Affiliate Marketing PropellerAds 2019 Full Guide: How to Launch a Campaign From a Scratch

PropellerAds is among the top ad networks in the world. This ultimate guide provides a full review of its features and case of success on using PropellerAds.
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PropellerAds is one of the largest ad networks. Since 2011, sells and buys traffic from around the world. The largest platform in terms of pop-under traffic. In January 2018, they began to buy and sell traffic from PUSH notifications. Today, the size of the database has crossed the mark of 350 million subscribers from 195 countries.

The platform works with almost all verticals: Nutra, betting, games, gambling, finance, forex, binary options, cryptocurrency, dating sites, sweepstakes. They do not sell or buy only adult traffic.

The Pros of using PropellerAds

Before using any service, it is important to know its benefits. So, let’s talk about the pros of PropellerAds. And we will show you a case study.


  • It is very easy to begin as all accounts are activated instantly.
  • Lowest CPM and CPC bids on the market + smart bidding models like SmartCPM and CPA Goal 2.0.
  • The reports of PropellerAds are easy to read. It shows data by Ad Format, Country, Product, Campaign, Zone, Date. And the best thing is that it is in real-time! 
  • You can use the following payment methods in PropellerAds: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney, PayPal, UnionPay, Skrill, ePayments, American Express, and prepaid cards. The minimum payment is $100 less if you want a transfer, then it will be $1000.
  • Retargeting for all ad formats. Global reach - 2 billion ad impressions worldwide daily.
  • Unique targeting options like User Activity targeting and campaign optimization & testing tools like Target CPA and Smart Rotator. 
  • PropellerAds is a trusted and pre-defined traffic source in the most popular trackers: Voluum, Benom, Bemob, Kintura, Keitaro, RedTrack, PeerClick, etc.
  • You can have direct support through Live Chat in your ad account - managers are online 24/7.

Case Studies

It is not just a fantasy when we say you can earn with PropellerAds, we speak with proof. 

Here is a case of a normal girl who used PropellerAds to run her campaign on weight loss and had an ROI of 171%. These are the details of what she used:

  • CPA network - AdCombo
  • Offer - Ecospray
  • GEO - Lebanon
  • Traffic Source - PropellerAds – Push Notifications
  • Ad Spend - $387
  • Revenue - $1050

She started by looking for a GEO that was crowded with affiliates promoting the same offer. Her affiliate manager also gave her some advice in choosing the GEO and Lebanon was the choice. 

Once she started the campaign, the average CPC was from $0.007 - $0.013, which is not bad. The reason for this success is because she decided to use CPC mode and not CPM. To have a successful campaign with CPM, your ads must have a CTR of about 10%. 

At first, she started she performed a test with not pre-lander. The conversion rate was okay, but not the approval rate. So she decided to stick with the normal format; prelander + landing page. This is what her landing page looked like:

PropellerAds 2019

For banners for the push notification, she used more than 10 different types. Here are some of the examples:

PropellerAds 2019

  • All the texts of the ad were written in Arabic.
  • Headline: Slimming without dieting and physical activity.
  • Main text: Lose 7 kg a week!

This is another case study on PropellerAds using Gambling offer with an ROI of 100%.

Here are the details for the campaign:

  • Ad Format - Push Notifications
  • Offer - Syndicate Casino (CPL+Deposit) from Advidi
  • Campaign period: Apr 30, 2019 – May 8, 2019
  • GEO - Australia
  • Total spent: $408
  • Total Revenue: $815
  • Net profit: $407

This user decided to use the CPC pricing model and his targeting Geo was Australia. He chose the Mobile platform.

For the Ad creatives, he tested 3 types

  • Type 1: Someone has won x amount of money! Play now to win money!
  • Type 2: 5 Secrets to winning at casinos revealed! Know how!
  • Type 3: Kind of click-bait with girls and money (high CTR but low conversion) so were stopped in time.

These are examples of some of the creatives he used:

PropellerAds 2019

Landing page:

PropellerAds 2019

As you can see from the results, the conversion rate was high which ended up giving him an ROI of 100%.

If you are still not satisfied, then here is another case study using Sweepstakes with ROI of 87% on PropellerAds.

Here are the details of the campaign:

  • Geo - France
  • Ad Network - AdThink
  • Offer: PointWorld | Stan Smith – CcSubmit – [FR] – Responsive
  • Traffic - Propellerads
  • Ad format - Push Notifications
  • Campaign period - from July 30th to September 10th
  • Total spent - $765
  • Total Revenue - $1430
  • Net profit - $665

Below, you will find the terms and conditions of the offer:

PropellerAds 2019

This is what the push ad looked like:

PropellerAds 2019

  • Title: Cult Adidas sneakers for 2.90
  • Description: Only 50 pairs left. Buy now.

Once the users clicked, they were redirected to this landing page:

PropellerAds 2019

As we mentioned earlier, this campaign brought an ROI of 87%. So, there is no need to doubt. Stop wasting time and start your campaign. 

Now that we know the benefits of Propellerads, let’s proceed to show you how the registration is done. 


To launch the first advertising campaign, register on the site as an advertiser. 

PropellerAds 2019

The registration consists of two stages. First, fill in the required fields with contact details.

PropellerAds 2019

PropellerAds 2019

After filling in the required information and confirming the profile, you will be taken to your personal account. Before creating the first campaign, let’s check on the type of ad formats PropellerAds have to offer.

Ad formats

PropellerAds originally started working with pop-under traffic. Over time, they incorporated other types of ad formats. Advertisers can now work with four types of advertising:

  • Popunder: It is a window that appears in a new browser window under an already open site window. When you click on any part of the site’s page, the user immediately goes to the advertised site.
  • Push Notifications: These are small pop-ups on the screen of a phone, tablet, and computer.
  • Native Ads: These are advertising banners created to look like part of the website. Visitors will click on it without knowing that it is an Ad.
  • Interstitial is an intermediate ad format that appears on top of the content. Opens after a few seconds of interaction with the page. The user can close the banner by clicking on the cross and continue to study the resource or go to the advertised site.

Advertising formats differ from each other, but the setup has a common essence. So let's move on to creating campaigns.

Once you have created your account, this is what you will see on the interface:

  • Dashboard with statistics of current advertising campaigns
  • Budget
  • Impressions
  • The time zone the platform is running on
  • Available balance
  • Online chat - for quick contact with support 24 hours a day

Creating an advertising campaign

The system has two options for creating advertising campaigns: simple (simple mode) and advanced (advanced mode). You can switch the mode when creating the campaign.

To create a campaign, go to the  "Campaigns" tab or click on the "Create Campaign" button and go directly to creating from any part of your personal account.

First, you will have to input your campaign name and chose the advertisement format you want. For this article, we will be using Push Notifications.

PropellerAds 2019

Pricing Models

There are 4 payment models on the platform, we’ll tell you about them and which one to choose: 

PropellerAds 2019

CPM is the standard pricing model, where you pay for 1000 impressions. 

Available formats: Push Notifications, Interstitial, Native Ads, and OnClick (Popunder).

CPC - a standard pay per click model. 

Available format: Push Notifications, Native Ads, Interstitial.

Target URL - insert the link of the advertising campaign. 

Frequency Capping - set the frequency of impressions for 1 user. We advise you not to set a high frequency, the CTR after several impressions is reduced. Better create multiple campaigns with different creatives. 

On the right, when creating a campaign, the so-called Traffic Estimator will be displayed as a graph - it shows how much traffic you can get based on your targeting and bid settings. 

If you want to check how much traffic will you get before setting up the campaign - choose the Traffic Chart tab. Here you’ll see the top GEO’s of the week and traffic statistics by ad format, bid, country, device, platform, and connection type.


Here is an example of what a push notification consists of:

We proceed to the creation of the first push or Creative 1.

Now, you will need to upload your desired images:

PropellerAds 2019

Creatives - upload a file in JPG or PNG format. The maximum size is 200 kilobytes. Icon - 192 x 192 pixels. 

Large image - 360 x 240 pixels; for retina, PropellerAds recommends downloading images of at least 720 x 480 pixels. All images must be in JPG or PNG format and size no more than 200 kilobytes. 

A text message consists of a heading (up to 30 characters) and a description (up to 40 characters).

Don’t forget to preview your ad format before launching.

Try new testing option available for Push and Native ad formats: Smart Rotator. It’s a testing and campaign optimization tool that allows you to upload up to 8 creatives in 1 advertising campaign. You can get detailed statistics for each creative and spend money only on the best performing ads.

Next in line is our audience quality.

PropellerAds 2019

Traffic Options

Here you have the Traffic Options, in which there is one column. You can enable or disable the display of ads on a premium audience. Now, this function is available only for PUSH notifications. What are the benefits of this option?

  • Audience Tier-2.
  • High quality and efficiency.
  • High traffic conversion.

And the next question immediately arises - how does the site support traffic quality? They add premium sources (news, media, and other sites), monitor the cleanliness of sending Push notifications. 

User Activity 

The next tool is User Activity. It is available for Popunder and Push notifications. They divide users into three groups - hot, medium and cold audiences. The system classifies users in one category or another according to the time spent in the push base and the number of ads seen for Popunder.

User activity level: Which one to choose?

  • Choose High if you are planning to test a new CPA offer or product; your offer gives a high ROI, which allows you to buy more expensive clicks.
  • Choose Medium if you want to expand the coverage of a successful campaign if you have used the “high” level before; want to get cheaper clicks.
  • Select Low if you want to get the cheapest clicks, promote hype offers, discounts, and bonuses.


Once you’ve selected an audience, you will move on to targeting. Now you are offered to choose a GEO for displaying advertisements.

Specify the region. You can also narrow the GEO by including/excluding several cities. 

Daily Budget - The daily budget. 

Total Budget - The budget of the entire campaign, upon reaching which the campaign will stop. 

Campaign Schedule

Further, you will be able to specify the exact time of the advertisement display.

PropellerAds 2019

The next thing to do is to select your Targeting options:

PropellerAds 2019

  • Platform: Desktop, Mobile.
  • Operating System: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone.
  • Version of the operating system. Opens when you select an operating system. If no OS is selected, this column is missing.
  • Browser.
  • Browser language.
  • Connection Type: 3G / LTE, Wi-Fi / Broarband.
  • Mobile ISP.
  • Zone limitation - black and white lists. You can add and exclude zones (sites). The limit is 1,000 sites.

Once you have chosen the targets, and everything is complete, you can decide to save the campaign as a draft or Start the campaign. 

Tracking Tab

PropellerAds has its own built-in tracking, the functionality of which is more than enough for most novice users. But you can also configure tracking with third-party tracking platforms using server-to-server postback. 

PropellerAds 2019

Add Funds Tab

Here, you will be able to replenish the balance of the advertising account and activate coupons if they can be found. 

PropellerAds 2019


PropellerAds is one of the top alternative traffic sources spanning over 195 countries. Here are three objective reasons to pay attention to them:

  • PropellerAds are more loyal to offers from certain verticals that Facebook, Google and the like do not favor: crypto, forex, binaries, some types of goods, etc. Therefore, working with this source, you can forget about buying accounts and cloaking, which means saving time, effort and money.
  • Yes, PropellerAds cannot boast of interest targeting or demographics like Facebook. But the cost of traffic is much lower, which will allow you to earn a good ROI.
  • PropellerAds with their reach provides access to the same users as Facebook. The only difference is that you will buy them from other sites and at a lower price.
  • The company has all the necessary technical arsenal on board.

PropellerAds is actively developing its knowledge base and is helping regular users with regular training materials. Do not hesitate to start your campaign and earn money. 

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