Affiliate networks Never worked with direct advertisers? Well it's time to start!

In this article, you will know why you should consider direct advertisers. Also we will tell you about the best advertiser in Nutra, E-commerce and Finance.
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The niche of beauty and health products is one of the most profitable and stable in affiliate marketing. These offers solve eternal problems and cover the widest possible paying audience. So affiliates can get high payments and work with a lot of GEOs. That's why there are all conditions for competition in this niche.

Now the competition goes far beyond cpa-affiliate programs, because more and more direct advertisers are appearing on the affiliate market. They offer their own products, logistics, call center and special conditions. With a higher margin, they can offer rates of a higher magnitude, which can go above the market standard by up to 10% on average.

In addition, they guarantee high-quality processing of leads and the solution of any situation, since they control the entire chain, which is responsible for the final approval.

However, you need to analyze the profit, which is measured by tests, since the quality of traffic and approaches may differ for each affiliate. Finding a direct advertiser today is not a problem, for example, Europe, the CIS, Asia have long been explored, you just have to split.

If you need a good affiliate program from a direct advertiser, we recommend looking at Direct Affiliate. 

Their advantages: 

  • rates up to € 40 

  • average approval percentage 60-65% 

  • the presence of unique GEOs (Scandinavia, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, UAE) 

  • help with partner creatives 

Why does the partner offer such conditions? Let's figure it out.

Direct nutra advertiser: direct affiliate network review

The main GEOs are Europe, Scandinavia, and Mexico. If you need a GEO with minimal competition, we recommend taking a closer look at the “Nordics” and Mexico. It is difficult to find offers for these countries on the market and they are not so popularized.

In addition to the nutra vertical, the affiliate program works with e-commerce (white offers) and educational offers. Now there are over 500 offers in the network! 

Direct Affiliate runs on an in-house platform. It is worth noting that it is pleasant, simple and functional.

But the design is not as important as the basic conditions and top offers.

Let's see what's in the top row (in the format: offer, GEO and system averages):

 Vanefist Neo (weight loss)

  • SE 36.4€ CR 7% AR48%; 

  • FI 24,57€ CR 8% AR50%

Formelan (adult, potency)

  • SE 21.84€ CR 7% AR58%; 

  • FI 25,48€ CR 8% AR57%; 

  • BE 18.2€ CR 9% AR56%; 

  • DE 22.75€ CR 6% AR53%; 

Man effect pro (adult, potency)

  • SE 21.84€ CR 7% AR58%; 

  • DE 22.75€ CR 9% AR55%;  

Solvenin (varicosity)

  • SE 36.4€ CR 6% AR59%; 

  • DE 21.84€ CR 8% AR51%;  

  • FI 36.4€ CR 7% AR52%; 

Flexa Plus Optima (joints)

  • SE 27.3€ CR 8% AR52%; 

  • DE 24.57€ CR 7% AR55%;  

  • FI 27.3€ CR 9% AR53%; 

Remi blosotn (hypertension)

  • SE 27.3€ CR 9% AR53%; 

  • DE 16.38€ CR 7% AR55%;  

  • FI 34.58€ CR 7% AR63%; 

Nutresin (hearing) 

- DE 22.75€ CR 9% AR54%;

These are basic rates. After the tests you can ask for a bump if the quality is good.

A very important step is approval. The approval is real. The peculiarity of offers in the order form is that it is longer than usual and this allows filtering trash orders at the filling stage.

For example:

Here, in addition to the standard name and phone number, you need to add an address, mail, a field for notes and the ability to choose a payment (online or cash on delivery).

Of course, the CR in the application will be lower than in the forms with two fields, but this fully compensates for the approval. The user is checked from all sides: dialing, SMS, letters to the mail. The advertiser guarantees that your lead doesn't go to the trash until he is called from the call office many times. In any case, everything needs to be tested. Sign up and take something from similar offers to the split.

The offer card details the working conditions, as well as the description of the product (application, benefits, ingredients, action, indications and contraindications). All this can be played on pre-landers, or in creatives:

Additionally, the card contains offer sources for use in creatives. If you are missing something, contact the manager. They will add what you need and will also help with creatives.

In general, the support is responsive and always in touch.


The platform is an in-house platform, so we cannot pass by the section with statistics. They have classic functionality, allowing grouping and filtering by offers, GEO, categories, sub-tags with the ability to create your own preset of settings:


The minimum payout is € 200. Payments are made once a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Hold is for 7 days.Withdrawals can be made through Webmoney, Capitalist, Wire, Payoneer, Paypal, Bitcoin. 

The network didn’t find problems with non-payments. So they pay on time without delays.

Summing up

Direct nutra advertisers continue to capture the market by launching their own affiliate programs. No matter how beautiful the marketing is. "Top rank" is measured in profit, and often on large volumes the direct advertiser outbids the bid of any affiliate program.

Certainly, some affiliate programs with re-sale offers can provide better conditions at the start. But when it comes to making money in the long run, it's better to build a long-term relationship with a direct advertiser. You will already be able to raise your bid after the test traffic generation.

If you need a direct advertiser with its own production in Europe, we recommend looking at Direct Affiliate. Their own infrastructure allows them to place rates above the market, and a competent support will help in any questions.

Test, enter new markets and earn more!

Contact info 

For any cooperation requests with Direct Affiliate, get in touch with Vasiliy Cash:

Telegram: @Vasiliy_Cash

Skype: vg_527

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