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Getting more offers is the key to increasing income from affiliate marketing. Choosing the right CPA network, in turn, is the key to getting relevant
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Getting more offers is the key to increasing income from affiliate marketing. Choosing the right CPA network, in turn, is the key to getting relevant profitable offers. This is why many affiliates are choosing to join This network has a big list of lucrative offers that are constantly being updated and plenty of useful features to optimize your campaign.

Registering and getting approved

It’s easy for new partners to start working with Registering and starting to find offers only takes 10 minutes. All you need for registration is an email address and Telegram handle.

The approval rates are higher than for most of their competitors with some offers displaying a rate of over 90%. 

Offers and traffic sources

This network covers a wide range of verticals. Main verticals are Nutra, iGaming, Dating and Betting but the network also has a variety of offers from IVR, eCommerce and Sweepstakes. 

There are over 850 offers compiled by including plenty of exclusive ones. All of them are constantly moderated and updated. Offers with the highest payout rates can be found in the "Top offers" section.

Prohibited traffic 

Because is responsible for the type of traffic their partners are getting for their advertisers, some type of traffic is prohibited in the network.

        1. Sources that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation or any other country

Obviously, all traffic should be sourced in a legit and legal way.

        2. Active advertising systems, motivated traffic, task managers and calendars.

        3. Spam

Using spam via email, sms or other possible channels such as social media. This type of promotion is never suitable for exclusive high quality offers.

        4. Advertisement websites such as craigslist

These websites are prohibited if the submit form should be filled in manually.

        5. Scripts and bots

 Automation of visitors’ actions on advertisers’ sites using bots or any other means.

        6. Cashback

It's prohibited to promise users a discount or any other rewards in exchange for rewarding the webmaster.

If any fraudulent actions performed by an affiliate is detected by the network, the account will be blocked indefinitely, and all funds will be reimbursed to advertisers' accounts.

Payout rates and frequency attracts affiliate partners with higher rates in comparison to the rest of the market. The payout rates of some offers reach $30. Besides high rates, also has a daily payout system and individual rates for trusted partners.

The minimum payout amount is 50 USD or 50 EUR. Like with most affiliate networks, there is a hold period that takes around 7 days. After 2 payments have been made, you can contact the managers to get personal conditions and higher rates on your offer. This period allows the network to assess the quality of traffic and further prospects for cooperation.

Payments can be made to Visa and MasterCard, WebMoney, Capitalist, Qiwi, and Yandex.Money. 

Dashboard and tools provides their partners with a comprehensive dashboard where they can find real time statistics and reports that can be useful to improve the results of your campaigns. You can also check out audience analytics with all the data gathered directly to the CRM. This information can help you to target desired audiences more efficiently. 

The range of tools available for webmasters, includes Smart TDS, API integration and postback logs. 

  • Smart TDS

Smart TDS is a technology that allows you to combine several offers within the same GEO into one link. Then the system will evenly distribute the traffic to all the offers within that link.

  • API

Integration with the network's API (Application Program Interface) enables direct work with advertisers and reduces a great deal of manual work.

  • Postback logs

These help you to keep track of your conversions for the offers integrated into the system and provide transparency when working with the network.

Most offers also include creatives for promotion including landing pages and prelanders as well as affiliate links. All landing pages are localized for the target GEOs and adapted for most popular screen resolutions. You can choose the most converting landing page to get more traffic.

Additional resources

The network has a blog where the company provides valuable educational materials for beginners and more seasoned affiliates. 

They also run several social channels where they frequently post useful materials: 

To sum it up

CPA.House is an affiliate network that provides webmasters with many exclusive offers and favorable conditions. Short hold time and high payout rates will allow you to monetize your traffic and get the best results. The professionalism of the managers and responsive support team will help you navigate the network and get the best out of the tools that it offers. 

If you are looking to work with a good CPA network, you can register and start earning with all in the same day.

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