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The beginning of the summer is the perfect time to attend a massive event and get some networking done in an informal setting. Combining work
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The beginning of the summer is the perfect time to attend a massive event and get some networking done in an informal setting. Combining work and pleasure is the name of the game for World Affiliate Show 2021.

Affiliate marketers from all over the world will meet on the 10th of June in Moscow. The largest expo in the industry is organized by Alexei Khitrov, an expert in affiliate marketing with experience of over 10 years. Alexei and his team are the people who previously organized many successful events including CPA Life and IGCONF.

WAS’21 will unite affiliates and CPAs to discuss current market trends and listen to the experiences of the leading traffic experts, attend exhibitions of the largest companies in the field, and, of course, establish new professional connections and have fun.


The most famous affiliate marketers and representatives of the largest companies will be speaking at WAS’21. Some of the mainstream experts don’t usually participate in affiliate conferences so this will be a rare chance to learn from their experiences.

Besides the speakers already displayed on the website, new participants are being added every day. Some of the notable names in the current speaker list include:

  • Alexander Slobozhenko, owner of Traffic Devils and the top affiliate of the Gambling vertical

  • Sergei Khitrov, Founder of Listing.Help and the Blockchain Life forum

  • Maxim Makovetskiy, Head of Affiliates at PMaffiliates

  • Luca Montana, Co-Owner of Money Kings and Money Kings Partners

  • Artyom Prokofiev, Owner of

  • Marina Chernova, Owner of AFFSTAR

  • Artyom Kravchenko, Executive PR Lead at LeadRoc 

  • Mikhail Svinaryov, Co-Owner of the private forum

  • Roman Ostrovsky, Head of CPA at 1WIN

  • Edward Pavlov, Co-Founder of,, and

… and many others. You can see the full list of participating speakers on the website.

The brand new conference format

WAS’21 won’t include boring long-winded presentations and other outdated conference formats. Instead, speakers will lead round table discussions where they will share real experiences from their practice and current working schemes in affiliate marketing. After their presentations, members of the audience will be able to ask their own questions and get a detailed response on the topic.

Masterclasses will also be held at WAS’21 for new players in the CPA field. These classes will be taught by representatives of the leading affiliate networks and programs who will help participants to start their campaigns from scratch and get their first leads.

Besides attending round tables, and exhibitions, WAS’21 participants can get some networking done in an informal setting at the event’s chill-out zones, hookah lounges, and unlimited bars.

Work hard and party hard

Before the event, there will be 7 pre-parties from major companies.

This will be a perfect opportunity for establishing new connections with the event attendees, sponsors, and partners including the Affiliate Valley team members.

A spectacular all-inclusive Afterparty will take place in the evening at the GLAVCLUB concert venue with gifts and surprises from the sponsors and partners.


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World Affiliate Show 2021 will take place at the Loft Hall, a spacious and unconventional venue designed in a modern loft style. The event will include many different zones including hookah and lounge zones, private rooms, and open-air spaces for networking.


Tickets are still on sale and can be purchased from the official WAS’21 website. The categories of tickets include Standard, Business, and VIP. With the VIP category, you are going to be able to get the most out of the event including access to VIP lounges, individual consultations from the speakers, and VIP treatment at the Afterparty (unlimited drinks, dinner, and a VIP table).

If you are unable to attend the event in person, Online tickets are also available. These will grant you access to the online viewing of the event and video recordings of performances. Some of the topics will be discussed in English, so even English-speaking audiences can get great value out of this offer. 

If you want to know about all the topics including the ones discussed in Russian, we will be tweeting live from the event and post short overviews of all speeches. Follow Affiliate Valley on Twitter to stay in the loop! 

The prices will be going up every day before the event so hurry up! 

Note that WAS’21 will assist foreign colleagues in attending the event and getting a visa to enter the country. The easiest way to do that is to get a ticket to the UEFA Championship that will grant you entry to Russia at any date from May to July. This way you can attend the World Affiliate Show as well as watch the football (yes, football — not soccer!) championship in person.

And for all our readers, we've prepared a special something. Use the promo code AFFVALLEY at checkout and get your WAS'21 ticket with a sweet 15% discount!

So, get your tickets to the largest expo in the affiliate marketing industry now and we will see you there! 

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