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We met RedTrack Team back in 2018. Now, we decided to check what’s new in RedTrack and if they reached their goal.
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We met RedTrack Team back in 2018. Then it was a very small team passionate to bring something new to the market of tracking solutions. And it’s been a while since we reviewed this tracker for the first time. Now, we decided to check what’s new in RedTrack and if they reached their goal. has been on the market for a while recognized as the progressive and supportive tracker. It’s already known to many affiliates and media buyers and they won the love of customers from 107 countries. 

We surfed the web to find what RedTrack customers say about them:

RedTrack Review

RedTrack Review

RedTrack is a relatively small international team of passionate adtech guys who are super customer-focused. Some of RedTrack's most popular features have been directly requested by clients. So, if you need any custom solution, go ahead! 

We divided all RedTrack features into four main categories: tracking, optimization, analytics, and management. What do they stand for? 

RedTrack tracking solutions

The most important factors of any tracking process are speed, data accuracy, and reliability. RedTrack makes them all work with 4 main features:

1. No-redirect tracking.

One script that helps you to track organic, Facebook, Google traffic, etc. with no data losses and have separate reports on the performance of each traffic source.

2. Impression tracking and forwarding.

With the help of RedTrack, on top of clicks & conversions, track impressions and visible impressions of every banner to get a broad picture of your campaigns. 

RedTrack Review

Impression forwarding is a feature for big affiliates and agencies mostly. To give a quick glimpse, it’s totally a ‘must-have’ feature if you work with Amazon, Audible, and other big ecom brands.

3. S2S postback tracking with no 3rd party cookies.

Currently the most reliable and secure alternative to Pixel Tracking. They also made it possible for GoogleAds and GoogleAnalytics.

4. Fraud detection.

Unlike many other tracking solutions, RedTrack partnered with a reputable fraud-fighting solution (FraudScore) to offer fraud and bot detection that actually works. This feature is available at a small extra fee but helps you to check the traffic quality you buy. 

RedTrack optimization solutions

1. A/B testing.

A/B testing allows you to carry out simple and sophisticated split tests to find winning combinations and help you maximize your ROI.

Some of the brightest stories about their experience with RedTrack A/B testing features were from Mobfolio ad agency and Adavice ad agency.

2. Auto-rules.

RedTrack was the first tracker to introduce automated traffic management that made it possible to manage your traffic from different sources without leaving their tracker. More than 20 traffic sources, such as Google, Facebook, PropellerAds, Taboola, Revcontent, etc. are fully integrated with RedTrack now. 

RedTrack Review

With auto-rules: 

  • pause campaign in your traffic source based on its performance
  • distribute traffic to the most effective offers / landers / streams inside campaign
  • blacklist ineffective placements
  • get a notification every time when desired KPIs are not met.

RedTrack analytics solutions

1. Reports with 30+ data attribution points.

Here’s basically everything you need to understand the whole picture of your ad campaigns: Offer, Landing, Date, Date parting, Connection, IP, Device, OS, Browser, GEO, Language, Referrer, Stream, SubID and other parameters all on one screen.

RedTrack Review

2. Customized reports.

With RedTrack you can easily customize your workspace. Decide how you want your entire dashboard looks like -- adding, hiding, and re-ordering all the columns and metrics, filtering subIDs, and grouping them in the way you or your counterparties want.

RedTrack Review

RedTrack management solutions

1. Multi-Access.

You can share the access to your personal or corporate account with team members and manage each of them, giving/ limiting access to financial data, traffic source, network, app sections, and others.

RedTrack Review

2. Publisher Panel.

If you work with a limited number of direct affiliates/publishers and run your own media-buying that's certainly a feature for you. RedTrack makes it possible to track, manage, and control all your publishers in one place, giving separate white-labelled workspaces for them and advertisers. 

RedTrack Review

Publisher's workspace

How to create a campaign with RedTrack?

After reading customer reviews on how easy the set-up process in RedTrack account is, we decided to set up our first ad campaign. 

Generally, it consists of 5 main stages:

  1. Traffic Source set-up 
  2. Affiliate Network/ Offer source set-up (100+ templates with Networks)
  3. Offer settings 
  4. Landing page configuration 
  5. Creating ad campaign

For those, who want to test the functionality, RedTrack offers 14-days free plan

Try It For Free

Now, let’s see for yourself how easy the process is:

1. The Traffic Source set-up.

There are 70+ Traffic Sources with ready-made templates available in RedTrack. You can save your time and choose one of the lists or “Add your traffic” in case you haven’t found the needed one. We chose MGID, which is also a RedTrack API-integrated source. We’ll activate Impression tracking and S2S Postback Tracking method. 

RedTrack Review

As the Postback URL was automatically generated by RedTrack, we didn’t have to dive deep into the technical details of this issue. All we need to do is just go to MGID, adjust this Postback in MGID interface, and change the event parameter.

After adding several macros, we advise you to put in MGID ‘login’ data, so you can enjoy all the advantages of RedTrack - MGID integration, and auto-rules.

RedTrack Review

Learn more: How to set-up your Traffic Source with RedTrack 

2. The Offer Source Set-up.

We chose Shopify for our Test campaign and enabled all the advanced tracking features RedTrack has released: event tracking to analyze your campaign profitability more deeply, click expiration not to receive postbacks that happened more than 15 days ago (in our case) and whitelisted IPs to accept postbacks only from whitelisted IP addresses.

For pre-set Affiliate Networks most of the essential information and setting are already available. You do not need to update it.  

RedTrack Review

Learn more: How to set-up your Affiliate Network with RedTrack 

3. The Offer Settings.

First, we added the Offer Name, chose Shopify as an Offer Source, entered the Payout Value (if Network doesn’t pass this value dynamically), and added Offer URL with a {clickid} parameter at the end. Then we set up: 

  • Unique Visits Cap to set the maximum number of times the offer will be displayed to the same user,
  • Conversion Cap allows you to set a daily limit of conversions for your Offer. 

Click Cap to limit the maximum number of clicks that you want to receive for your Offer.

RedTrack Review

Learn more: How to add an Offer with RedTrack 

4. The Landing Page Set-up.

There are four types of web pages acceptable by RedTrack: Landing/ Pre Landing page/ Listicle Page or Listicle Pre-Landing Page. To add any of it to RedTrack, you need to insert the URL into the needed field. 

Learn more: How to add a Landing Page with RedTrack

5. Campaign set-up.

The Basic Setup is done. The only thing that was left is to wrap everything up into a RedTrack Campaign. According to RedTrack Tutorial, it takes about 1.5 minutes, for us it took about 3 minutes or so, as we spent some time on setting filters and automated rules to our Traffic Source. 

RedTrack Review

Learn more: How to create a Campaign with RedTrack

Here it is.

How much does RedTrack really cost?

RedTrack Review

For those, who want to test the functionality, RedTrack offers 14-days free plan

Try It For Free

In total, whether you’re an affiliate, ad agency, or an advertiser, RedTrack will provide you with all the necessary tools and features for quality tracking, management, and optimization on each stage of your ad campaign. On top of that, it has nice features that will help you run and control your team members and contractors, saving a lot of time and energy. RedTrack is constantly striving for innovation in everything they do, so we believe they would surprise us soon with new solutions and functionalities. 

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