Affiliate Marketing Learn How to Use Push Notifications to Increase Affiliate Offers Revenue By 35%

Did you know there's a way to increase conversions from your landing by 35%? Learn how to use solution to do that!
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As an affiliate, the hunt for innovative ways to increase your earnings is a continuous process. Methods that are not particularly time and labor-intensive can be quite appealing. 

Push notifications are a perfect fit for this criterion. 

When we talk about push notifications, it refers to ad types that appear as alerts on the desktop or mobile devices of the target audience. Push notifications have grown to become a regular tool utilized for many affiliate campaigns. If you wish to monetize your purchased traffic and increase your profits, push notifications are your solution regardless of your offer type. 

One of the top players in the push notifications space is ProPush. ProPush offers a subscription solution and guides affiliates on revenue boosting. 

How Do Push Notifications Increase the Revenue from Campaign Conversions? 

If you use pre-landers, you might operate on the notion that your only way to earn revenue is your offers converting. Well, here’s the kicker: when you have a pre-lander, you have the option of additional revenue channels. 

A great example of this is adding a ProPush tag to your pre-landers with the goal of subscriptions collection that does not interfere with the main offer’s conversion rate. You will concurrently execute the collection of the subscriptions and increase your revenue. The results? Your earnings have the potential of getting a 35% boost. 

What Is the Impact of Push Tags on The Conversion Rate of The Main Offers?

You might have picked on this earlier, but we’ll elaborate for emphasis. No, your main offer’s conversion rate will be unaffected when your pre-lander contains the push tag. 

The beauty of the push subscription window is that it appears native to the pre-lander. The chances of conversions or the UX being affected are minimal. 

How Much Revenue Are We Talking About? 

For every new subscriber, your earnings will soar. That means that the volume of subscriptions your traffic generates will determine your revenue amount. ProPush has a calculator on its homepage that can come in handy when you want to see the projections of your potential earnings. 

How Do I Start? 

Start by downloading ProPush’s quick start guide. Their team is always available if the guide does not answer all your questions. Reach out via the various communication options listed on the homepage, and they will answer your questions shortly. 

Any Other Additional Revenue Generating Avenues? 

Push subscriptions are a great hassle-free way of additional revenue generation. However, the goal is to maximize your earnings, and partnering with ProPush can ensure you achieve it. 

Currently, ProPush is running a promotion for affiliates to increase their earnings. Apply the promo code “ProPush100” during registration, and you will be set to boost your profits. The promotion allows you access to double payouts on banners and a 100% bonus when you are a new affiliate. 

Sold On the Idea of Boosting Your Profits? Contact ProPush Today. 

The lovely team at ProPush is happy to answer all your queries. If you want to get additional information on using push notifications to increase affiliate offers revenue by 35%, contact them, and you will be glad that you did!

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