • Several sections on the platform feature too few positions to be considered comprehensive ratings. However, the team is working on updating it, so we’re expecting to see a rich list any time soon. 
  • Certain sections of the site are not localised. The platform is available in Russian and English languages, and certain UI elements are not localized. But given the experience of the team working on the project, we also expect this to be soon fixed. 

Altogether, we see no reason to not explore and take advantage of the platform right away. Off you go! 

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