Affiliate Conferences RichPush Asks Experts What You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing Events

RichPush ad network’s team asked the experienced professionals of affiliate marketing to share their favorite conferences to invest your time and money in 2020 and give you some useful advice.
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In the world of affiliate marketing, networking and attending top conferences has become the most effective way to be in the loop and build professional communications. And obviously, there is a huge variety of industry events you can visit just to keep up. But how worthy is it to pay attention to all of them?

RichPush ad network’s team asked the experienced professionals of affiliate marketing to share their favorite conferences to invest your time and money in 2020 and give you some useful advice.

What affiliate marketing events are worth visiting in 2020? Why? 

 Emanuel Cinca, Founder of Stacked Marketer:

I regularly attend Affiliate World Europe and Affiliate World Asia, so they are probably my first recommendation for anyone interested in general affiliate conferences. They are very international, they have networking side-events split by traffic sources or verticals so everyone can focus on whatever they do, whether that’s push, native, Facebook, etc.

Another conference that I think can uncover some interesting opportunities is Afiliados Brasil. They have over 5k attendees and they focus on the Brazilian market, which is very large. For many, it can be the untapped opportunity they’ve been waiting for and that’s where they can find the right partners.

This year, I will also be attending AW Summit’s Brainfull event, which has a very nice lineup, including Neil Patel. I’m speaking there too and I am impressed by the organizers so far. The event is in my home country of Romania and takes place on 2-5 June so it’s a little bit extra-special for me to speak there.

So if I had to choose 4 events to attend this year, those would probably be the list. If you are close, you cannot go wrong by checking out Affiliate Summit too, they are a classic that always has something useful.

 Luke, Admin at AffLift: 

My two favorite conferences are Affiliate Summit and Affiliate World. I'm always excited to meet with a lot of the partners I know from affLIFT and receive feedback about what we are doing in our community. One of my objectives for such shows is to get in touch with as many affiliate networks as possible - I didn't miss a single meeting during my latest trip. After the ASW20, I gave out about 250 discount cards for new potential affLIFT members and got a giant stack of business cards, too.

I am about 100% sure at this point that I will be attending Affiliate Summit in New York this summer. I am not sure about Affiliate World yet, but based on my experience, I think any show in our space could have a positive impact on the community. Of course, that's the goal!

 KJ Rocker, Affiliate Marketing Expert

Affiliate World Asia and Affiliate World Europe are my favorite ones that I love to attend every time.

 Eugene Kuznetsov, Product Manager at RichPush: 

India Affiliate Summit was the busiest, we’ve got lots of questions about traffic and platform’s features and gave out all our business cards soon after the event’s start. Another one of my favorites is Affiliate World Europe - last time we were there it paid off really fast. Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas is definitely worth visiting because the US market has its own specific features to tell and learn about. And it’s the only popular event where we could meet our partners from Latin America. 

 Dmitry Sergeev, CBDO at RichPush: 

Affiliate World Europe and Affiliate World Asia were the best fit for us as our product totally coincided with the audience’s interest in push traffic.

Could you share any tips for attendees on how to get the most out of the events?


Contact people you want to do business within advance set up meetings and prepare mini-agendas for your meetings that you may also send in advance.

Of course, leave some time for drinks and hanging out but make sure you get in some of the serious talks in, whether that’s with your account manager, other affiliates, or whatever else.

Oh, and the last tip from me, which some may well disagree with: don’t get drunk before or during your meetings. Either just don’t get drunk at all or make sure you can recover quickly. Not that people mind partying at conferences, it’s just that you are way more likely to forget all the important things you discussed and that meeting becomes useless.

 KJ Rocker:

Make sure you make a list of all the companies you want to meet and arrange meetings with them as everyone is busy during the conferences. So, plan ahead and schedule meetings before the event. 

Next, sign up for all the parties and networking events. This is where you will be able to meet like-minded people and learn what is happening in the industry. 

And remember that these parties and meetups get booked pretty quickly. So, RSVP as soon as possible and don't wait for the last day.  


Take the advance preparations seriously. Explore the whole list of attendees and find the ones who you can partner with in the future. Find their contacts, book meetings, and, necessarily, check how they look like to minimize awkward situations.

Think of what questions people can ask you, especially, the tricky and uncomfortable ones, and get ready to answer them, prepare the answers and case studies.

No matter if have you a booth or not, it’s always better to sleep well beforehand and come to the conference hall early. If you’re going with your teammates, synchronize your activities according to the prepared checklist for the event.

Be friendly and give people something to remember. Don’t disregard the importance of small talk - very often you should find something in common with a person first. And in general, communicate with as many exhibitors as possible starting with the most interesting ones.

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